Referee's Signal Number 33 - Illegal Interference with a Catch

Catch Interference

When used

This signal is used by the Referee to indicate that interference with a player's attempt to catch a forward pass or kick has occurred.


For kick catch interference, the penalty is 15 yards from the spot of the kick or from the 20-yard line if the offence occurred in the end zone. For pass interference, the penalty is 15 yards from the previous spot if by the offense For pass interference by the defense, the ball is usually spotted at the point of the foul up-to a maximum of 15 yards. It always attracts an automatic First Down.

How executed

Begin with both hands held forward just in front of the chest, and then move gently forward by about a foot to give a pushing motion. Finally point to the offending team by stretching an arm out from the shoulder to the horizontal.