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As you are aware, we are well into the membership renewal period, the closing date for which is Sunday 31st October. You will be able to renew after this date but it will be at a higher cost.  Renewal forms have been sent to all members. If you have not received yours please check your spam folder and if you still cannot find it, please contact me. Details of payments, which as always include the BAFRA and BAFA fees, will be on the form along with details on how to pay.

Those recently joined are exempt from payment and this is made clear in the renewal email along with details of anyone due a rebate.

If you anticipate having difficulty in paying, please contact the Director of Finance (via to discuss a payment plan. This will only be seen by the Director of Finance and his deputy in the strictest of confidence.

As always, the annual survey of membership runs alongside the renewal process you are requested to complete this as information gathered from this is used to inform BAFRA policy going forward.

Thank you to those who have already renewed. I am publishing a list of renewals separately.  In addition, please note that all renewals are acknowledged. In the unlikely event that you are not renewing, please let me know (with your reasons if you wish to share them).

Richard Moger – General Secretary


With the start of the BUCS season this weekend, it is appropriate to remind everyone of the situation regarding rules and regulations for that competition.

Competition specific regulations are listed at We have not been notified of any changes. The main difference from the adult games in the summer is that BUCS games have 12-minute quarters. There is no overtime in regular-season games.

Regarding COVID, all the temporary rules and mechanics adjustments brought in Still Apply. This includes the running clock kicking in at any time the margin is above 34. COVID hasn't gone away so please stay safe and take care.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jim Briggs - BAFA Rules Editor


Officials are reminded that Car Sharing, where possible, is expected of all members to reduce expenditure. This includes several people driving to a meeting point and continuing in one car on longer journeys. Please ensure that you are factoring Car Sharing into your game day planning.

In an effort to collect data about our travel routines a small change has been made to the Expense Claim form. Referees should indicate who travelled in Car 1/Car 2/etc/Train/Bus etc on the online forms.

Finally, a reminder that the approved crew payment breakdowns can be found on the website under Gameday-Finance Area.

Any questions, please contact

Stuart Tabberer - Director of Finance


With the return of University Football, the list of recent disciplinary action and outstanding suspensions has been updated at the bottom of this Newsflash. As per the members handbook (, please remind teams that they should mark a suspended player on the roster. If a team insists a player is entitled to play, show the coach the edition of Newsflash that lists the suspension and stress to the coach that it is BAFRA's & BAFA’s accepted journal of disciplinary actions. You should take all reasonable steps to talk the coach out of playing the player, but if the player plays, allow them to play (i.e. don't eject them on the first play) and report it as a misconduct incident. Note on the Incident Report what you said to the coach.

As a reminder, suspended players are permitted to stand in the team area, assist the team (e.g. as a Water Carrier) however there is no requirement for them to be present on game day.

It is likely that a number of University players listed below have now graduated and are no longer with their University teams. If a team informs you that this is the case, please note this down and report the suspension as served in the usual way at

Ben Griffiths - BAFA Disciplinary Officer


Thank you to the assessors who made themselves available in the second half of the senior season. Assessments were of high quality and I’m sure they gave the relevant officials plenty to think about and focus on.

Despite allowing officials until Week 8 to get back into the swing of officiating before formal assessments resumed, we managed to get 34 officials assessed and make great headway into the backlog of officials without assessments or with old ones.

James Ford-Bannister - Director of Training









New this week

Previous weeks

Christian Butterworth


Bangor Muddogs



With 01:18 remaining in the game, during a Bangor interception return, #50 of the returning team jumped up and head butted a taller opponent.

7th November 2021 v Liverpool Raptors

Luke Boxall


Birmingham Lions



At the end of the first quarter, the Referee was informed that #22 had a ripped jersey and was changing his shirt number to #43. As this was the end of the quarter, the away HC was immediately advised of this and the Referee proceeded to change the number on the roster form. It was then discovered that he did not appear on the roster under this or any other number. This was confirmed with both coaches.

6th November 2021 v Swansea Titans

Stuart Crouch


Brighton Panthers



After several plays, where coaching staff believed their players were being held, a couple of coaches began using foul and abusive language towards the officials. After one coach had been flagged for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, for his continued abusive language and drawing attention to himself, he increased his abusive language and directed it loudly at the referee. This resulted in a second Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty.

31st October 2021 v Oxford Brookes Panthers

* As this was a disqualification of a non-player, this is a whole game day suspension as opposed to just a playing suspension. Mr Crouch may not be present at the game site in any capacity.

Connor Tooke


Brighton Panthers



With 1:30 remaining in the fourth quarter, and with a pile of players developing, #4 entered the pile leading with the crown of his helmet and contacted an opponent.

31st October 2021 v Oxford Brookes Panthers

Gamal Toseafa


Brighton Panthers



With 2:51 remaining in the second quarter, #97, whilst in contact with an opponent, headbutted the opposing player.

31st October 2021 v Oxford Brookes Panthers

James Simpson


NTU Renegades


Ball person from the home team under rule 9-2-7 for using abusive language towards an opposition player.

31st October 2021 v Leicester Longhorns & 14th November 2021 v Loughborough

* Mr Simpson was registered as a player but he was removed from the game while in a non-playing role therefore this is a whole game day suspension.

Ollie Clerkin


Portsmouth Destroyers



In the fourth quarter, Mr. Clerkin was seen to dive into a pile, leading with the crown of his helmet making contact with an opponent.

31st October 2021 v Sussex Saxons

Ethan Takeyama


QMBL Vipers



With 6:17 remaining in the third quarter, the ball carrier was being driven forward in a pile. #5 came in and led with the crown of the helmet making contact with the ball carrier.

31st October 2021 v Imperial Immortals

Jason MacMillan


QMBL Vipers



#1 received a first Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty for shoving an opposing player in the back, after a play was over with 2:15 remaining in the third quarter. The second Unsportsmanlike Conduct act occurred after a runner was downed and away from the play. #1 was seen to change direction and contact an opponent intentionally from behind, the foul was not part of the game action and was unsportsmanlike.

31st October 2021 v Imperial Immortals

Jarrod Roscoe


UCLan Rams



With 0:33 remaining in the fourth quarter, the player was seen to make forcible contact with an official.

31st October 2021 v Tarannau Aberystwyth





New this week

Kent Exiles (NWFL)

Artificial field with markings in blue. Fields were the incorrect width with eight-yard endzones. No midfield line, two-yard, or five-yard lines, which were marked with cones. No limit lines. Only one down box operator provided. Changing rooms were not lockable and a long walk from the car park. One of the second round game's kickoff was delayed by ten minutes.

Henry Young #486


NFL Academy

With 5:00 remaining in the fourth quarter, and with a 60-0 scoreline, the game was called by mutual consent of both Head Coaches as UEA had run out of available linemen due to injuries.

Andrew Murrell #608


NTU Renegades

One hour before the scheduled kickoff, the crew were advised that no medical cover was available. A replacement could not be sought so the game did not proceed.

Joel Pearson #405

14th November 2021 v Loughborough

SGS College

Team areas not marked out according to current COVID guidelines.

Amir Brooks #593


Teeside Steelers (NWFL)

Unable to mark the artificial field fully. There were no pylons.

Kenneth Glover #71


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Glasgow Tigers

Great venue for football, changing facilities were first class. Well marked field.

Gordon Galloway #7

31st October 2021 v Inverclyde Goliaths



New this week

Play: Late in the first half Team A is out of timeouts. A pass play on third down ends inbounds at the B-25 short of the line to gain with the game clock showing 0:10. Facing fourth down and three, Team A immediately hurries its field goal team onto the field. Should the officials prevent the snap to give Team B an opportunity to substitute?


Last week

Play: Team A are leading 20-13 with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game with the clock running. Neither team has any timeouts remaining. 2nd and 3 at Team A’s 12-yard line. A5 runs to Team A’s 16-yard line where he fumbles and the ball rolls out of bounds at Team A’s 20-yard line. Whilst the ball is loose, A65 holds B4 at Team A’s 17-yard line to prevent him from recovering the ball. When will the clock start following enforcement of the penalty?

Ruling: 2nd and 7 at Team A’s 8-yard line. As the clock has been stopped to complete a penalty by the Team ahead in the score and there is less than two minutes remaining in the half, Team B may elect to have the clock start on the snap otherwise it will start on the Ready for Play.

(9-3-3-b, 10-2-1, 10-2-2-c-2, 10-2-2-d-1-b, 10-2-6, 3-4-3, AR3-4-3-VI)


New this week

Game Situation: On an 8-man crew, what should the Line Judge do on a measurement?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: If there is no visible game clock, when is it mandatory for the on-field timekeeper to relay the game clock via the crew radios?

Answer: Every time the game clock

stops in the last two minutes of each half it is mandatory for the on field timekeeper to relay the time remaining if there is no visible game clock. This information should be relayed to the Head Coach of each team and the on-field captain of each team (M25.3.1.d.ii) (3-3-8-c).




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