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Congratulations to Ian Rogers on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified.

Thanks to Tim Vickers, and all those who are helping with Ian’s training.

James Ford-Bannister - Director of Training









New this week

Liam Brown


Dunfermline Kings



On the final play of the game Dunfermline #46 ran with the ball to the sideline, then when the play was over spiked the ball in the direction of the wing official, and it struck him in the leg. This was flagged as an unsportsmanlike penalty. As #46 walked past the referee he made an unacceptable call about the penalty, saying it was a joke, so received a second unsportsmanlike penalty.

By intentionally striking an official with the football Mr Brown has committed an act of Misconduct  This is a second Fixed Penalty offence and Mr Brown has been given a further two game suspension.

3rd October 2021, 24th October 2021 & Dunfermline’s first competitive game of the 2022 season

Previous weeks

Tyler Corn


Ipswich Cardinals



After being disqualified for two Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls Mr Corn committed a further act of Misconduct as he threw his helmet towards the officials. This is a second Fixed Penalty offence and Mr Corn has been given a further two game suspension.

19th September 2021 v Cambridgeshire Cats

Emmanuel Falola


Kent Exiles



With 4:28 remaining in the fourth quarter, #52 ran forcibly into a pile of players and joined in the fight which included forcibly pulling people off the pile.

19th September 2021 v London Olympians

Tyriq Taiwo


Kent Exiles



With 4:28 remaining in the fourth quarter, after the play was over, #12 committed a late hit away from the ball and proceeded to fight an opponent.

19th September 2021 v London Olympians

Jordan Simpson


Sandwell Steelers



#87 was seen to throw a punch in the direction of an opponent.

19th September 2021 v Shropshire Revolution

Eryk Kozlowski


Swindon Storm



Having committed a previous unsportsmanlike act, and during the first quarter, #16 ran from his Team Area (where he was a non-playing participant at the time having come off the field after the previous play) to retaliate physically against a Birmingham player who had committed a late hit out of bounds.

19th September 2021 v Bristol Aztecs





New this week

Bristol Apache

Field marked in red, which was slightly faded in places, but did not cause too much of an issue.

Stuart Tabberer #348

26th September 2021 v Somerset Wyverns

Cambridgeshire Cats

The kick off was delayed by 18 minutes due to late arrival of medical cover

Brian Yates #29

19th September 2021 v Ipswich Cardinals

Chester Romans

The groundsman had marked a 90-metre field, which resulted in end zones that were too short. Consequently, the goal lines were moved to what had been marked as the 5-metre lines and play took place on an 80-metre field.

Paul Todd #289


Chester Romans (U16)

The third game of the tournament was abandoned after injuries left Burnley with insufficient numbers to continue.

Paul Todd #289


Chorley Buccaneers (U19)

80 yard field, no coaches or players boxes.

Lee Taylor #183


Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Having been displaced from their normal home pitch the markings weren't up to the usual high standard, but this was outside the home teams control. Pitch had been marked out with no five-yards lines but this was rectified before kick off.

Henry Richardson #25

26th September 2021 v Dumfries Hunters

Dumfries Hunters

Lines are becoming faint and coaching/team areas were not marked to the ten-yard lines.

Ian Sneddon #427

17th October v Highland Stags

Edinburgh Napier Knights (U19)

Pitch had been marked for 5v5 instead of 7v7. Some holes in the pitch were filled by game management prior to kick off.

Kenneth Glover #71


Lancashire Wolverines

80-yard field with no coaches or players boxes.

Lee Taylor #183

19th September 2021 v Leigh Miners

London Blitz B

The lines on the field were uneven and not all ten yards apart. The hash marks were painted in yellow. In places the field was uneven and, whilst there were no trip hazards, there were times when the ground was not where you would expect. The goalposts at one end were higher than the other.

Keith Wickham #423

26th September 2021 v London Hornets

Rushmoor Knights

Very professionally marked 90-yard field with multiple mole holes that were filled up and compacted, so posed no problem. In the endzone closer to the changing rooms, there are stingy bushes 6 feet from the endline and also an oak tree branch which is hovering just inside the endzone at about 2,5 meters height. We agreed to treat it as an inadvertent whistle if the ball hits that branch. At halftime, there was a knights show and a gender reveal party, so we had a 25 minute halftime as agreed before the match.

Viktor Janvari #63

26th September 2021 v Solent Thrashers

South East Legion (U19)

One post was missing from one goal, so both coaches agreed to play without goals. Well marked field in white. Numbers not at nine-yards. Team areas correctly marked for COVID for length but only 6ft from sideline. Pylons were missing but added before kick off. Kick off delayed due to late arrival of medic. Chain broke once.

James Ford-Bannister #479


South East Squadron

One post was missing from one goal, so  all offensive plays took place towards the one goal. Well marked field in white. Numbers not at nine-yards. Team areas correctly marked for COVID for length but only 6ft from sideline. Kick off was delayed due to the late finish of the first game at the venue.

James Ford-Bannister #479


Shropshire Revolution

Field markings in blue with athletics lines in white. Goal posts overhanging the endline by two yards. Holes from shot put on one end of the field however these were filled in with sand prior to kick off and extra sand was available. Changing rooms were not lockable.

James Statham #187


Somerset Wyverns

Nine-yard marks more than nine-yards from the sideline. Three-yard mark wasn't marked until just before game time.

Mike Lefevre #341


South Wales Warriors

Field marked in red, slightly faded in places. Short delay in the first quarter whilst an official received medical attention and a subsequent reshuffle of the crew when the official was unable to continue.

Stuart Tabberer #348


Teesside Steelers (NWFL)

There were no field markings but all lines were denoted by flat cones, there were no team areas marked. There was no down indicator available. All 3 teams should be commended for the level of play and good sportsmanship throughout the tournament:- Teesside Steelers, Edinburgh Wolves & EKP.

Chris Jarvis #10


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Birmingham Bulls

90-yard field marked in red. Secure changing rooms big enough for four provided by the home team.

Krister Halvorsen #77

19th September 2021 v Hereford Stampede

Bristol Aztecs

Field markings in red and becoming quite faded. Team areas are not marked out to current COVID rules.

Amir Brooks #593

3rd October 2021 v South Wales Warriors

Darlington Steam

90-yard field with nine-yard end zones. Field width was 55-yards. No nine-yard markings or numbers.

Robin Boyd #191

19th September 2021 v DC Presidents

Edinburgh Wolves

Coach and player boxes were not marked to ten-yard lines but cones were placed at the line. Otherwise a well marked out field.

Ian Sneddon #427

3rd October 2021 v East Kilbride Pirates

Highland Stags

Although most of the lines were marked in yellow, the end lines and centre line were marked in white. There were other rugby lines mixed with the American football lines. The team did make a good effort with team and coaching boxes.

Ian Sneddon #427

3rd October 2021 v Dumfries Hunters

London Blitz

Lines on the field were not straight and in one place a 5-yard line split into two. There were patches of standing water on the field.

Keith Wickham #423

19th September 2021 v London Warriors

London Olympians

Well marked 90-yard field in white with other sports markings also in white. No team or coaching areas, no numbers, nine-yard marks, or three-yard try marks. Game start time was initially moved to 16:00 to 16:15 due to the late arrival of the away side.

Thunder was already audible prior to meeting with the coaches but a first visible lighting strike occurred at 15:55. This continued multiple times until 16:30 when the coaches mutually agreed to abandon the game before kick-off due to the availability of the field and the continued forecast for lighting in the area.

James Ford-Bannister #479

19th September 2021 v Kent Exiles

Manchester Titans

Field of play was only 80 yards and there were non-Football white field markings closer than four feet to end zone lines. The team areas were marked between the 20-yard lines, with the coaching line and team area lines marked at pre-COVID distances. The kick-off was put back by 20 minutes due to the finish time of the preceding Junior game. Immediately before the new kick-off time, the visiting team stated they would be unable to play until a card check had been conducted. This caused a further delay. The game kicked off 30 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time. One ball person was only provided at the rearranged kick off time; he was slow to re-appear for the second half.

Ben Griffiths #228

26th September 2021 v Merseyside Nighthawks

Northumberland Vikings

90-yard field. No nine-yard or three-yard marks. Team Areas had not been extended for COVID. Game was abandoned, at the request of the coaches in the fourth quarter with 6:11 running clock remaining, after a head and neck injury to a Darlington player, which required an ambulance. Kudos to the Vikings medical team and the Vikings staff who looked after the injured player for two hours until the ambulance arrived.

Roy Davis #44

19th September 2021 v Gateshead Senators

Nottingham Caesars

80-yard field with some wavy lines and some inconsistent distances between hash marks. No numbers or nine-yard marks.

Brian Yates #29

19th September 2021 v Scunthorpe Alphas

South Lincolnshire Lightning

First home game for South Lincolnshire. Very well marked 90-yard field, although no team areas - so cones were used. Chain crew were generally slow and twice moved on a flagged play, which caused difficulty for the crew.

Joel Pearson #405

19th September 2021 v Northants Knights

Sussex Thunder

Well marked 90-yard field, except the end-line is marked too close to the perimeter fence, so another sport line is used.

This fixture was the second game of a double header, with the previous game finishing less than 20 minutes before the scheduled kick off time. Kick off was delayed to allow the officials adequate time to rest, and to brief the new chain crew. As the revised kick off time kicked off less than 3.5 hours before the facility closing time, rule 3-2-1 was applied and the playing time was reduced to 12-minute quarters. Injury to an official meant the crew setup differently in the second half.

Oliver Maskell #221

19th September 2021 v Rushmoor Knights

Sussex Thunderbolts

Game played at Falmer Sports Complex as normal home field unavailable. 100-yard field marked in blue with other sports markings in white and yellow. No numbers or nine-yard marks. Three-yard marks marked at the two-yard line. Goals one yard from the end line and strapped to the playing enclosure. Team areas were extended for COVID-rules by using cones. Only two games balls were originally presented, a third was found later and close to the scheduled kick-off. Kick-off was delayed by four minutes due to padding needing to be applied to fold-away soccer goals and the goal posts fixed to the playing enclosure. One ball person changed at half time. The chain broke once during the game.

BAFA gave prior permission for some members of the Sussex Thunder roster to participate for the Sussex Thunderbolts team for their remaining three games. They were presented on separate team rosters for card check but amalgamated for the BAFRA roster copy.

At 15:20, toward the end of the third quarter, it became clear that spectators had set up behind the away team’s team area due to a spectator being heard to call out abuse at an official relating to a call. This was inside the playing enclosure and less than 18’ from the sideline, inside of where you would expect limit lines to be marked. Game management were informed to handle the situation and the accused spectator left voluntarily. This caused a delay of six minutes.

James Ford-Bannister #479

19th September 2021 v East Essex Sabres



New this week

Play: Team A 4th and 30 and the A-20 yard line. Team A line up in a scrimmage kick formation and punt the ball. The ball travels 15 yards beyond the line of scrimmage where B38 is positioned to catch the kick. B38 muffs the ball and gunner A85 dives on the loose ball and recovers it at the A-35 yard line. Which team will snap the ball next, what is the next down & distance. What is the status of the play clock and game clock?


Last week

Play: 4th & 18 at the A-32. Team A Punt the ball and, in an attempt to catch the kick, returner B85 muffs the ball at the B-15. A32 recovers the ball at the B-20 where he advances across the Goal Line. While in the Endzone A32 celebrates by performing a mid-air somersault. The Line Judge throws his flag for this act by A32 for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

Ruling: Team A, 1st & 10 at the B-35. The muff by B85 does not change the status of the ball and it remains a kick (2-11-2) therefore the ball becomes dead when recovered by A32 (4-1-3-e). When B85 muffs the ball, all players become eligible to recover the ball (6-3-3), so Team A have ended the down in legal possession, so the ball belongs to Team A at the spot of the recovery. The Unsportsmanlike Conduct foul is enforced from the Spot of the Recovery and it will be Team A ball, 1st & 10 at the B-35.


New this week

Game Situation: As team A are huddling before a PAT, the Linejudge on a 5 man crew notices that the Referee is rolling his hands above his head.  What is the Referee trying to signal?  How should the Line Judge respond?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: Prior to kick-off; on a 5 man crew which official is responsible for briefing the medical personnel on what signals are to be used to summon them onto the field.

Answer: The Back Judge (M8.2.10.c)




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