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A Disciplinary Committee has found Gateshead Senators U19 Coach Adam Wilkin Guilty of two separate counts of Bringing the game into Disrepute. The first offence was for comments made to Match Officials during a game. As this was Mr Wilkins second breach of BAFA Regulations within a 12 month period he received a two match game day suspension. The second offence was for comments made on a Podcasts/Vodcast regarding Match Officials. As this is Mr Wilkin's third offence within a 12 month period, he has been sanctioned within a 12 month suspension, of which six months are suspended.

Mr Wilkin is therefore suspended from Football until 15th March 2023, thereafter he is subject to a two match game day suspension for the first two competitive games he is registered to participate in. This is expected to be the first two games of Gateshead Senators U19 2023 season.

Ben Griffiths - BAFA Disciplinary Office









New this week

Flinn Kays


Bath Spa Bulldogs



On the last play of the third quarter, Bath Spa #14 was seen to throw a punch after an opponent prevented him from getting up. The opponent received a UC foul for their action.

13th November 2022 v Worcester Royals

James Schofield


Birmingham Lions



Committed an unsportsmanlike conduct act toward an opponent that caused an opponent to retaliate by fighting.

5th October 2022 v SGS College Pride

Kaan Array


Bournemouth Bobcats



With 0:09 seconds remaining in the third quarter, #1 was seen to kick an opponent. The incident was part of a wider scuffle in the Bournemouth team area following a late hit.

13th November 2022 v Swansea Titans

Seyi Paul


Exeter Demons



With 0:09 seconds remaining in the third quarter, #14 was seen to punch an opponent. The incident was part of a wider scuffle in the Bournemouth team area following a late hit, which was also committed by #14.

6th Nov2022 v Southampton Stags

Lewis Marstin


SGS Pride



During a scuffle between players, #54 was seen to throw a punch.

5th October 2022 v Birmingham Lions

Calum Ewart


SGS Pride



Contacted an opponent obviously not participating in the play, at the knew from behind.

5th October 2022 v Birmingham Lions

Previous weeks

Ridge Avit


Greenwich Mariners



Failure to pay fine on time

6th November 2022 v KCL Regents





New this week

Bath Spa Bulldogs

Markings were blue on a grass field and were very faint. The inbounds marks were at NFL-widith.

Julian Mallia #336

22nd January 2023 v UWE Pellets

Bournemouth University Bobcats

End line incomplete, but was painted before kick off. Changing room was also being used by other sports officials who had been given keys for the same room. During the game, one ball boy and one chain assistant were swapped.

Oliver Maskell #221

13th November 2022 v Swansea Titans

Bradford Bears

No goals at either end so all PATs were for two points. Field markings were in red on green turf, which became difficult to see when the floodlights came on. Team areas seemed very vaguely outlined. Officials were originally assigned an accessible toilet to change in but, after discussion with the staff, were moved into a spare changing room originally allocated for the women's football that had already been vacated. Crew were advised that a number of officials’ assistants would interchange during the game. There were no discernible delays, although the crew were a little slow at times.

Peter Roberts #87

27th November 2022 v York Centurions

Brunel Burners

On arrival, the home team had discovered that the field had been marked as a 75-yard field with one 10-yard end zone and one 15-yard end zone. The home team adapted this by painting a new goal line (in blue) along with short yard-line extensions at the hash marks and a mark at three yards for tries. It was further discovered that the yards, as marked, were not always one yard apart. The team areas were marked beyond the 20-yard lines. The changing room is at the main Sports Centre, a five minute walk from the field and is shared with officials from other sports.

Peter Parsons #321

13th November 2022 v Essex Blades

Canterbury Christ Church Chargers

90 yard field with multiple sports markings. Team area line parallel to sideline is easy to confuse with the sideline. Canterbury's new jerseys are yet to arrive so players mixed and matched across three different sets of fetching jerseys, none of which clashed with their opponents. Changing room not lockable.

Ben Gadsby #564

20th November 2022 v Greenwich Mariners

DMU Lions

Following a neck injury to a Keele player, which required the medics to take the player to A&E, both head coaches agreed to end the game with 6:30 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Joel Pearson #405

6th November 2022 v Nottingham Students Green

Glasgow University Tigers

On arrival, it was found that the original field had been vandalised, but that a secondary field was made available. On inspection, there were no short yard extension lines at both sidelines and at the hash marks. The field was too wide and both endzones stopped right on concrete boundaries and wood land areas. A team was despatched to get paint supplies. Kudos to home management, the field was sorted by kick off time. It was decided to shorten the field to 80 yards and narrow the field to league minimum of 144 feet. There were no posts, but the away team were made aware of this during the week and there were no issues. It was agreed to shorten the game to four 10-minute quarters because of the 14:00 kickoff, the weather conditions, and the lack of floodlights. The changing facilities were inadequate for a large crew and officials had to share with soccer officials. A big thank you goes to both teams for the patience and determination to sort the problems.

Gordon Galloway #7

22nd January 2022 v Northumbria Mustangs

Liverpool Raptors

90-yard field with a couple of wonky main lines. Although the lines were faint, they were visible but the venue staff were advised that they would need to be repainted prior to the next game. No numbers, nine-yard marks, or limit lines but the spectator areas are fenced off from the pitch. The officials were allocated two small changing rooms and the pre-game was held in a closed bar area, which was available next to these and allowed privacy for discussion.

Lee Taylor #183

20th November 2022 v York Centurions


90-yard field marked in yellow with team areas marked with cones. No numbers, nine-yard marks, or limit lines. Officials were provided with two separate changing rooms and neither were big enough for full crew, so the pre game was completed in the bar area. One game ball was replaced at halftime.

Andrew Swift #403

6th November 2022 v Manchester Tyrants

Loughborough Students

Very well marked field but coaches boxes and team areas marked with cones at the 20-yard lines.

Brian Yates #29

20th November 2022 v NTU Renegades

Nottingham Green

One of the pylons marking the hashmarks extended was absent.

Paul Todd #289

4th December 2022 v Derby Braves

QMBL Vipers

Well marked 90-yard field in blue. No numbers or nine-yard marks and inbounds lines at incorrect depth. Home team’s sideline team areas were marked with cones. No team area markings on visiting team’s sideline. Good size changing room but no facilities and not lockable, as it was being shared with other sport officials. Kickoff delayed by 15 minutes with the consent of both coaches due to traffic problems for the visiting team.

Tim Ockendon #481

20th November 2022 v Brunel Burners

RHUL Bears

Only public changing rooms were available.

Keith Wickham #423

20th November 2022 v Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Swansea Titans

Game played at SGS due to a booking problem with Swansea's usual venue. Both teams played in white jerseys, with the home team wearing white helmets and pants, and the visiting team wearing maroon helmets and pants. Under BUCS regulations, the home team is responsible for changing their colours in the event of a clash, therefore Swansea were penalised according to Rule [1-4-5]. The down box operator was changed at half time.

Amir Brooks #593

29th January 2022 v Exeter Demons

UCH Sharks

The field had NFL-width hash marks and was missing three-yard marks, nine-yard marks, and numbers. Coaching and players’ areas were missing. The chains were 11 yards in length and required shortening. All three game balls were brand new and required inflating prior to the game. The changing room was too small for four officials but another small changing room was available so the crew split between the two whilst changing.

David Hewitt #607

13th November 2022 v Glasgow Tigers

UEA Pirates

Changing room small for five (or four) officials. Field surface balding in places

Lee Wood #517

27th November 2022 v SGS College Pride

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Cardiff Cobras

Kickoff delayed by 30 minutes due to late arrival of visiting team - this was caused by flooding on the M4 in Newport. The game was played on Cardiff's usual grass field, however subsequent games at this venue are due to be played on 3G. The field was well-marked out in white but also had markings for rugby and field hockey, also in white. This did not cause any problems.

Amir Brooks #593

6th November 2022 v UEA Pirates

Leeds Beckett Carnegie

Field of play was only 80-yards and there were white non-Football field markings closer than four feet to end zone lines. The field was originally marked as a 90-yard field with the goals in the middle of the end-zones. Home team game management had already moved the pylons to make an 80 yard field with the Rugby Try Line becoming the end line. There were no team area markings. The chain set was had two separate 10-yard chains attached and one chain had to be removed prior to kick-off.

The changing room for officials was locked and the venue only unlocked the changing room one hour prior to kick-off. The changing rooms were then not lockable during the game.

With 7:04 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Visiting Team Head Coach informed the officials that he had run out of offensive lineman. With the mutual agreement of both Head Coaches, the time remaining in the quarter was reduced to 0 minutes and the fourth Quarter and the game ended.

Ben Griffiths #228

14th November 2022 v Durham Saints



New this week

Play: Only two qualified officials turn up to a game. A sideline assistant of one of the participating teams who used to hold a BAFRA certificate of competency but is no longer registered with BAFRA volunteers to be appointed to assist them in officiating the game.


Last week

Play: Team A, 1st and 10 at the A-20 yard line. Team A are leading 33-0. Running Back A37 runs for 3 yards to the A-23 yard line and is tackled inbounds. During the play B94 is injured. The game clock reads 0:09. Team B are out of timeouts.

Ruling: At the option of Team A, either the Game is over or 2nd & 7 from the A-23 yard line, the game clock will start on the Snap and the play clock will be set to 40 seconds.

B94’s injury is the only reason for stopping the clock, therefore Team A has the option of a 10 second run-off (3-3-5-f) as Team B have no timeouts remaining, if Team A selects the runoff they cannot prevent the runoff, therefore the game is over.

If Team A declines the runoff, there will be at least one additional play as the game clock will start on the snap (3-4-5-b). The play clock will be set to 40 seconds as the injured player is on the defensive team (3-2-4-c).


New this week

Game Situation: On a 5 man crew, what fouls should be recorded (in writing) by which officials?

What details of the fouls should be recorded?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: 1st and 10 on the A40.  Quarterback A3 throws a legal forward pass to A88 on the B-45.  A88 rises to catch the ball and falls to the ground holding the ball.  On a 4 man crew, the only official with a view of the catch is the Linejudge.  As A88 comes to the ground the Linejudge can see that the player has possession of the ball until he hits the ground.  The ball then disappears from the Linejudge's view as A88 contacts the ground heavily.  A88 then gets up and is holding the ball.  Ruling?

Answer: Although officials must make use of positive knowledge, there will always be situations when there is doubt over a call.  If there is doubt over whether the ball touched the ground during a catch, then the ball is ruled to have not touched the ground (M6.1.2)  In this case the Linejudge should seek input from the other officials, though if all their views are blocked must make use of 'in doubt' principles.  Since all the conditions of a legal catch have been met in this instance, the Linejudge should award the catch.  A's ball, 1st and 10 on the B45.  This situation highlights the importance of the Umpire and wing officials all having a view on a catch on a 4 man crew.




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