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Proposed changes to Youth Kitted Rules

Personal fouls

This change was proposed to the BAFRA Rules Committee just too late to be properly discussed for 2004. Hence it is being retabled now.

Personal Fouls (Amendment to Rule 9-1)  

12-1-9  If a player or an identified squad member in uniform commits two personal fouls in the same game, he shall be disqualified.

Blocking below the waist

Email from Wendy Bamford (BYAFA) ...

"At the recent BYAFA AGM the voting was in favour of taking to the BAFRA Rules Committee for, consideration and voting upon, the withdrawal of all blocking below the waist from the Youth game. Including the Rule 12: Article 3: exception.

The majority of the teams within BYAFA do not perform and are not coached blocking below the waist. Hence they do not see the need for the exception ruling. There are also concerns about the knee injuries that have been the result of poorly executed blocks.

If the Rules Committee votes in favour of this request BYAFA would recommend that any instance of blocking below the waist be classed as a FPF with an automatic ejection. In addition that an official report be made if any team offends against the ruling more than twice in a game."

Pitch dimensions for 9-man football

Email from Wendy Bamford (BYAFA) ...

"I have another that was deferred from the 2003 BYAFA AGM. I didn't include it in my previous email as I want to ask the proposer if they wish to withdraw it in light of BYAFA's push to return the youth game to 11-man. I managed to make contact today and they still wish BYAFA to put forward the proposal, so here it is.

The original proposal was that that 9on9 be played on a narrower pitch - 80 yd. long (plus the two end zones for a total of 100 yds) and 43.3 yds wide. Hash marks would be 15 yds from the sideline.

Reason: Any team with speed go round the edge all the time shortening the pitch. It will encourage coaches to try running up the gut therefore spreading the play more.

This item was discussed and the conclusion was that it is something that could be introduced in 2005 for Affiliate teams when the criteria for the Youth Kitted season will be 11 man. As a change in pitch size would have to be put to BAFRA the proposal was amended to read.

To take to BAFRA that 9 man Youth Kitted games can be played on a pitch that is 43.3 yards wide but not less than 80 yards in length."

5-on-5 kitted rules

BYAFA are in the process of drawing up 5 -v- 5 kitted rules, but this has been delayed due to illness. The Rules Committee needs to decide what process will be followed to review these when ready.

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