RULE 12 Football variants

SECTION 1. Youth Kitted Football

General Principle

ARTICLE 1. Youth kitted football shall be played under Rules 1 to 11 with the following changes.

Length of Periods (amendment to rule 3-2-1)

ARTICLE 2. The maximum total playing time in a game shall be 48 minutes, divided into four periods of 12 minutes each.

Blocking Below the Waist (replacement for rule 9-1-2-e)

ARTICLE 3. There shall be no blocking below the waist except against the runner.

15 yards from the basic spot and a first down for Team B fouls if the first down is not in conflict with other rules [S40].

Scoring Plays (amendment to rule 8-1-1)

ARTICLE 4. The point value of scoring plays shall be:

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