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BAFRA Newsflash

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Nominations are now open for the Official of the Year award for the year just past (2022). Any member may nominate any other member for the award. The principal guidelines are listed below:

Nominations should be sent to me by 31st January and should include your reasons for nominating the individual. If you have any queries before making your nomination, please contact me. The successful nominee will receive their award at the awards dinner on the Saturday of the Convention.

Richard Moger – General Secretary


This is an advance notice regarding the election to the BAFRA Limited Board of Directors which will take place at the AGM on Saturday 1st April at the Convention.

Four posts are due for election this year:

In the case of three of the posts, the present incumbents have indicated that they will be seeking re-election. The Director of Operations is still considering whether to seek re-election.

Formal notification and requests for nominations for all four posts will be circulated in mid-February in accordance with our Regulations. However, please consider if you would wish to stand for any of the four posts and feel free to contact me (or any other director) about what the posts entail so that you are in a position to make an informed decision when nominations open

Richard Moger – General Secretary









Previous weeks

Rickie Mortlock


Brighton Panthers



At 6:16 remaining in the third quarter, the AC entered the field to remonstrate with the officials. He was told to leave two times by the referee but persisted in abusing the officials. As the flag was thrown for his first UNS he tried to kick the penalty marker and was assessed a second UNS.

22nd January 2023 v Surrey Stingers

* As this was a disqualification of a non-player, this is a whole game day suspension as opposed to just a playing suspension. Mr Mortlock may not be present at the game site in any capacity.

Daniel Ogunsanya


DMU Lions



In the third quarter, #50 was observed to shove an opposing player during an altercation after a play. Late in the fourth quarter, #50 was heard using abusive language towards an opposing coach resulting in a second UC.

29th January 2022 v Cambridge Pythons

Iuri Castro


Portsmouth Destroyers



With 5:20 remaining in the third quarter, #31 was observed to punch a prone opponent after having been pulled to the ground (through a legal block).

22nd January 2023 v Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Joe Christian


SGS Pride



With 1:30 remaining the fourth quarter, there was a scuffle after a tackle on the running back UWE #7. In retaliation to the actions of #7, #55 was observed to grab #7s facemask and slam his head into the ground. He maintained grip of the facemask pulling it, twisting it, and restricting player movement until #7 was able to break away.

29th January 2022 v Cardiff Cobras

Jax Crawford


UWE Bullets



With 1:30 remaining the fourth quarter, after being tackled, #7 reached out and grabbed SGS #55 to prevent him from getting up. #7 grabbed hold of #55s facemask, and, using his weight, jammed his head into the ground

22nd January 2022 v UEA Pirates





New this week

Leicester Longhorns

NFL-width hash marks and coaches’ boxes marked by cones. Game kicked off 30 minutes after advertised time due to a misunderstanding between teams about agreed kickoff time.

Joel Pearson #405

23th February 2023 v Derby Braves

NTU Renegades

Team area markings were absent and pylons at the hashmarks extended were absent. Otherwise, a well marked 90-yard field. With 7:25 remaining in the third quarter, an injury occurred which required an ambulance to be summoned. It was agreed by both coaches that it would not be possible to resume before sunset. Consequently, the game was abandoned.

Paul Todd #289

22nd January 2022 v Coventry University Jets

Hull Sharks

100-yard field with posts. No nine-yard marks or numbers. Team and coaches’ areas were missing but marked out with cones. NFL-width hash marks. The changing room is only really big enough for two officials but a second room of similar size is available across the corridor so crews can split between the two.

David Hewitt #607

29th January 2023 v Leeds Gryphons

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Bath Spa Bulldogs

Markings were blue on a grass field and were very faint. The inbounds marks were at NFL-width.

Julian Mallia #336

22nd January 2023 v UWE Pellets

Bangor Muddogs

90-yard field marked mostly in yellow but patched up places using slightly different shade. Team areas were marked but coaches box was absent in these. No numbers, nine-yard marks, or limit lines.

Andrew Swift #403

22nd January 2023 v York St John Jaguars

Birmingham Lions

There were no coaches boxes marked. In places, the hash marks were so faint they were impossible to see.

Keith Wickham #423

11th February 2023 v UEA Pirates

Brighton Panthers

Home team were not expecting officials but were grateful for receiving them. Artificial field marked in blue. Lines were faint and difficult to see in low sun - they will need repainting soon. No numbers but nine-yard marks present. Team areas marked with cones. Collapsable soccer goals are mounted to the field enclosure close to the end line so required padding to protect against any potential collision.

Changing rooms are tight for a crew of four but team are often able to open up a separate room if required.

James Ford-Bannister #479

22nd January 2023 v Surrey Stingers

Cardiff Cobras

The goals are set back from the end line because there is insufficient space between the goals and the perimeter fence. The chains were in poor condition with one end being made up with cable ties, shoe laces, and similar to achieve the full 10-yards. Following earlier reports from previous games, this was checked prior to kick off with sufficient time to make and repairs. The field is marked with yellow lines and with the low sun this became invisible from one side line and otherwise difficult to see unless you were close to the lines.

Julian Mallia #336

5th February 2023 v Birmingham Lions

City Wolfpack

Played at University of Greenwich, Southwood Site. Well marked 90-yard field with eight-yard end zones in blue with other sport markings in yellow, white, and red. No numbers or limit lines and rugby markings approximated for nine-yard marks. Changing rooms not lockable.

Tim Ockendon #481

29th January 2023 v UEL Phoenix

Coventry University Jets

Coaching area and team area marked with cones. No nine-yard marks or three-yard marks.

Joel Pearson #405

5th February 2023 v NTU Renegades

Derby Braves

Team areas were absent. Pylons at the hashmarks-extended were absent. Otherwise a well marked 90-yard field.

Paul Todd #289

5th February 2023 v Lincoln Colonials

DMU Lions

Field marked in black with no team areas. Otherwise, well marked.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

5th February 2023 v Leicester Longhorns

Exeter Demons

Field markings a little faint and narrow but cones used to mark spot on hashes infield at points behind end lines helped - lockable changing room close to 4G field.

Francis Bevan #474

22nd January 2023 v Bournemouth University Bobcats

Glasgow University Tigers

On arrival, it was found that the original field had been vandalised, but that a secondary field was made available. On inspection, there were no short yard extension lines at both sidelines and at the hash marks. The field was too wide and both endzones stopped right on concrete boundaries and wood land areas. A team was despatched to get paint supplies. Kudos to home management, the field was sorted by kick off time. It was decided to shorten the field to 80 yards and narrow the field to league minimum of 144 feet. There were no posts, but the away team were made aware of this during the week and there were no issues. It was agreed to shorten the game to four 10-minute quarters because of the 14:00 kickoff, the weather conditions, and the lack of floodlights. The changing facilities were inadequate for a large crew and officials had to share with soccer officials. A big thank you goes to both teams for the patience and determination to sort the problems.

Gordon Galloway #7

22nd January 2023 v Northumbria Mustangs

Gloucester Gladiators

NFL-width hash marks, cones were placed at both end lines to compensate. Chain crew not provided until the very last minute and consisted of three spectators.

Mike Lefevre #341

29th January 2023 v UWE Pellets

Greenwich Mariners

Game was scheduled for 13:00, however both teams had pre-agreed 13:30. Whilst there had been some initial communication about a possible change, BAFRA did not appear to receive the actual confirmation that it had been delayed. 90-yard field marked in blue with markings for other sports in yellow, white, and red. No numbers or nine-yard marks were present. Down box is over eight feet tall so there were errors adjusting it to the right number on occasion. Game had numerous injury delays in all four quarters that, whilst individually were not greater than five minutes, combined to around 30 minutes in total. Last half of the fourth quarter was officiated as a crew of three, due to injury to the Umpire. Changing room too small and not lockable so the public gym changing area was used instead.

Phil Clarke #262

12th February 2023 v City Wolfpack

Heriot-Watt AFC

Game was delayed for approximately 25 minutes due to a UWS injury, this had a knock on effect for the second half as the field had to be vacated by a certain time to allow a soccer game to start. UWS finished the game with 11 healthy players, but to their credit they did finish the game

Gordon Galloway #7

5th February 2023 v Sunderland Spartans

Hull Sharks

100 yard pitch with NFL hash marks. Lines were painted in dark green which became difficult to see as the game went on. No coaches or team areas marked. Changing rooms were small, only 2 officials in each, therefore we had to use 2 for a crew of 4.

Steve Hall #512

29th January 2022 v Glasgow University Tigers

Imperial Immortals

90-yard field. No coaching boxes or team areas. No limit lines. No numbers or nine-yard marks. Rugby markings present in the same colour as the field markings.

Andrew Murrell #608

22nd January 2023 v Kent Falcons

Keele Crusaders

Initial field inspection new mole hill on three-yard line and filled in several mole hills that presented a trip hazard. Thanks to Keele's game management for filling holes prior to kickoff.

Andrew Lovell #559

29th January 2023 v Leicester Longhorns

Kent Falcons

Well marked 90-yard field in red, with other sport markings in yellow, blue, and red. Team area perimeters marked out with cones. Rugby lines approximated for team area lines & nine-yard marks. No numbers or limit lines. Changing room well appointed but small for a crew of four.

Tim Ockendon #481

29th January 2023 v Essex Blades

Kingston Cougars

At the start of the game one of the sets of goal posts was facing in the wrong direction, team were able to rectify before kick off. Game kicked off late by agreement of both teams to allow away team head coach time to arrive. Game started in time to run with 12-minute quarters, but following several suspensions for injuries in the first half only 10 minutes quarters were possible in the second half.

Dean Wright #553

29th January 2023 v UCL Emperors

Leeds Beckett Carnegie

80-yard field. No three-yard marks, nine-yard marks, or numbers. Several other sports markings on the field and in close proximity to the endzone. No player or coaching areas but these were marked out with cones. 30 minute injury delay with six minutes remaining in the second quarter.

Robin Boyd #191

5th February 2023 v Newcastle Raiders

Leeds Gryphons

80-yard field with eight-yard end zones. Team areas are marked out with cones. The yellow markings at halfway disappear when full floodlights are active. There are no three-yard marks or nine-yard marks.

Chris Jarvis #10

5th February 2023 v Northumbria Mustangs

Lincoln Colonials

Field markings are very good but very faint. Team areas marked to 25-yard lines. No numbers or nine-yard marks. No three-yard marks. Changing room very small for a crew of four and no shower or washing facilities. Goals are soccer goals with 15 foot high uprights attached to them, hence the height of the crossbar is eight feet.

Brian Yates #29

22nd January 2023 v Cambridge Pythons

Liverpool Raptors

No coaches box and team box short, although coaches mostly kept inside their areas.

John Roberts #145

5th February 2023 v Bradford Bears

Newcastle Raiders

Well marked field but the red lines for the field, along with other colours, were difficult to see with the floodlights. Coaching areas marked with cones.

Gordon Galloway #7

22nd January 2022 v Durham Saints

Northumbria Mustangs

Field markings are in red with other coloured lines on the field. No three-yard lines and team areas marked with cones. The whole facility is excellent with good changing facilities adjacent to the field and the playing surface is first class. The game was played with a great spirit from both teams and coaches.

Gordon Galloway #7

29th January 2023 v Edinburgh Predators

Nottingham Gold

Lines are in red and the team areas are not the required distance from the field and marked to 25-yard lines.

Brian Yates #29

22nd January 2023 v Leeds Beckett Carnegie

Nottingham Green

Lines are in red and the team areas are not the required distance from the field and marked to 25-yard lines.

Brian Yates #29

22nd January 2023 v Leicester Longhorns

Portsmouth Destroyers

Game kicked off ten minutes late due to late arrival of the medic. Late in the third quarter, the crew dropped to four officials due to injury.

Oliver Maskell #221

29th January 2023 v Oxford Lancers

Reading Knights

Both teams played in predominantly black jerseys. Reading had white numbers and a jersey that transitioned from Black to red lower down the shirt. Brighton has black with purple numbers.

Keith Wickham #423

22nd January 2023 v Solent Redhawks

RHUL Bears

Field marked in blue with white rugby markings also present. No marked team areas or coaching box - cones were used. No limit lines. No numbers or nine-yard marks. Only public changing rooms were available. With 2:33 remaining in the third quarter, the game was suspended for more than five minutes to treat an injured player on the field.

Peter Parsons #321

22nd January 2023 v Oxford Lancers

Sheffield Hallam Warriors

The field markings were faint red on dark green. They were difficult to see in daylight and, after the sun set, they became almost impossible to see. There were white field markings closer than four feet to an end zone line. There were no team areas marked. Two changing rooms were provided each with space for only two persons, neither were lockable.

Ben Griffiths #228

22nd January 2023 v LJMU Fury

Sheffield Sabres

Football markings were Black, there were a number of other markings for other sports in a number of colours on the field. No numbers or nine yard marks.No Team areas. Two Officials changing rooms were provided, however each was only bug enough for one person.

Ben Griffiths #228

29th January 2023 v Manchester Tyrants

Southampton Stags

Well-marked 90-yard artificial field in Blue, with other sports markings in contrasting colours. 8.5-yard end zones with goal posts attached to field enclosure at approximately ten yards. No numbers but nine-yard marks present. Team areas marked to the ten-yard lines.

Excellent game-day management throughout.

James Ford-Bannister #479

22nd January 2023 v Bristol Barracuda

Stirling Clansmen

100-yard field, field markings were faint and the sun did not help. Team areas marked with cones. There was a ball issue for a while, after an extra point, the ball person spent time searching for the ball, we then had only two game balls. Leeds scored quickly again, a second game ball went the same as the first ball, eventually, with the help of fans and team members, both balls were found.

Gordon Galloway #7

29th January 2023 v Nottingham Gold

Sussex Saxons

90-yard artificial turf field marked in blue. Lines are faded in many places and will need remarking soon. The End Lines are too close to the playing enclosure fence so existing white markings, approximately two yards into the marked end zones, were used. No limit lines, team areas, nine-yard marks, or numbers. Snow began to fall prior to kick off and continued for the remainder of the game. Game Management and Players/Coaches/Staff from both teams used practice equipment to uncover key markings at half time to support the continuation of the game.

James Ford-Bannister #479

12th February 2023 v Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Swansea Titans

Game played at SGS due to a booking problem with Swansea's usual venue. Both teams played in white jerseys, with the home team wearing white helmets and pants, and the visiting team wearing maroon helmets and pants. Under BUCS regulations, the home team is responsible for changing their colours in the event of a clash, therefore Swansea were penalised according to Rule [1-4-5]. The down box operator was changed at half time.

Amir Brooks #593

29th January 2023 v Exeter Demons

UWE Bullets 2

The officials used the usual two small officials’ changing rooms at the venue. However, only one changing room had a key available, as the key for the other room had been lost. Team areas are only marked out to the 25-yard lines and there are no limit lines, otherwise the field is well marked out.

Amir Brooks #593

12th February 2023 v Worcester Royals

Warwick Wolves

The field markings were in blue and hard to see. The away sideline had been repainted away from the old line, so we had two lines 3" apart.

Mike Roberts #32

12th February 2023 v Coventry University Jets



New this week

Play: 4th and 3 at theB-25. Team A is in a formation to attempt a field goal. B50 lines up within one yard of the line of scrimmage and in the gap between the snapper and the guard. B50’s shoulder overlaps with the snapper’s shoulder. The field goal attempt is good.


Last week

Play: 1st and 10 at the A-40. End A81 is split far to the left of the formation, to the outside of defensive end B89. On a sweep play in B89’s direction, the defender moves to his left to focus on the ball carrier, losing sight of A81. A81 then cuts to the inside, takes aim and launches at B89, forcibly contacting him with his forearm to B89’s neck at the A-42. The runner gains 12 yards on the play.

Ruling: 1st and 23 at the A, A-27. A81 is disqualified.

Foul by A81 for blind-side block with targeting (Rule 9-1- 4). The 15-yard penalty is enforced from the spot of the foul (Rule 10-2-2-c). A81 is disqualified. B89 is a defenceless player as he is subject to the blind-side block (Rule 2-27-14).


New this week

Game Situation: Team A completes a forward pass inbounds with the clock running. They hurry to the line and get set; immediately before the snap, receiver A87 who is standing in front of the Line Judge commits a false start which the Line Judge flags. At the same time the Head Coach of Team A, who is standing on the Linesman’s side of the field requests a timeout.

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: On a 4th and 20 from the A-30, Team A attempt to punt the ball. The punt is blocked and goes into the team A backfield clearly towards the Press Box side. On an 7 man crew how should the officials react?

Answer: The Head Linesman should remain on the Line of Scrimmage until it is clear a kick will no longer be attempted. The Line Judge should retreat into the Team A backfield to assist the Referee (M13.8.d.1.d)




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