Issue 40/21                                                                                17th November 2021

BAFRA Newsflash

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It has come to my attention that some Universities are asking for officials’ personal information in order that they can process payments directly to them. This is a result of some recently updated legislation which university finance departments are wrongly applying to BAFRA Officials. I strongly advise against officials giving their personal information to third parties. All such requests should be forwarded to Finance.

Referees - Please ensure that you are recording the correct BAFRA Administration Fee on the Expenses Form when submitting your paperwork. On the subject of game fees, with the likely increase in Double Headers, please divide the admin fee between the teams (£37.50) unless they inform you that they have come to a separate agreement.

Finally, please remember that the Finance Team are volunteers. If you are waiting for a payment, in the first instance check with the referee/your BAFRA Website profile to ensure that the claim has actually been submitted. We endeavour to make payments on Wednesday or Thursday however we make no guarantees. Please only email Finance if you are more than one week overdue.  

Stuart Tabberer - Director of Finance


During the game between Leeds Beckett and the Durham Saints, a Leeds Beckett player was disqualified for Fighting. However the disqualification has been cancelled after the calling official withdrew their report. The procedure for doing this is in BAFA Regulation 5.2.4 and is intended for use in rare cases when you realise you got it wrong. If that is ever the case, simply email me with the details, a copy of the video (or where to find it) and details of what the video shows and how that differs from your original report.

Ben Griffiths - BAFA Disciplinary Officer









New this week

Bjorn Bloomquisr


Bath Killer Bees



When going into contact the player lowered his head and made forcible contact on the opponent with the crown of his helmet.

21st November 2021 v Southampton Stags

Gustav Semanchik


Durham Saints



With 0:02 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Leeds centre and quarterback took their positions, whereupon #11 launched himself into both players with a force that could have resulted in serious injury.

28th November 2021 v Leeds Gryphons

Michiael Abera


SGS College Pride



When going into contact the player lowered his head and made forcible contact on the opponent with the crown of his helmet.

21st November 2021 v Exeter Demons

Leon Klosowicz


UWE Bullets



Player directed a homophobic slur towards an opponent.

21st November 2021 v UEA Pirates

Previous weeks

Aji Awodein


Liverpool Raptors



After a change of possession, #26 was observed to initiate a flagrant blindside block. The action was around 30 yards behind the return and had a clear intent to punish.

21st November 2021 v Lancaster Bombers





New this week

Bath Killer Bees

No coaches boxes or players box marked.

Julian Mallia #336

28th November 2021 v Southampton Stags

Bath Spa Bulldogs

80-yard field. NFL-width hash marks. Team areas not marked to COVID regulations.

Stuart Tabberer #348

28th November 2021 v Plymouth Blitz

Brunel Burners

NFL-width hash marks. Field is uneven in places. Officials’ changing room was lockable if you can get the code to lock it. Around a five-minute walk from the Sports Park to the field. Best way to contact the team is to email the Head Coach.

Richard Moger #472

5th December 2021 v Essex Blades

Coventry Jets

Field marked in blue but clearly visible. No team areas marked. Away team (Leicester) played in a variety of designs of green jersey due to supply issues.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

21st December 2021 v NTU Renegades

DMU Falcons

Game kicked off 20 minutes late due to late arrival of medical cover.

Joel Pearson #405

5th December 2021 v Huddersfield Hawks

Edinburgh Napier Knights

Team areas marked out to pre-COVID covid standards, adjustments were made to meet current requirements.

Kenneth Glover #71

12th December 2021 v Aberdeen Bulls

Gloucester Gladiators

80 Yard Field. NFL width Hash Marks. Team areas not marked to COVID regulations.

Stuart Tabberer #348

5th December 2021 v Plymouth Blitz

Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Field marked in faded yellow lines with other sports field markings in other colours. Two small lockable changing rooms were provided, each suitable for approximately three officials to change in (a third for female officials was offered). Game Management were very efficient in resolving officials assistants, medical cover access, and scheduling the flood lights due to poor light. One ball person changed at half time. Game suspended at 14:50 for eight minutes, with 3:41 remaining in the second quarter to handle a serious injury to #20 of Hertfordshire.

James Ford-Bannister #479

5th December 2021 v Surrey Stingers

Keele Crusaders

With 7:00 remaining in second quarter, the game was suspended for 15 minutes to deal with an injured Chester #62. After the subsequent play, with 6:20 left in second quarter, the game was abandoned following a neck injury to Chester #95. #95 was lying on the field of play and couldn’t be moved until an ambulance arrived, which could be up to five hours. Chester had also run out of players.

Andrew Lovell #559

12th December 2021 v Lincoln Colonials

Kent Falcons

Faintly marked 90-yard field in red, with other sport markings in yellow, white, & blue. No numbers, nine-yard marks, or team area markings, although rugby lines approximated for coaching lines. Kent players were mainly in red shirts but some were in gold. Neither of these clashed with the opponents blue shirts so the game proceeded with the agreement of both coaches. Game suspended for 24 minutes with 6:24 remaining in the first quarter & for 15 minutes with 7:56 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Tim Ockendon #481

5th December 2021 v KCL Regents

Leeds Beckett Carnegie

80-yard field. No three-yard marks, nine-yard marks, or numbers. The midfield hash marks were marked at NFL width. No coaching boxes were marked but other sports markings were used to solve some of the issues. All three game balls were underinflated and required pumping up prior to the game.

David Hewitt #607

30th January 2021 v Nottingham

Leeds Gryphons

The game was not played at Leeds Gryphons normal venue as they share a venue with Leeds Beckett and the teams chose not to run the fixtures as a double header. The endzones were approximately 12 yards deep. The end-line was marked approximately one-foot short of the Rugby try-line meaning the posts were one-foot out of bounds. There were no nine-yard marks or numbers. There were no teams areas marked at all. Both teams wore almost identical uniforms, Leeds played in Dark Green Jerseys with White numbers and with Black Helmets and Black Pants. Stirling played in Black Jerseys with Green numbers with a white outline, Green Helmets and Black Pants. The Officials changing room only had room for one or two officials. The changing rooms were not lockable.

Ben Griffiths #228

28th November 2021 v Durham Saints


90-yard field marked in yellow. No numbers, nine-yard marks, or limit lines. Coaches' boxes were only marked out to the pre-COVID specification of the 25-yard lines.

Andrew Swift #403

5th December 2021 v Sheffield Sabres

NTU Renegades

Team areas between the 30-yard lines marked with cones and bags. During the second half a number of spectators had encroached into the team area (i.e. between the 30 and the 10 yard lines) and were verbally abusing the away team players. The game was stopped briefly and game management swiftly dealt with the problem, removing them back behind the perimeter barrier.

Brian Yates #29

28th November 2021 v Leicester

Oxford Brookes Panthers

On arrival the crew were informed the away team’s travel had not arrived and the game would not be taking place.

Oliver Maskell #221

5th December 2021 v Kingston Cougars

Southampton Stags

Goals are attached to a fence approximately three-yards past the end line.

David Knight #135

21st November 2021 v Bath Killer Bees

Swansea Titans

The field was generally well marked out, however, the sideline and inbounds short yard-line extensions were too small - barely a couple of inches long instead of the required 2'. Two of the chain crew were replaced at half time due to them being very slow and disinterested. Thankfully their replacements were noticeably better.

Amir Brooks #593

12th December 2021 v Birmingham Lions

UCL Emperors

Crew was informed that the game was cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch.

Henry Young #486

5th December 2021 v Chichester Spitfires

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Bath Spa Bulldogs

Initially, five-yard lines were not marked. The home team were able to rectify this before kick off. The inbounds short yard line extensions were far too close to each other. No three-yard or nine-yard marks. Down box stake broke, chain crew were replaced at half time after they failed to stop cheering their own team, which antagonised the opposition.

Stephen Egan #466

21st November 2021 v Worcester Royals

Birmingham Lions

The lines were marked in black and, with the floodlights, could be difficult to see from a distance.

Keith Wickham #423

4th December 2021 v UWE Bullets

Cardiff Cobras

Kickoff was delayed by five minutes due to the game balls being under-inflated.

Amir Brooks #593

28th November 2021 v Birmingham Lions

City Wolfpack

90-yard field. NFL-width hash marks. Short yard line extensions were marked in metres but main lines in yards. End zones were only seven yards deep.

Lee Wood #517

30th January 2021 v UEL Phoenix

Durham Saints

No three-yard marks. Coaching boxes weren't marked up to the ten-yard lines.

David Hewitt #607

5th December 2021 v Stirling Clansmen

Edinburgh Predators

Crew was informed of no changing facilities prior to the game, but on arrival were given changing rooms. Game was played in good spirit and the attitude from both teams was exemplary.

Gordon Galloway #7

28th November 2021 v York Centurions

Exeter Demons

Game was played on 4G on main campus - field marked with narrow black lines for all AF markings (other field markings were more prominent) this made the inbounds short yard line extensions difficult to identify at times. End zones were of shallow depth, seven-yards, but otherwise a good field to officiate on.

Francis Bevan #474

21st November 2021 v SGS College Pride

KCL Regents

Well marked 90-yard field in blue with other sport markings in yellow, white & red. No numbers but rugby markings approximated for nine-yard marks. Team area markings at pre-COVID distances. One stake was completely broken and was temporarily repaired by Game Management by lashing another pole to it. One member of the chain crew had to be replaced in the third quarter resulting in a game management delay whilst the replacement was trained.

Tim Ockendon #481

21st November 2021 v City Wolfpack

Leicester Longhorns

The booked medic for the game never arrived. After an hour of attempts by the home team to get in touch with them and source alternate cover, the game was abandoned in line with rules 13-1-1 and 13-7-a-3.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

5th December 2021 v Coventry Jets

QMBL Vipers

Well marked 90-yard field in blue. No numbers, nine-yard marks, or limit lines and team areas marked with cones. Dog excrement on the field was removed by Game Management prior to kickoff. Changing room had no private shower or toilet but was otherwise well appointed and lockable. One ball person was provided by the visiting team.

Tim Ockendon #481

12th December 2021 v Essex Blades

Reading Knights

The game was abandoned due to a waterlogged pitch two and half hours before the kickoff time. Official’s had set off prior to abandonment.

Richard Moger #472

28th November 2021 v SGS College Pride

RHUL Bears

Kick off was delayed by 15 minutes due to the medic arriving late. The original chain crew were all changed before the game due to concerns about their attitude and how they would perform. Three-yard marks were marked in the wrong place (four-yard line) and other hash marks were slightly out of alignment. Game management filled four trip hazards in the field before kick off..

Oliver Maskell #221

21st November 2021 v Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Sheffield Hallam Warriors

80-yard field. No three-yard marks, nine-yard marks or numbers. No coaching boxes or player areas but use of other sports lines plus team discipline sorted out any problems. Two sets of midfield hashes were present, unfortunately one set was NFL-width and the other were too wide to be NCAA. Field markings were faint and had to compete with several other sports markings.

David Hewitt #607

21st November 2021 v LJMU Fury

Sheffield Sabres

No team areas were marked, although teams were disciplined in using other sports markings. No numbers or nine-yard marks. Markings were all in black but clearly contrasted with the field. Kick-off was delayed by 15 minutes due to the late arrival of both teams.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

28th November 2021 v Manchester Tyrants

Solent Redhawks

Crossbar overhangs the field by approximately two-yards.

David Knight #135

28th November 2021 v UWE Pellets

Stirling Clansmen

Although the short yard extension lines were marked, they were faded so the officials sometimes had to rely on the pylons behind the goals for ball position.

Ian Sneddon #427

21st November 2021 v Leeds Beckett

Surrey Stingers

On arrival at the ground we were told by the staff there that the pitch was not narked and in any event the groundsman had declared it as waterlogged.

Keith Wickham #423

6th February 2022 v Sussex Saxons

Sussex Saxons

The blue lines used on the field have faded considerably since the summer, and were sometimes very difficult to see whilst on-field. End line was marked too close to the perimeter fence so another sports line was used. Team areas marked with cones. The changing rooms provided to officials were inadequate so the crew changed in the away team room after they had vacated.

Oliver Maskell #221

21st November 2021 v Surrey Stingers

UCLan Rams

100-yard field with no numbers, nine-yard marks, or team areas marked out. Kickoff was delayed by 15 mins due to previous use of the venue. Both teams warmed up on alternative fields but the away side were slow to migrate to the main field and did not have a roster for the officials upon arrival.

Andrew Swift #403

23rd January 2021 v Edge Hill Vikings

Warwick Wolves

Very limited free parking on site. Parking fees must be paid electronically via Warwick website. Paid for parking is a lengthy walk from the venue. Multiple different colour lines on the field for different sports. Prior to kick off soccer goals had to be moved to ensure clear of the field.

Andrew Lovell #559

21st November 2021 v Leicester Longhorns

York Centurions

100-yard grass field marked in Red, which was very difficult to see and identify the inbounds short yard line extensions marks. There were no team or coaching areas marked, this was rectified with cones prior to the game. The away team believed they did not have to supply a playing roster sheet as they had registered all players via BUCS, however it was pointed out that BAFA regulations 5.1 override this and a roster was produced prior to kick off.

Chris Jarvis #10

21st November 2021 v Northumbria Mustangs



New this week

Play: 4th & 7 at Team A’s 45-yard line. A19 punts the ball. While the ball is in the air, B38 gives an invalid fair catch signal. B80 catches the kick at Team B’s 20-yard line and advances to Team B’s 27-yard line. Which Team will netx put the ball in play? Where will the Ball be placed? What will the play clock be set to?


Last week

Play: 2nd & 8 at Team’s B 40-yard line. 1:56 remains in the second quarter. A66 snaps the ball high to quarterback A10 who has to jump to control the snap. Whilst still airborne at Team B’s 45-yard line, A10 pitches the ball forwards to A88 who has run across the front of A10. A88 runs wide to the right and runs out of bounds at Team B’s 30-yard line. During A88’s run, B24 blocks A73 below the waist 6 yards beyond the neutral zone.

What is the next down and distance. When will the clock start?

Ruling: 2nd and 8 at the B 40 Yard Line. The game clock will start on the snap.

The pitch by A10 is an illegal forward bat. This is because he never gains possession of the ball due to being airborne and the snap is a backwards pass. B24’s block is illegal as it is beyond 5 yards from the Neutral zone. The penalties offset. The run ended out of bounds so the game clock will start on the snap inside 2 minutes of the half.

(2-19-2, 2-4-1-a, 2-11-3, 9-4-2, 9-1-6-b-1, 10-1-4, 3-3-2-d-2)


New this week

Game Situation: Early in the game Team A make a late substitution and Team B starts to make matching substitutions.The Referee instructs the Umpire to move towards the ball and prohibit Team A from snapping the ball so Team B can complete it’s substitutions. Team A quickly snap the ball. This is the first time this has happened in the game.

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: 1st and 10 at the A40, team A run an option play.  While under pressure at the A35 quarterback A3 throws a backwards pass to A20, who muffs the ball at the A30.  The ball then bounces on the ground and goes out of bounds at the A32.  How should the covering officials make use bean bags to indicate spots of interest in this play?

Answer: A covering official should not use beanbags to mark the spot of any backward pass or muff in the backfield M21.2.2.f.  This is because possible enforcement spots include the previous spot or the spot of the foul, but not the end of the related run.  Since the ball went out of bounds following a backward pass, the ball will next be put in play by team A at the A32, 2nd and 18. (7-2-4-a)




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