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Minutes of a combined meeting of the BAFRA and BAFA Rules Committees on 16 January 2005


  1. The Chairman welcomed those present to the first meeting of the reconstituted BAFA Rules Committee.
  2. The Committee noted and confirmed the procedures outlined in the documents:
  3. The Committee reviewed the 2004 rules changes. No problems had been reported.
  4. The Committee discussed the following rules changes proposals for 2005.
    1. The Committee considered (i) a paper discussing the consequences of replacing the existing BAFA Rules 2-10 with NCAA Rules 2-10 in their entirety, and (ii) the NCAA 2004 rules changes.
    2. The Committee considered a small number of significant changes and a large number of editorial changes to BAFA Rule 1 and Rule 13 (highlighted).
    3. The Committee considerd a number of changes proposed by BYAFA for youth kitted football.
  5. With some members of the BAFA Board present, the Committee reprised the rules changes for 2005 noted above. The Committee confirmed its decisions noted above and recommends that the BAFA Board should also give its final confirmation to the changes.
  6. The Committee noted the NCAA Points of Emphasis for 2005 and agreed with the view that they were not generally applicable to British football. It was agreed that British Points of Emphasis be drawn up (ACTION JB) on:
    1. two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls lead to automatic disqualification
    2. the blocking below the waist rules in youth kitted football
    3. players removing their helmets illegally
  7. The Committee discussed issues concerning the production of the rulebook.
  8. It was agreed that a press release concerning the rules changes would be drawn up and that BAFA organisations be asked to bring it to the attention of their members (ACTION JB).
  9. The Committee noted a request from the BAFA Board to consider the disciplinary code as it applies to persons who "bring the game into disrepute" and similar offences. It was agreed to set up a working party to make recommendations in time for 2006 (ACTION JB).
  10. In response to proposals from the Chair:
  11. In response to proposals from the floor:
  12. The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.
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