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Draft proposal for change to medical facilities (rule 1-5-1)

The original rule can be found here. Some rationale for the change can be found here.

ARTICLE 1. The minimum medical facilities during a game are:

a. A qualified medical practitioner, nurse, paramedic, physiotherapist or first aider must be available.

b. A first aid kit including a suitable (preferably inflatable) set of limb splints must be available.

c. A stretcher must be available.

d. An ambulance and crew must be available if a qualified medical practitioner or paramedic is not. An ambulance is defined to be a vehicle constructed and equipped for the purpose of carrying stretcher-bound patients to hospital. (A.R. 1-5-1:I-VIII)

e. A telephone capable of use to summon the emergency services should must be available.

NOTE: Available means inside or immediately outside the stadium and fit for use (Exception: An ambulance and its crew are defined to be available at a game even though they may be absent from the stadium in the act of transporting someone to hospital.)

Minimum medical requirement not met.
Under no circumstances may the game commence, nor proceed if suspended.
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