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BAFA Rules Committee

Terms of Reference

The following procedure will apply to determining the playing rules from 2015 onwards.

1st stage - BAFA Rules Committee

The BAFA Rules Committee consists of members nominated in approximately equal numbers by BAFCA and BAFRA. The BAFRA Rules and Mechanics Chairman is de facto chairman of the BAFA Rules Committee.

The main tasks of the Committee are to:

  1. Review the effect of previous rule changes
  2. Make proposals for change on behalf of BAFA to IFAF (to any timetable set by IFAF)
  3. Determine BAFA-specific amendments to rules as permitted by IFAF (once IFAF has issued any changes)
  4. Advise the BAFA Board on the changes to the BAFA Regulations

The Committee can either meet face-to-face or conduct its discussions by electronic means.

The Committee focuses mainly on 11-a-side tackle football since these rules form the core on which variants are established. Separate working parties are normally established to make recommendations specifically related to:

  • flag football
  • small-sided football (e.g. 5, 7, 8, 9-a-side)
  • women's football

2nd stage - Confirmation by BAFA Board

The decision of the committee will be reported to the BAFA Board for confirmation.

3rd stage - Production of the Rulebook

BAFRA will continue to produce the rulebooks on behalf of BAFA and retains the copyright on behalf of BAFA of any such material.


  • Jim Briggs (BAFRA, Chair)
  • Noel Cassar (BAFCA)
  • Sam Kendall (BAFCA)
  • Pete Parsons (BAFRA)
  • Steve Rains (BAFCA)
  • Shawn Sombati (BAFRA)
  • Martin Steers (BAFCA)
  • Paul Sutton (BAFRA)
  • Steve Tonkinson (BAFRA)

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