Appendix A: Guidelines for Game Officials to Use During a Serious On-Field Player Injury

  1. Players and coaches must go to and remain in the bench area. Direct players and coaches accordingly. Always ensure adequate lines of vision between the medical staffs and available emergency personnel.
  2. Attempt to keep players a significant distance away from the seriously injured player or players.
  3. Do not allow a player to roll an injured player over.
  4. Do not allow players to assist a teammate who is lying on the field; i.e., removing the helmet or chin strap, or attempting to assist breathing by elevating the waist.
  5. Do not allow players to pull an injured teammate or opponent from a pile.
  6. Once the medical staff begins to assist an injured player, all members of the officiating crew should control the total playing field environment and team personnel, and allow the medical staff to perform services without interruption or interference.
  7. Players and coaches should be appropriately controlled to avoid dictating medical services to the athletic trainers or team physicians, or taking up their time to perform such service.

Note: Officials should have a reasonable knowledge of the location of emergency personnel equipment at all stadiums.

(The NCAA Football Rules Committee expresses its appreciation to the National Football League for development of these guidelines.)

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Editor: Jim Briggs, BAFA/BAFRA Rules Committee