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As you are aware, we are now in the membership renewal period. Renewal forms have now been sent to all members. If you have not received yours please check your spam folder and if you still cannot find it, please contact me. Details of payments, which as always include the BAFRA and BAFA fees, will be on the form along with details on how to pay.

Those recently joined are exempt from payment and this is made clear in the renewal email along with details of anyone due a rebate.

If you anticipate having difficulty in paying, please contact the Director of Finance (via to discuss a payment plan. This will only be seen by the Director of Finance and his deputy in the strictest of confidence.

As always, there will be an annual survey of membership that goes along with the renewal process which you are requested to complete. Information gathered from this exercise is used to inform BAFRA policy going forwards.

Thank you to those who have already renewed. I will, from next week, publish a list of renewals. In addition, please note that all renewals are acknowledged.

In the unlikely event that you are not renewing, please let me know (with your reasons if you wish to share them).

Richard Moger – General Secretary


The role of Mentoring Coordinator has become vacatant and we are seeking applications from any qualified member to take on this role.  Full details of the role may be found on the website.

The role primarily involves matching new officials to mentors and the holder will have the opportunity to shape the future of mentoring at BAFRA.  The time commitment required for this role is substantial and variable, depending on the number of applicants, however the role holder will have the support of myself and the wider recruitment team. Those who are interested please email me at with an outline of how you would approach the role and any ideas you have for improving mentoring at BAFRA.  I will contact you back to set up a call or zoom meeting to discuss your application.

Susannah Taylor - Director of Recruitment









New this week

Alasdair Walls


Edinburgh Wolves



With 1:34 remaining in the fourth quarter, #66 aggressively removed his helmet, threw it to the ground and used threatening language to an opposition player. He had to be restrained by teammates to prevent him from fighting with an opposition player after an off the ball incident.

Mr Walls is due to serve his suspension in the next competitive game he is eligible to play in. This is expected to be the next regular season game for the Edinburgh Wolves





New this week

Glasgow Tigers

Great venue for football, changing facilities were first class. Well marked field.

Gordon Galloway #7

31st October 2021 v Inverclyde Goliaths

Manchester Titans (NWFL)

Both pitches marked with cones so no team areas marked. There was limited room between the pitches due to the bigger squads of Cheshire and Birmingham being allocated the middle sidelines, although this had limited impact with both teams staying very disciplined.

Chris Jarvis #10


Swindon Storm

With 0:41 remaining in the first half, the police evacuated the field and the match was abandoned due to an incident in the local area.

Stephen Egan #466


Wembley Stallions (NWFL)

Two well marked fields in white lines with other markings also in white.
Kent Exiles vs Hertfordshire Cheetahs: One end line abutted onto a neighbouring soccer pitch which was in use so kickoff was slightly delayed until they had finished. Team areas marked with cones and limited space at the sidelines meant spectators had to be removed to a safe distance. Three separate trip hazards identified prior to kickoff and were filled with sand by Game Management. Game suspended on three occasions in order to treat separate serious injuries to players: firstly with 9:47 remaining in the first half for 38 minutes; secondly with 5:03 remaining in the first half for 28 minutes and finally with 15:47 remaining in the second half for 37 minutes. Following this third stoppage, the game was finished on the other field with the consent of both coaches, due to the injured player being treated too close to the original field for the game to safely continue there.

Wembley vs London Warriors: Part of the corner of a soccer pitch overlapped with part of one sideline, resulting in a second white line running parallel with the sideline about a yard infield. The half time interval was extended due to the primary medical personnel transporting an injured player from the other field. The game continued once alternative appropriately qualified medical cover was sourced from one of the teams to the satisfaction of the Referee and Game Management. The second round of games were both abandoned prior to kickoff as neither Kent nor Hertfordshire had sufficient fit players.

Peter Parsons #321


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Team and coaching boxes were not marked to the ten-yard lines.

Ian Sneddon #427

24th October 2021 v Dunfermline Kings

Dumfries Hunters

Lines are becoming faint and coaching/team areas were not marked to the ten-yard lines.

Ian Sneddon #427

17th October 2021 v Highland Stags



New this week

Play: 1st and 10 at B’s 25 yard line. Running Back A34 receives the hand-off and is running in the open field. At the B-10. Safety B42 attempts to dislodge the ball by punching, with a closed fist, A34’s ball carrying arm and the ball. The ball is not dislodged and A34 runs with the ball across Team B’s goal line.


Last week

Play: 4th & 10 at midfield. Team A line up to punt. Punter A1 catches the snap and, in order to escape onrushing B56, carries the ball outside the tackle box before punting it downfield. After A1 has kicked the ball, B56 makes forcible contact to the head and neck area of A1. B20 fair catches the kick at Team B’s 20-yard line.

Ruling: B56 is guilty of Targeting, but not Roughing the Kicker. The penalty will be enforced at the previous spot. 1st & 10 for Team A at Team B’s 35-yard line. B56 is disqualified.

This is not Roughing the kicker because A1 carried the ball outside the tackle box (9-1-16-a-4) however A1 is defenceless (2-27-14-c) so this is targeting (9-1-4). This is not a post-scrimmage kick enforcement as the previous spot is listed in the penalty of 9-1-16 for personal fouls against the kicker (including targeting). AR 9-1-16-VII covers this type of scenario.


New this week

Game Situation: Team A break the huddle with 20 seconds remaining on the play clock. The Umpire notices that Tight End is not wearing knee pads, how should the crew handle this?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: On an 8 man crew the Sidejudge is covering receiver A88 who is running a post pattern directly towards him.  Just as Quarterback A5 releases a pass towards A80 who is running a different route on the other side of the field, defensive back B20 holds A88 and restricts his movement for several seconds.  Ruling?

Answer: Though everywhere is considered the point of attack on a pass play before the pass is thrown (M3.3.2.a), once the ball has been thrown to the other side of the field, defensive holding should not be thrown unless it is a clear attempt to restrict a player who is making a lead block for the ball carrier (M3.3.2.f & M3.3.2.g).  In this case, the Sidejudge should most likely not call B20 for holding, unless the play comes towards his side of the field and B20's restriction prevents A88 from blocking.




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