Issue 35/22                                                                                21st September 2022

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I received 38 requests from officials to work these important assignments. The following officials have been chosen to perform chain crew duties at the three NFL games in London this year:

I would like to thank all the members that applied for these roles. I realise some of you have applied before but, unfortunately, it is not possible to offer a position to everyone due to the demand. I hope you will not be too disappointed but re-apply if the opportunity arises in the future, as I remain committed to giving all dedicated officials a chance to be on the Chain Crew.

October 2nd

Vikings vs Saints

October 9th

Giants vs Packers

October 30th

Jaguars vs Broncos

Crew Chief

Stuart Young

Ben Griffiths

Shawn Sombati

Kieran Smith

Frank Thomson

Colin Edwards

Joel Pearson

Steve Currie

Ian Rogers

Ian Davies

Roger Brown

Martin Cockerill

Dan Clarke

Mike Woolnough

Dave Moore

Roger Goodgroves - Director of Operations



New this week

Play: It is 2nd & 10 at the B-30 yard line. Team A takes a timeout, during the timeout it is observed that a Team A player is wearing a microphone. The player states that this device has no transmission capabilities and is only recording for personal purposes.


Last week

Play: The game is being played with a Video Judge. After a 1st down run that brings up 2nd & 5 for Team A at the A-45, Team A do not make any substitutions but Team B send in a player to replace defensive Lineman B97. B97 immediately acknowledges he is being replaced and begins slowly jogging to the Team B side line. Team A hurry up to the line in an attempt to catch Team B with 12 players on the field. B97 realises he needs to get off the field in a hurry, just before the snap B97 is approximately 1 yard from the side line, he then leaps to get out of bounds. At the snap B97 is airborne outside the side line but has not yet touched the ground out of bounds.

Ruling: It will be 1st and 10 at Midfield for Team A. The score is cancelled.

When B97 leaps from in-bounds he remains in bounds until he touches something that is out-of-bounds (2-27-15-b-2). Therefore B97 is inbounds at the snap, therefore he has not yet left the field of play, therefore he has not yet become a replaced player (2-27-10). This means that Team B have committed a live ball foul for having more than 11 players on the field (3-5-3-c). This is a reviewable play (12-2-3-e).

The five yard penalty will be enforced from the previous spot.

N.B. If the game is being played without a Video Judge, this will be impossible to detect because no official will be able to definitively witness the snap and B97 at the same time. When in doubt the departing player has left the field prior to the snap. M6.1.14


New this week

Game Situation: Early in the game Team A make a late substitution and Team B starts to make matching substitutions.The Referee instructs the Umpire to move towards the ball and prohibit Team A from snapping the ball so Team B can complete it’s substitutions. Team A quickly snap the ball. This is the first time this has happened in the game.

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: Team A, 4th & 12 at the B-24. Team A attempt a forward pass. A9 catches the ball close to the sideline at the B-9 yard line, there is 2:09 remaining on the game clock in the 2nd quarter. The game is being played with a Video Judge.

As this is a close call the covering official reports over the crew radio that he ruled it a catch because he saw A-9 get one foot down in-bounds with possession of the ball prior to going out-of-bounds. Without stopping the game, the Video Judge then confirms he has seen a replay that confirms the call is correct.

The Team B Head Coach then takes a timeout to request a review of the play.

Answer: Even though the Video Judge has informally reviewed the play, when the Team B Head Coach requests a review of the play, the game must be stopped and the Video Judge should undertake a formal review of the play.

If the ruling on the field is not changed, the Team B Head Coach should be charged a timeout and he his privilege to request further reviews will be revoked for the remainder of the game.

It would be appropriate for the Wing Officials near the Team B Head Coach to tell the coach informally that the play isn’t worth challenging prior to him making a request for a formal review.




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