Issue 29/21                                                                                        1st September 2021

BAFRA Newsflash

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Thank you to those who have already donated to BAFRA’s charity this year the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation. It was chosen by the membership in memory of long-time member, Tzvi Lindeman, who sadly passed away in 2020.


There is still time for members to donate, the closing date for donations is Friday 10th September, and can be done so through the following methods:

If you wish to send a donation electronically send it to:

Sort Code: 16-16-11

Account Number: 10255350

Please use Charity and your membership number as a reference.

You may send a cheque (made payable to BAFRA Limited) for the amount you wish to donate to:

BAFRA Finance, 30 Clover Ground, Bristol, BS8 4UH

Please write your membership number and Charity on the rear of the cheque.

Over the years we have raised significant amounts for our chosen charities. Thank you in advance for your support of this worthy cause.


Richard Moger – General Secretary


Congratulations to Gerry Mellough on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified.

Thanks to Pete Thom, Alisha Darkins, and all those who are helping with Gerry’s training.

James Ford-Bannister - Director of Training


Last week's newsflash (28/21) reported that Marlon Smith of the Kent Exiles was disqualified from their game on 22nd August. However the disqualification has been cancelled after the calling official withdrew their report. The procedure for doing this is in BAFA Regulation 5.2.4 and is intended for use in rare cases when you see a video of the incident and realise you got it wrong. If that is ever the case, simply email me with the details, a copy of the video (or where to find it) and details of what the video shows and how that differs from your original report.

Ben Griffiths - BAFA Disciplinary Officer









New this week

Eryk Kozlowski


Swindon Storm



Having committed a previous unsportsmanlike act, and during the first quarter, #16 ran from his Team Area (where he was a non-playing participant at the time having come off the field after the previous play) to retaliate physically against a Birmingham player who had committed a late hit out of bounds.

19th September 2021 v Bristol Aztecs

Previous weeks

Tristan Walker


Cornwall Monarchs



Mr. Walker was being held by #84 of Jurassic. He punched #84 and then elbowed him whilst he was on the ground. Both the holding fouls and flagrant personal foul were called.

5th September 2021 v Somerset Wyverns

Tyler Corn


Ipswich Cardinals



After being disqualified for two Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls Mr Corn committed a further act of Misconduct as he threw his helmet towards the officials. This is a second Fixed Penalty offence and Mr Corn has been given a further two game suspension.

12th September 2021 v Norwich Devils & 19th September 2021 v Cambridgeshire Cats

Emmanuel Falola


Kent Exiles



With 4:28 remaining in the fourth quarter, #52 ran forcibly into a pile of players and joined in the fight which included forcibly pulling people off the pile.

19th September 2021 v London Olympians

Tyriq Taiwo


Kent Exiles



With 4:28 remaining in the fourth quarter, after the play was over, #12 committed a late hit away from the ball and proceeded to fight an opponent.

19th September 2021 v London Olympians

Dammy Agbabiakay


London Olympians



With 4:28 remaining in the fourth quarter, after the play was over, #11 was seen to kick an opponent.

5th September 2021 v London Warriors

Hammed Abidemi Osho


London Olympians



With 11:52 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter London #6 contacted an opponent with forcible contact with the crown of the helmet.

5th September 2021 v London Warriors

Kamal Mitchell


London Olympians



With 4:28 remaining in the fourth quarter, after the play was over, #18 was seen to engage with an opponent and forcibly ripped his helmet off and threw it to the ground, before proceeding to fight an opponent.

5th September 2021 v London Warriors

Jordan Simpson


Sandwell Steelers



#87 was seen to throw a punch in the direction of an opponent.

5th September 2021 v Crewe Railroaders





New this week

Birmingham Bulls

90-yard field marked in red. Secure changing rooms big enough for four provided by the home team.

Krister Halvorsen #77

19th September 2021 v Hereford Stampede

Chester Romans

The game kicked off ten minutes late due to the late arrival of the officials' assistants, who were members of the home team's junior team. The game was suspended for more than five minutes on a number of occasions in order to treat injuries, mainly for the away team. The field was marked out by the groundsmen in metres instead of yards (90 yard field marked as 80 metres). End zones were only marked six metres deep, so the field was shortened to 80 yards by moving the Goal Line up to the five-yard lines. This was despite previous advice given at the prior home game.

Peter Roberts #87

12th September 2021 v Manchester Titans

Crewe Railroaders

80-yard field, marked as 100 yards. Chain set shortened to match field markings.

Andrew Lovell #559


Darlington Steam

90-yard field with nine-yard end zones. Field width was 55-yards. No nine-yard markings or numbers.

Robin Boyd #191

19th September 2021 v DC Presidents

Doncaster Mustangs

The field was 90 yards in length and well marked. Following an injury with 20 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter and the home team leading by 29 points, it was agreed with both head coaches to reduce the remaining time to zero.

Robin Boyd #191


East Kilbride Pirates (U16)

Due to the venue's COVID restrictions, no changing facilities were available. This was, however, well communicated in advance so did not cause an issue.

Kenneth Glover #71


Essex Spartans

Well marked 90-yard field in white. Limit lines were missing and numbers were incorrect size. Good size changing room but no toilet and not lockable, although bags were able to be stored in a separate lockable room.

Tim Ockendon #481


Gateshead Senators

Hashes at sidelines initially not marked; this was rectified prior to kick off. No nine-yard marks.

Liam Wooton #478


Hereford Stampede

Game played at Ledbury RFC (not Hereford's usual venue). Well-marked field with lines in blue, but the team areas were not in line with current COVID rules - these were extended to the ten-yard lines using cones. The chain crew started off very slow but improved as the game progressed.

Amir Brooks #593

5th September 2021 v South Wales Warriors

Highland Stags

Although most of the lines were marked in yellow, the end lines and centre line were marked in white. There were other rugby lines mixed with the American football lines. The team did make a good effort with team and coaching boxes.

Ian Sneddon #427

3rd October 2021 v Dumfries Hunters

Highland Wildcats (U16)

Well marked 7v7 pitch. Officials were able only to change in an "office" space as Highland council is still reopening changing facilities.

Ali May #42


Lincolnshire Bombers

A well marked 90-yard field, although the hash marks began to disappear as the game progressed.

Brian Yates #29

5th September 2021 v Nottingham Caesars

London Blitz (U19)

Kick off was delayed by ten minutes due to officials' assistants not being available. Some five-yard lines were not straight and, in areas, hash marks were very faded. No team areas marked.

Henry Young #486


Merseyside Nighthawks

90-yard field. No three-yard marks. No nine-yard marks or numbers. Several of the lines were slightly wonky but didn't cause any problems. Team areas were marked between the 30-yard lines but teams adjusted them using cones. All three game balls needed pumping up as they were underinflated.

David Hewitt #607


Northants Knights

During the third quarter, one of the ball people left without warning. This caused a short delay while a replacement was sourced.

Joel Pearson #405


Ouse Valley Eagles

Designated ball persons were not available at kick off, so away team were asked to provide one until they arrived, at which point they were swapped over. Field is well marked but markings are faint particularly with the hash marks. The grass was quite long in places.

Andrew Murrell #608


Peterborough Royals (NWFL)

No five-yard line marking, no one-point or two-point markings. Team areas marked with cones.

Martin Cockerill #345


Portsmouth Dreadnoughts (NWFL)

Field was marked using a combination of rugby pitch lines and cones. The crew turned up expecting to officiate 3 games, but actually officiated one game and one controlled scrimmage. This change to the schedule had apparently been discussed with BAFA, but was not communicated to the crew (or BAFRA) ahead of the crew's arrival at the venue.

Peter Parsons #321


Rugby Rhinos (U16)

Well marked fields with blue lines. Coaches/players boxes were not marked, but were indicated with cones. With 12:34 remaining in the second half of the second game of the tournament, an injury to a player resulted in suspension of play on both fields due to medical coverage. These games were subsequently abandoned after a 60 minute delay as the player hadn't yet been seen by an ambulance crew. The third games of the tournament were then subsequently abandoned as, after a 150 minute delay, the player had still not received medical attention.

Perry Wayman #504


Somerset Wyverns

Well marked 100-yard field, but on arrival three-yard lines were missing. These were added by Game Management. Nine-yard numbers were too far infield. Changing room was very small in size, allowing only for two at a time.

Francis Bevan #474

12th September2021 v Jurassic Coast Raptors

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Chorley Buccaneers (U19)

80 yard field with no team or coaching areas marked.

Lee Taylor #183

12th September 2021 v Manchester Titans (U19)

Cornwall Monarchs

Field of play was only 80 yards.

Richard Madge #485

5th September 2021 v Somerset Wyverns

Dumfries Hunters

The team areas were not marked to the ten-yard lines, so cones were used to extend these areas. With 1:21 remaining in the game, a Clyde Valley player received an injury that required an ambulance, which was going to take some time to arrive, so both coaches agreed to abandon the remainder of the game.

Ian Sneddon #427

12th September 2021 v Dunfermline Kings

East Kent Mavericks

90-yard field. One ball person changed at half time. With 4:20 remaining in fourth quarter, the captains agreed to move to a running clock to prevent frustrations resulting in further ejections. At 15:58, the players, crew and spectators were treated to a fly past by the red arrows en route to the Folkestone airshow.

Ben Gadsby #564

12th September 2021 v Sussex Thunderbolts

East Kilbride Pirates

Player and Team area lines marked using standard rulebook measurements and not adjusted to COVID changes. Field 80-yards using blue lines and 40-yard line used White Centre line which was not in sync with rest of lines.

Shawn Sombati #15

5th September 2021 v Glasgow Tigers

Humber Warhawks

Som of the equipment stored in the Referee’s changing room has been removed. One change to chain crew during the game.

Liam Wooton #478

5th September 2021 v Doncaster Mustangs

Knottingley Raiders

90-yard field with ten-yard end zones. The Team and Coaching areas are marked to the 25-yard lines. No nine-yard marks or numbers. There was a five-minute delay to the kick off time as the Medics were held up in traffic. There was a single change of Chain Crew personnel, which did not cause any issues.

Chris Jarvis #10

5th September 2021 v Leeds Bobcats

Lancashire Wolverines

Lancashire had a new chain set since their first game, this was slightly too long but easily rectified by the officials. 80 yard field with no team or coaching areas marked.

Lee Taylor #183

12th September 2021 v Merseyside Nighthawks

Leeds Bobcats

The Referee was advised prior to the game that the issue with the netting behind the post, which would stop the game balls being lost in the wilderness that is over the fence, had not been repaired. As both teams wanted to kick, it was decided to play all offensive plays towards the other end of the field. 80-yard field marked in blue with rugby markings in white that intersect the American Football lines in places. With under one minute remaining, the game was ended following a Doncaster score as Leeds had sustained a number of injuries and informed the referee that they would only knee out the game if asked to play on.

Lee Taylor #183

12th September 2021 v Sheffield Giants

London Blitz

Lines on the field were not straight and in one place a 5-yard line split into two. There were patches of standing water on the field.

Keith Wickham #423

19th September 2021 v London Warriors

London Blitz B

Game did not proceed due to multiple areas of standing water on the field. Goal posts at one end not straight.

Joseph Foxon #473

26th September 2021 v London Hornets

London Olympians

Well marked 90-yard field in white with other sports markings also in white. No team or coaching areas, no numbers, nine-yard marks, or three-yard try marks. Game start time was initially moved to 16:00 to 16:15 due to the late arrival of the away side.

Thunder was already audible prior to meeting with the coaches but a first visible lighting strike occurred at 15:55. This continued multiple times until 16:30 when the coaches mutually agreed to abandon the game before kick-off due to the availability of the field and the continued forecast for lighting in the area.

James Ford-Bannister #479

5th September 2021 v London Warriors

Manchester Titans

80-yard field. Team areas marked to pre-COVID dimensions. No numbers, nine-yard marks, or three-yard marks. Multiple lines for other sports in various colours.

John Roberts #145

5th September 2021 v Chester Romans

Northumberland Vikings

90-yard field. No nine-yard or three-yard marks. Team Areas had not been extended for COVID. Game was abandoned, at the request of the coaches in the fourth quarter with 6:11 running clock remaining, after a head and neck injury to a Darlington player, which required an ambulance. Kudos to the Vikings medical team and the Vikings staff who looked after the injured player for two hours until the ambulance arrived.

Roy Davis #44

19th September 2021 v Gateshead Senators

Nottingham Caesars

80-yard field with some wavy lines and some inconsistent distances between hash marks. No numbers or nine-yard marks.

Brian Yates #29

19th September 2021 v Scunthorpe Alphas

Nottingham Caesars (U19)

80-yard field with some wavy lines and some inconsistent distances between hash marks. No numbers, nine-yard marks, pylons, or yard line markers.

Brian Yates #29

5th September 2021 v Tamworth Phoenix

Sandwell Steelers

The goalposts were offset a short distance behind the end line. The field was otherwise well marked.

Paul Todd #289

5th September 2021 v Crewe Railroaders

Scunthorpe Alphas

90-yard field. Team areas were marked incorrectly but were extended with cones. At various points during the game it was noticed that the game ball pressure had decreased so needed reinflation by the home team.

David Hewitt #607

12th September 2021 v Northants Knights

Shropshire Revolution

Field marked in blue with white athletics markings also present. An additional solid line was also marked approximately ten yards from the actual sideline on one side of the field. There were several divots from athletics events but these had been filled with sand. Team areas marked to pre-COVID dimensions. Posts have a definite lean forward at one end of the field. With 3:00 remaining in the third quarter, the game was suspended for 70 minutes due to a serious injury to a Shropshire player. Plaudits to both teams in dealing with a difficult situation in a professional manner.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

5th September 2021 v Tamworth Phoenix

Solent Thrashers

There was no one available to lock the changing room so bags were placed in cars. No nine-yard marks. Cross bar encroaches approx. one yard into the end zone.

David Knight #135

5th September 2021 v Rushmoor Knights

South East Legion (U19)

Well marked 90-yard field in white with 8-yard end zones. Coaching line at twelve feet had been added but all other team area markings were absent. Numbers too small and at inconsistent depths. Hedge behind one set of goalposts from which balls could not be retrieved, so all kicks at goal were agreed to be at the other set of posts. Game suspended for 65 minutes with 11:39 remaining in the second quarter in order to treat a seriously ill player. Plaudits to both teams for the way they handled this difficult situation and the high levels of sportsmanship in the game in general.

Tim Ockendon #481

12th September 2021 v Wembley Stallions (U19)

South East Squadron

Goals were soccer goals with uprights attached. Only one side had both posts so all offensive plays took place towards that goal. Dog excrement had to be removed from the field prior to kick off. No parking available on site. Changing room was lockable however there was no separate toilet and too few coat hooks. Game stopped for four separate injury incidents, each lasting about four minutes. No 9 yard marks, no numbers, no 3 yard try line. Grass long, however playable.

Lee Wood #517

12th September 2021 v East Essex Sabres

South Lincolnshire Lightning

First home game for South Lincolnshire. Very well marked 90-yard field, although no team areas - so cones were used. Chain crew were generally slow and twice moved on a flagged play, which caused difficulty for the crew.

Joel Pearson #405

19th September 2021 v Northants Knights

South London Renegades (U19)

Well marked 90-yard field in white with other sports markings also in white. No team or coaching areas, no numbers, nine-yard marks, or three-yard try marks. One ball person was inattentive and went missing with a game ball prior to the senior game (he was later found).

James Ford-Bannister #479

5th September 2021 v Kent Exiles

Sussex Thunder

Well marked 90-yard field, except the end-line is marked too close to the perimeter fence, so another sport line is used.

This fixture was the second game of a double header, with the previous game finishing less than 20 minutes before the scheduled kick off time. Kick off was delayed to allow the officials adequate time to rest, and to brief the new chain crew. As the revised kick off time kicked off less than 3.5 hours before the facility closing time, rule 3-2-1 was applied and the playing time was reduced to 12-minute quarters. Injury to an official meant the crew setup differently in the second half.

Oliver Maskell #221

19th September 2021 v Rushmoor Knights

Sussex Thunderbolts

Well marked 90-yard field, except the end-line is marked too close to the perimeter fence, so another sport line is used. The game was suspended for 12 minutes in the third quarter, due to an injury to a Sussex player that required an ambulance.

Oliver Maskell #221

5th September 2021 v Essex Spartans

Wembley Stallions

With 7:30 remaining in the second quarter, the game was suspended due to lightning. With 2:31 remaining in the second quarter, the game was suspended for a second time due to lightning. During the second suspension, the 30 minute timer was reset three subsequent times due to lightning. After the third reset, and a discussion between the two coaching staffs, the game was abandoned.

Peter Parsons #321

5th September 2021 v London Hornets

Yorkshire Assassins (U19)

Short delay to kick off whilst awaiting the medic.

Liam Wooton #478

12th September 2021 v Sheffield Giants (U19)

Yorkshire Rams

Well marked field. Changing room is small for a crew of five.

Liam Wooton #478

12th September 2021 v Knottingley Raiders



New this week

Play: 4th & 10 at the A-25 yard line. Team A line up to punt the ball, A49 punts the ball and it is blocked by defender B94. The loose ball is recovered by B51 at the A-11 yard line. At the snap Team A had five players in the backfield.


Last week

Play: Inside the last minute of the first half. Team B are trailing. 1st & 10 at Team B's 20-yard line. A25 receives a handoff in the backfield and runs to Team B's 23-yard line where he throws a backwards pass to A9 who is running a reverse. The pass sails high which causes A9 to jump up at Team B's 27-yard line where he bats the ball forwards. The ball lands a few yards in front of A9 where B65 muffs the ball and it rolls across the sideline at Team B's 21-yard line. What is the next down, where will the ball next be snapped from? What Clock options do Team B have?

Ruling: The next down will be 1st down and will be snapped from Team B's 37-yard line. A9’s bat is illegal (9-4-2) and enforced as a basic spot foul (10-2-2-b, 10-2-2-c-1). This is a backward pass and not a fumble so the game clock will start on the snap (3-3-2-d-2). There is no runoff option as the backward pass was not to conserve time.


New this week

Game Situation: What are the 3 categories of Offensive Holding?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: The game is being played with a visible game clock, it is being officiated by a crew of 4. Which official(s) are responsible for ensuring the stadium clock has been correctly started or stopped?

Answer: On a crew of 4, ALL officials are responsible for checking that the Stadium clock is started and stopped correctly (M9.9.c.10.c, M10.9.d.7, M11.9.c.12).




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