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BAFA Rules Committee

Principles for making rule changes

The rules are revised each year to improve the sport's level of safety and quality of play, and to clarify the meaning and intent of rules where necessary. The principles that govern all rule changes are that they must:

  • be safe for the participants;
  • be applicable at all levels of the sport;
  • be coachable;
  • be administerable by the officials;
  • maintain a balance between offense and defence;
  • be interesting to spectators;
  • not have a prohibitive economic impact; and
  • not be unduly divergent from the rules adopted by IFAF globally and NCAA in the USA.

These rules apply to all contests involving BAFA-affiliated teams and take effect from 1st March each year (Exception: leagues whose regular season began before 1st March will continue to use the previous year's rules until the end of their season).

BAFA has established a mechanism for discussing and deciding future changes to this book. This is done by the BAFA Rules Committee. You may make suggestions for changes to the Chairman of the Rules Committee or any other member. Suggestions may be made at any time, but to be eligible for consideration for the following year they must be received by 1st October.