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BAFA Rules Committee

Agenda for combined meeting of the BAFRA and BAFA Rules Committees on 23rd January 2010




BAFRA/BAFA Rules Committee (combined meeting)

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Approve minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters arising
  4. Confirm Committee's procedures
  5. Review 2009 rules changes
    • In particular, new timing rules, flag/5-5 rules
  6. Consider rules changes proposals for 2010
    1. NCAA 2009 rules changes
    2. Adopt 40/25-second clocks
    3. Additional Rule 1 changes
      1. Missing goal procedure to be mandatory
      2. White-stripe balls mandatory from 2011 season and "league-mandated" balls removed
    4. Game management changes
      1. Principle for cancellation, suspension, abandonment
      2. Procedure for uncancelling a game
      3. Status of games and insurance requirements
      4. Adopt rule to terminate uncompetitive games
    5. Replace word "league" with "competition" throughout
    6. Adopt IFAF flag rules in place of existing BAFA flag rules
  7. Review remaining differences between NCAA and BAFA rules (in the link, text in red is BAFA only; text in blue is NCAA only)
  8. Review differences between BAFA Youth Contact rules and those used for international competition (which are virtually identical to adult contact rules)
  9. Adopt NCAA guidelines (or adaption therefrom) on lightning
  10. Review BAFA Disciplinary Code for editorial improvements
  11. Final voting on rules changes for 2010
  12. Agree points of emphasis for 2010
  13. Production of the rulebook (editing; printing; paying for)
    1. Separate books for contact and flag rules
  14. Notification of changes to officials, teams, coaches, etc.
  15. Report on developments at IFAF
  16. 8-on-8 rules
  17. Any other business
  18. Date of next meeting: propose December 2010

The Rules Committee will only consider rules changes proposed by the deadline of Friday 25th December 2009. Proposals made after this date will be held over for 2011.