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BAFA Rules Committee

How to propose a rule change

Who can propose a change?

Anyone can suggest a rules change.

How do I get a proposal on to the agenda for the next meeting?

Send an email to the Chair of the Committee setting out the following information:

  1. Your name, BAFA organisation and contact details
  2. Details of the rule change proposed
  3. Brief rationale for the change

What rules changes are put on the agenda automatically?

All changes made by IFAF will automatically be considered by the BAFA Rules Committee.

What can I do if I have an idea for a rule change but want to see if it has general support?

Try posting a message on one of the British American football discussion boards / forums and see what reaction it generates.

What sort of changes can I propose?

Not all proposals will be given equal consideration. In particular, changes that would make the sport as played in Britain significantly different from that played in Europe, the USA or more globally are unlikely to receive support. The changes normally made by the BAFA Rules Committee mainly relate to game management issues such as field markings and game requirements. However, BAFA is in a good position to propose other changes to IFAF if it is thought that they would be good for the game internationally.