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Removable field markings

Various teams have expressed interest in using removable field markings. Typically this is in situations where the owner of the field is not willing to have American football markings laid down permanently or semi-permanently.

We asked teams to tell us what product(s) they had used and what their experience was.

A number of people recommended washable paint and talking to HMG Paints Ltd. HMG Paints provided the paint (a brand called "Hysol") that was used by Farnham Knights when they played at the Army Rugby Stadium in Aldershot. Bristol Barracuda have also dealt with the company, though not yet actually used their product.

Another product suggested was Supaturf Brite-Line. This is also a washable paint. DC Presidents have used it. They advise marking when the weather is dry and removing with a pressure washer. They pay £25 a drum (20 litres) and use two to mark a field completely.

We have also heard of teams that have marked their field with tape. Reports suggest that the tape becomes detached easily and needs frequent replacement. A suggestion is to use short lengths of tape (rather than one long section) - then if one section gets ripped up it does not take the entire line with it. Discarded lengths of tape can make the field look a mess.

A Google search also turned up the following products from the USA:

BAFA does not endorse any of the products named above. This information is provided for advice only and clubs are recommended to try out any product on a discrete part of their field surface before committing to using it extensively. BAFA accepts no liability for any damage or injury that use of these products may incur.