Issue 42/23                                                                                25th October 2023

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There has been some discussion in various forums about pre-snap action. We want to ensure that officials apply the rules (especially [7-1-5]) consistently, so IAFOA has issued a supplement to the MOFO that revises the text of MOFO paragraph {MM 3.4.5}. The revision covers "disconcerting signals" by expanding it to cover legal and illegal movement by defensive linemen. The revised text is as follows:

5. Team B movement and signals:

  1. A "stem" is where a Team B lineman moves laterally, and the movement is at least enough to  change from head-up on one opponent to head-up on another, or from head-up to gap between  two opponents, or vice-versa.
  2. When there is a coordinated movement by two or more Team B linemen, the signal to initiate it must not come from a lineman.
  3. A movement by a Team B lineman that constitutes a stem is legal. A quick, abrupt or exaggerated movement by a Team B lineman that is not a stem (e.g. stamping a foot, waving an arm) should be interpreted as an attempt to get Team A to false start.
  4. The following are fouls by Team B:
  1. Replicating a Team A starting signal (e.g. words or a clap), whether or not Team A reacts. It is not a foul to make a noise that Team A isn’t using, or to make hand gestures that don’t create a clapping sound.
  2. A quick, abrupt or exaggerated movement by a defensive lineman that is not a stem and causes Team A to false start.
  1. With the exception of disconcerting signals, fouls under Rule 7-1-5 only become a foul if Team A reacts and does so authentically. If legal movement by a Team B lineman causes a Team A player to reach into the neutral zone and touch the Team B player, it is an encroachment foul on Team A. That is not an authentic reaction to being threatened.

A printable version of this can be found at 

If you have any questions about it, please let me know.

Jim Briggs – Chair, BAFA Rules Committee


As you are aware, we are now in the membership renewal period. Renewal forms have now been sent to all members. If you have not received yours please check your spam folder and if you still cannot find it, please contact me. Details of payments, which as always include the BAFRA and BAFA fees, will be on the form along with details on how to pay.


If you anticipate having difficulty in paying, please contact the Director of Finance (via to discuss a payment plan. This will only be seen by the Director of Finance and his deputy in the strictest of confidence.


As always, there will be an annual survey of membership that goes along with the renewal process which you are requested to complete. Information gathered from this exercise is used to inform BAFRA policy going forwards.


Thank you to those who have already renewed please note that all renewals are acknowledged.

Richard Moger – General Secretary









New this week

Previous weeks

Hugo Lloyd-Williams


Cambridge Pythons



With 3:56 remaining in the third quarter #61 led with the crown of his helmet against an opposition ball carrier hitting him forcibly to the head.

5th November 2023 v Lincoln Colonials

Amat Hamby


City Wolfpack



During the fourth quarter, after a try down, #15 was heard (by two officials) using language loudly towards an opposing player which was derogatory.

29th October 2023 v Greenwich Mariners

Angus Bingham


NTU Renegades



With approximately seven minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, #66, already having received a UC penalty, confronted an official and proceeded to loudly question the competency of the officials, before removing his helmet and throwing it against a fence.

29th October 2023 v Leicester Longhorns





New this week

Cardiff Cobras

Field markings are in yellow and can be quite difficult to see depending on the angle of the sun. The swan-neck goalposts are situated some five yards behind each end line - due to this distance, padding is not required (an exception to rule [1-2-5-e]). The chain set is in a poor state of repair.

Amir Brooks #593

19th November v UWE Bullets

Newcastle Raiders

Lines were painted red with other non-football lines in other colours. No coaches or team areas marked out. Changing room shared with officials from another sports game being played. Game was suspended in second quarter with 0:52 remaining, due to an injury of an official. Both coaches agreed to start halftime interval and then resume 2Q after break. 3Q kickoff took place immediately after end of 2Q.Big thank you to both team's medical personnel for care given to injured official.

Shawn Sombati #15

26th November v Durham Saints

Portsmouth Destroyers

Portsmouth played this game on the artificial field at Langstone for the first time. One ball was changed as it lost pressure during the game. There was a stoppage of around five minutes as the medic left the area without notice to help an injured player into a car - they were quickly found and returned to the field.

Oliver Maskell #221

12th November v Cardiff Cobras

Team Scotland U19

The top of the numbers were only five yards from the sidelines. There were no team are markings at all. Both teams played in blue, one in a light Blue and one in a Dark/Navy Blue. The Game was briefly suspended to remove a drone that was being flown over the field.

Ben Griffiths #228


Outstanding items from previous weeks

SGS Pride

This was a controlled scrimmage, with both teams running drives from set points on the field.

Amir Brooks #593

29th October v Portsmouth Destroyers


New this week

Play: Team A score a Touchdown, to take the lead 6-0. On the Try, A12 drops back to pass and throws the ball forward where it is intercepted in Team B’s endzone by B39. B39 attempts to advance the ball out of the endzone, however he is tackled in the endzone. During B39’s run B72, held A89 in the endzone.


Last week

Play: There are four seconds left on the clock in the third quarter. Team A kick-off from the A-35. B33 catches the ball at the B-12 and runs to the B-22 where he is tackled. A1 was offside at the kick. Time expires during Team A’s free kick.

Ruling: Either, five yards from the previous spot and the period is extended for the free-kick to be repeated or, 1st and 10 for Team B at the B-27 and Team B is awarded an untimed down (3-2-3-a-1, AR3-2-3:II)


New this week

Game Situation: Mid-way through the 2nd quarter and during a timeout, the Head Linesman notices that the head coach of the team on his sideline is standing 5 yards on the field talking to his players.  The coaches on the other side of the field are remaining in their coaching area during the timeout.

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: In the week before the game, the officials note that Newsflash states that a home team player is suspended for the game.

During the pre game meeting between the Head Coach, Referee & Umpire, the Home Team Head Coach states that he believes the player should not be suspended from the game.

Answer: The Referee should remind the coach that any suspended players must be marked on the roster as suspended and they may not participate in the game as a player.

However, if he says that the player is entitled to play, show the Coach the edition of Newsflash that lists the suspension and stress to him that it is our accepted journal of disciplinary actions. You should take all reasonable steps to talk the coach out of playing the player, but if the player enters the game, allow him to play (I.e. don't eject him on the first play) and report it as a misconduct incident. Note on the Incident Report what you said to the coach. The incident should also be reported via the tracking suspensions form in the Gameday Paperwork section of the members area (BAFRA Members Handbook - Game day administration).




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