British American Football Association BAFA Rules Committee

BAFA Rules Committee

Proposed changes to Game Management Audit

From Pete Parsons

9 (Officials Assistants)

I would like to rethink the scoring for this item for the following reasons:

1, There is no score for the home team providing less than 5 assistants (should be 50 IMO).

2, There is no recognition for teams who have gone out and purchased Hi-Vis vests for their officials in an effort to make them easy to identify on the sidelines. While these vests may not be of the design specified in the rule book, currently a team that does this will still score the same as a team that has not bothered (10), which I feel is not appropriate and I would like to see teams which make such efforts recognised in some manner in the scoring.

10-13 (Home Team Uniform)

I would like to consider revisiting the numbering as for a team to score 50 on this requires them to have a minimum of 52 players kitted (for a team to have 26 players in the wrong helmet colour, they will need at least 26 in a different colour as well).