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As I’m sure most BAFRA Officials will be aware by now, we lost one of our long-standing Members, Chris Jarvis at the weekend. Chris, who had been in hospital for the last few weeks, passed away early Saturday morning. Chris’s Wife, Janis, called me with the sad news and asked that I make everyone aware.

Whilst it is not clear exactly when Chris joined BAFRA, (we don’t have reliable records from back then) given that his original number was 157, I would estimate that he joined during the summer of 1985 – a bit less than a year after BAFRA was formed. He had changed his number to 10 before the end of the 1980s.

Chris served on the BAFRA Board as Director of Youth for two years at the beginning of the 1990s.

He had a particular interest in training and was, for many years, the Pennine Training Officer. Always keen to expand his knowledge, as well as his Pennine Training meetings, he would on occasion drive over to join in the Northwest training meetings as well.

He was always happy to take on the training and mentorship of a new Official and there are countless current and former members whom Chris mentored through their introductory training and during their first games on the field.

As an official, he was known for being firm but fair. His on-field performances led to him being selected for six bowl games between his first in 1987 and his last in 2013.

Chris did a lot of work behind the scenes for BAFRA, not least being responsible for the production of certificates (for newly qualified Officials, honorary membership, the John Slavin award, and many others) and for designing and sourcing trophies for the winners of Official of the Year and the Alan Wilson award. He also sourced many of the periodic BAFRA anniversary mementos.

Chris was, for many years up to the time of his passing, Chair of the BAFRA Disciplinary Committee and a serving member of the BAFA Disciplinary Committee.

Chris will be remembered as a kind and honest man with a good sense of humour, but also someone who did not “suffer fools gladly”.

He will be deeply missed by those who knew him.

Our sincere condolences to Janis, family, and friends at such a sad time

Davie Parsons - President


Attendance Update

Although the final date for taking advantage of preferred rates for accommodation at this year’s Convention has passed you can still register to attend, but would need to arrange accommodation with Yarnfield (if required) on your own behalf. Currently we have 110 attendees.


Richard Moger sent out two important emails on 6th March regarding the AGM. Any qualified member not attending the Convention should consider the opportunity to use the proxy vote, but remember to read the info on the candidates seeking election to the available Directors Posts. The proxy form must be with the Returning Officer by 5pm on Saturday 25th March to count.

For those attending the Convention please read the agenda, BAFRA accounts, Directors reports, and candidate info. There will also be the opportunity to question each director on their personal and collective responsibilities. If you wish to ask a question, it should be submitted to the General Secretary by 25th March. He can then ensure that the appropriate director(s) are briefed and have the opportunity to provide the fullest possible answer, in particular if that answer requires some research. This also means members unable to attend may have their questions asked and answered. However, you of course have the right to ask questions not pre-notified during the AGM. The more you know before you go, the better you will be prepared. As usual, the AGM will be held at 5pm on the Saturday evening (1st April).

Guest of Honour / Main Speaker

Celebrated PAC-12 Official Francisco Villar will be the Guest of Honour and main speaker at this year’s Convention. He has been an official for 30 years, starting at high school level, and working through Junior College as an umpire, then on to the Mountain West Conference in 2008, again as umpire. He then worked in CFO West and Big XII until 2012, when he joined PAC-12, working as umpire, until 2020 when he was promoted to referee. During his career he has worked 13 post season bowl games, including the First Responders Bowl in 2022. Francisco also worked as umpire in the inaugural ‘return’ of the USFL, and will work as referee for the 2023 XFL season. He has been a clinician at various officiating camps, clinics, and academies since 2013, and enjoys working with and mentoring football officials who want to improve.


The Convention will be held at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre, Yarnfield Lane, Yarnfield, Staffordshire, ST15 0NL. Yarnfield Park is a leading Training and Conference centre in the heart of the UK. I would recommend that you look over the facility on their website where you can find details of the location and directions:


You can still register to attend the Convention at the following link and book accommodation if required. As we are past the 12th March,  the discounted rates my no longer be available: 2023 BAFRA Convention


Payment for Convention rooms weas due by 12th March. If you have not done so already, please make payment by either electronically or by cheque.

Cheques should be for the full amount, made payable to BAFRA Ltd and sent to:

Stuart Tabberer

30 Clover Ground



If paying electronically, please ensure your payment reference is your full name and BAFRA number e.g., “Stuart Tabberer 348”:


If you have any questions or queries around the convention, please drop an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ian Sneddon - Convention Delivery Team


Applications are invited from qualified BAFRA members who would like to work on this important committee. Its roles include the selection of officials for all UK Bowl Games, Officials Of The Year Awards, as well as IFAF and Elite Panels. Terms of reference and full details of the roles and responsibilities are on the website in the Members' Handbook section 5 - Scheduling and Selection.

In accordance with the rules of this committee, two of the six places are normally vacated every year, however, due a member of the committee standing down mid-term we replaced one person early. As a result, one place will shortly be available. Please submit an Expression of Interest to me by 11pm on Sunday, March 26th, 2023. If anyone is considering applying who has not served previously on a BAFRA Committee, you are welcome to contact me for an informal discussion about the role and requirements.

Roger Goodgroves - Director of Operations


As you may have seen in last weeks Newsflash, I will be taking over as Director of Operations at the AGM in a few weeks. With the Summer season now less that a month away, I'm looking to grow the Ops team with the addition of assigning and non-assigning roles. If you'd like to be involved in  BAFRA's business department, then please reach out to me directly.

Ollie Maskell - BAFRA Operations Team


A Loughborough Students player was disqualified from their game on 15th March for committing two Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls. However the disqualification has been cancelled after the calling official for the first foul reviewed footage and concluded the first foul was committed by a different player. The procedure for doing this is in BAFA Regulation 5.2.4 and is intended for use in rare cases when you see a video of the incident and realise you got it wrong. If that is ever the case, simply email me with the details, a copy of the video (or where to find it) and details of what the video shows and how that differs from your original report.

Ben Griffiths - BAFA Disciplinary Officer









New this week

Sean Dieobi


Liverpool Raptors



#83 picked up his first unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for forcibly pulling the tackler off the ball carrier after a turnover.

In the fourth quarter, after a little bit of a scuffle between players, #83 grabbed the opponents face mask and dragged him to the ground

26th March 2023 v Leicester Longhorns





New this week

Bournemouth University Bobcats

One ball person was changed at half time. Changing room shared with one other official.

Oliver Maskell #221


Brighton Panthers

100-yard field with ten-yard end zones marked faintly in blue with other sport markings in white and yellow. No limit lines or numbers. Other sport marking approximated for coaching line and other team area lines were marked with cones. Goals three yards beyond the end lines and lashed to enclosure fence so had to be officiated from in front. Two small, well appointed, lockable changing rooms provided adequate for a crew of six.

Tim Ockendon #481


KCL Regents

90-yard field, marked in blue with markings for other sports in yellow, white, and red. No numbers or nine-yard marks were present. Changing room too small and not lockable so the public gym changing area was used instead.

Phil Clarke #262


Lancaster Bombers

No numbers or nine-yard marks. Pitch otherwise well marked and held up well despite the recent adverse weather. Plaudits to both teams for a competitive yet good-natured friendly played in great spirits.

Peter Roberts #87


Liverpool Raptors

Field marked in yellow with other sports markings present. Short delay to kickoff whilst waiting for goalposts to be put up.

Liam Wooton #478


Loughborough Students

There were a number of non-football markings in a variety of colours on the field. Both teams played in similar dark coloured Jerseys, Loughborough in Purple and Leeds in Green. The changing rooms were a significant walk from the field..

Ben Griffiths #228


Nottingham Gold

Team areas too close to sideline.

Brian Yates #29


UWE Bullets

The officials were given two changing rooms, both of which were sized for a crew of three, and only one of which is lockable due to the key for the other room being lost. One of the officials’ changing rooms was initially unavailable for the crew as it was being used for the referee of a soccer match which was also being held at the venue. The other changing room was filled with stored soccer training gear, further limiting the space available. Coaches areas were only marked out to the 25-yard lines. No separate players areas were marked.

Amir Brooks #593




New this week

Play: Team A lead 14-13 and there is 1:30 remaining in the fourth quarter with the game clock stopped. Both teams have two timeouts remaining. It is 2 & 10 at the A-30 yard line. Running back A34 gains 2 yards on a running play and is tackled at the A-32 yard line.. During the play, Tackle A78 holds at the A-28 yard line.


Last week

Play: Team A have 1st and 10 at Midfield. Defensive End B98 is offside at the snap. Running back A34 carries the ball to the B-44 yard line. Immediately after the play B72 shoves an opponent in an act that is clearly not part of the game action.

Ruling: B98’s penalty for offside is declined (7-1-5-b-1), and the Unsportsmanlike Conduct Foul by B72 is enforced from the end of A34’s run (9-2-1-a-1-j). It will be 1st and 10 for Team A at the A-29 yard line. Enforcement of these penalties is obvious (M19.4) and there is no need to seek a decision from the Team A Head Coach.


New this week

Game Situation: There is 30 seconds left in the game and the clock is running, both Teams have one timeout remaining. Team A commits a False Start. As this is a potential 10 second run-off; what actions should the Wing officials on a 4 man crew take?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: On a crew of 5, what should each official do during a timeout?


  • The Referee should inform the offensive captain of the time and the number of timeouts his team has remaining (M17.1.8.e).
  • The Umpire should remain with the ball at the secudding spot (M17.1.8.a).
  • The Line Judge and Head Linesman should inform the Head Coach of the team on their side of the field of the number of timeouts remaining for each team and the time remaining (M17.1.8.b). If a team huddles near the sideline or leaves the field of play, they should stand near enough to them so that they can inform them when approximately 15 seconds of the timeout remain (M17.1.8.c).When alerting a team that approximately 15 seconds of a time out remain, it is advisable not to use the phrase “15 seconds” as a team may mistakenly confuse this with 15 seconds remaining on the play clock. Instead you should use phraseology such as “The timeout’s nearly over, let’s get your Offence/Defence back out there”.
  • The Back Judge should Inform the defensive captain of the time and the number of timeouts their team has remaining (M17.1.8.e).




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