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BAFA Rules Committee

Agenda for combined meeting of the BAFRA and BAFA Rules Committees on 14th October 2007



Express by Holiday Inn Hotel, Warwick

Time 1030

BAFRA/BAFA Rules Committee (combined meeting)

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Approve minutes of last meeting
  3. Confirm Committee's procedures
  4. Review 2007 rules changes
    • In particular, the change to the timing rule
  5. Review field audit and game management audit for 2007
  6. Consider audit for 2008
  7. Consider rules changes proposals for 2007
    1. NCAA 2007 rules changes
    2. Various minor changes to Rule 13 (marked in yellow)
      1. Officials' assistants should be 18; if not, they are game management's responsibility
      2. Don't delay or suspend a game for more than an hour unless everyone agrees
      3. Vary game length if close to sunset
  8. Consider proposals for requiring all personnel in the team area to be BAFA registered and wearing credentials (see changes to Rule 1)
  9. Final voting on rules changes for 2008
  10. Agree points of emphasis for 2008
  11. Production of the rulebook (editing; printing; paying for)
    • Note binding faults in many of the copies produced last year
  12. Notification of changes to officials, teams, coaches, etc.
  13. Discussion of changes to the BAFA Disciplinary Code
  14. Any other business
  15. Date of next meeting: propose October 2008

The Rules Committee will only consider rules changes proposed by the deadline of Sunday 30th September 2007. Proposals made after this date will be held over for 2009.