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BAFA Rules Committee

Agenda for combined meeting of the BAFRA and BAFA Rules Committees on 26th November 2011


Milton Keynes


BAFRA/BAFA Rules Committee (combined meeting)

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Approve minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters arising
  4. Confirm Committee's procedures
  5. Review of 2010 and 2011 rules changes
    • In particular, ...
  6. Report on developments at IFAF
  7. Consider proposals for changes to 11-on-11 kitted rules for 2012
    1. NCAA 2011 rules changes
      1. Draft BAFA list
    2. Additional Rule 1 changes
      1. Review differences between BAFA Rule 1 and IFAF Rule 1
      2. Mandatory minimum field markings
      3. Review medical provision
    3. Game management changes
      1. Revise clock operating principles
      2. Change age ranges to coincide with school years (rationale)
        1. Note - the proposals to add a new cadet format and to change the format of the youth kitted league are not within the remit of the BAFA Rules Committee
      3. Adopt NFL-style two-minute warning
      4. Review the minimum coaching and officiating requirements for a game
    4. Junior changes
      1. Permit blocking below the waist on the same basis as adult football
      2. Restore field goal try to 1 point as adult football
      3. Allow tripping the runner as adult football
  8. Consider proposals for changes to 5-on-5 kitted rules for 2012
    1. Fix field of play as 50 yards by 25 yards (to be consistent with IFAF flag rules)
    2. Disallow any advance beyond the neutral zone of by the player who receives the snap (see rationale at
  9. Consider issuing a note to correct some misconceptions:
    1. that the Rules do not prohibit a player of any age playing in kitted and flag tournaments during the same season
    2. it is the responsibility of individual competitions to set the maximum and minimum ages for players, but the range must be compatible with Rule 13-8-3
  10. Review BAFA Disciplinary Code for changes and improvements
  11. Final voting on rules changes for 2012
  12. Agree points of emphasis for 2012
  13. Production of the rulebook (editing; printing; paying for)
    1. Separate books for 11-on-11, 5-on-5 and flag rules
  14. Notification of changes to officials, teams, coaches, etc.
  15. Discussion about 6-on-6, 7-on-7 and 8-on-8 rules
  16. Any other business
  17. Date of next meeting: propose December 2012

The Rules Committee will only consider rules changes proposed by the deadline of Friday 26th October 2011. Proposals made after this date will be held over for 2013.