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Minutes of a combined meeting of the BAFRA and BAFA Rules Committees on 17 December 2005


  1. The Chairman welcomed those present to the second meeting of the reconstituted BAFA Rules Committee.
  2. The Committee approved the minutes of the meeting on 16 January 2005.
  3. The Committee noted that the actions agreed at the meeting on 16 January 2005 had been carried out with the following exception:
  4. The Committee noted and confirmed the procedures outlined in the documents:
  5. The Committee reviewed the 2005 rules changes. No problems had been reported. Teams had quickly become accustomed to the lack of a full timeout at the two-minute warning. An issue had been raised by one BAFL team about the rule that two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls result in an automatic disqualification, but there was no proposal to amend the rule. It had been invoked about 6 times during the past BAFL season.
  6. The Committee discussed the following rules changes proposals for 2006.
    1. The Committee considered the NCAA 2005 rules changes. The Committee agreed to adopt all the changes except for the following editorial changes:
    2. The Committee considered proposals to provide disincentives to teams that ignore some of the important aspects of game management. The Committee agreed the following rules changes:
    3. Also on the subject of game management, the Committee agreed to carry out a Game Management Audit during the 2006 and 2006-2007 seasons. Referees and both teams will be required to complete a Game Management Scorecard after each game and submit it through their organisation. These would then be analysed to determine the extent of field marking and other problems. The audit will raise the profile of these issues and hopefully result in an improvement without penalties having to be imposed. It was agreed to draw up an Audit Scorecard. (Action JB)
    4. The Committee considered at length the subject of medical facilities at games. This had been raised as an issue at last year's meeting (item 4b). Although no working party had been set up, a considerable amount of consultation had taken place.
    5. The Committee agreed to adopt a set of 5-on-5 kitted rules within the BAFA rules framework.
  7. The Committee confirmed its decisions noted above and recommends that the BAFA Board should also give its final confirmation to the changes.
  8. The Committee agreed that British Points of Emphasis be drawn up (ACTION JB) on:
    1. game management
    2. medical facilities
  9. The Committee agreed that BAFRA would continue its existing role of editing the rulebook (ACTION JB). A preference for an A5 size book was indicated.
  10. The Committee agreed that a press release concerning the rules changes would be drawn up and that BAFA organisations be asked to bring it to the attention of their members (ACTION JB).
  11. It was agreed that next year's meeting should be on 28 October 2006 (with 21 October as reserve).
  12. The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.
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