Referee's Signal Number 10 - Various Meanings

Incomplete Pass<br />
Penalty Declined<br />
No Score<br />
Toss Option Deferred

When used

This signal is used in a number of circumstances:

  1. By the Referee at the coin-toss to indicated that the winner has deferred his options until the second half
  2. By the Referee to indicate that mutiple fouls offset or cancel
  3. By the Referee to indicate that a penalty has been declined
  4. By the covering official to indicate that a forward pass has fallen incomplete
  5. By the covering official(s) to indicate that a try attempt (touchdown or field goal) was not successful
  6. By the covering official(s) to indicate a field goal attempt was unsuccessful
    1. How executed

      Begin the motion with both hands in front of your chest and expand them out to full extension to the side keeping them parallel to the ground in an unhurried manner. Repeat a couple of times. Do not lean forward (a common mistake) when giving this signal. Make sure you do not hit anyone when making this signal (it hurts!).

      If giving this signal for types 4-6 above, it should be accompanied or preceded by a loud blast on the whistle. If you are the on-field timekeeper, stop the watch if necessary before making the signal. Also ensure that the Referee has noticed your signal - he will then turn and confirm the no-score by making the same signal to the press-box.