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As we start to return to football I thought it pertinent to remind everyone of a few of our financial processes.

Firstly, there is a wealth of information on the BAFRA website to assist ‘White Hats’ in their preparation. These can be found here: Members - Gameday - Finance Area. You will find breakdowns of our typical game fees for Larger Crews, Crews with Rookies and Tournaments. If you have any additional queries after consulting this information, please email Finance.

Under Gameday you will also find the Pre-Paid Teams list. This list will indicate which teams are considered to be Pre-Paid for that weekend's fixtures. The list will be finalised on the Friday before Weekend Games and the status should reflect that. Referees are not to assume that teams are pre-paid. If they are not on the list they should be invoiced on the day. Should any disagreement arise please advise them to contact BAFRA Finance and record the details on the Crew Request for Payment form.

BAFRA regularly analyses the Travel Expenses data. Officials are reminded of the need to record accurate mileage etc even if there is no monetary claim being made. To this end, the Expenses Form in the Gameday Paperwork will become a mandatory form. Please also accurately record the BAFRA fee amount and how it is to be paid to BAFRA.

Finally, the matter of payment. If any officials have changed Bank Details in the last 18 months then they should contact Finance ASAP. We will endeavour to run a weekly Payment Run on the Weds/Thus of the week following a game. If the Referee has not submitted the paperwork in time, you will be paid in the following weeks run.

Stuart Tabberer - Director of Finance


A Yorkshire Academy Assassins player was disqualified from their game this week. However the disqualification has been cancelled after the calling official withdrew their report. The procedure for doing this is in BAFA Regulation 5.2.4 and is intended for use in rare cases when you see a video of the incident and realise you got it wrong. If that is ever the case, simply email me with the details, a copy of the video (or where to find it) and details of what the video shows and how that differs from your original report.

Ben Griffiths - BAFA Disciplinary Officer









New this week

Matthew Taylor


Sussex Thunder



With 13:00 remaining in the fourth quarter, after a tackle, #63 head butted his opponent whilst lying prone on top of them.

18th July 2021 v Solent Thrashers

Previous weeks

Alex Coatsworth


Darlington Steam



Immediately following a pass Darlington player #33 struck the Dumfries passer's head with his forearm.

4th July 2021 v Morecambe Bay Storm

Benjamin Collis


London Hornets



During the 4th quarter number 1 received a second unsportsmanlike penalty and was disqualified.

11th July 2021 v Oxford Saints & 18th July v Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Max Lee-Sang


Solent Thrashers



With 1:24 remaining in the third quarter, #17 was seen to forcibly lead with the crown of his helmet into the head/neck area of an opponent.

18th July 2021 v Sussex Thunder

*Mr Lee-Sang was disqualified while playing for the Bournemouth Bobcats, as he has transferred his suspension should be served with his new team’s next game.

Nate Webb


South Wales Warriors



After the game Mr Webb was charged and found guilty of committing 3 seperate Flagrant Fouls during a game.

25th July 2021 v Worcestershire Black Knights

8th August 2021 v Birmingham Bulls

15th August 2021 v Swindon Storm

Paul Ross


Clyde Valley Blackhawks



The player was seen to headbutt an opponent after the play was over

15th August 2021 v Dumfries Hunters

David Strachan


Inverclyde Goliaths



With approximately 4:30 left in the second quarter Mr Strachan was seen to headbutt and opponent.

15th August 2021 v East Kilbride Pirates

Sean Barnard


Maidstone Pumas



The player was abusive and threatening towards an official after being removed from the field for an equipment violation.

*The Maidstone Pumas are no longer active. If Mr Barnard has transferred to another team, he should serve his suspension in the first game for his new team.





New this week

Bournemouth Bobcats

No nine yard marks, team areas not marked according to COVID rules.

Oliver Maskell #221

4th July 2021 v Rushmoor Knights

Chorley Buccaneers (U19)

80-yard field with 8-yard end zones. Team areas marked with cones and spectators area marked with pylons.

Lee Taylor #183

18th July 2021 v Sheffield Giants

Cornwall Monarchs

80-yard field with markings that were just about passable after and during significant amounts of rain. Changing rooms were very small so we changed in shifts and held pregame outdoors away from the downpours.

Francis Bevan #474

4th July 2021 v Torbay Trojans

DC Presidents

Game played at Maiden Castle, well marked field, missing coaches and team areas & 3-yard marks.

Liam Wooton #478

18th July 2021 v Northumberland Vikings

Halton Spartans

10 yard end zones with a 5-yard line bisecting both.

Perry Wayman #504

4th July 2021 v Manchester Titans

Hertfordshire Cheetahs

The changing room is only adequate for 3 officials.

Pete Thom #200

25th July 2021 v London Hornets

Hertfordshire Cheetahs (U19)

The changing room is only adequate for 3 officials. Chain crew changed before the game began

Pete Thom #200

22nd August 2021 v SE Legion

Knottingley Raiders

There were no nine-yard marks or numbers. The try-down mark was on the 2-yard line at both ends. The teams areas had been marked correctly for a non-COVID affected game (i.e. between the 25 yards lines, with the coaching line at 6 feet and the players line at 12 feet). The start of the game was delayed for two reasons. Firstly a visiting team player injured his leg during warm-ups and it was not until 45 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time that he was moved from the field of play. Secondly the booked medical cover did not turn up and replacement medical cover had to be sought. The game kicked off 85 minutes late; with the mutual agreement of both Head Coaches the game was reduced to 10 minute quarters.

Ben Griffiths #228

15th August 2021 v Yorkshire Rams

Lancashire Wolverines

On arrival it was noted that the chain set was only nine yards in length, this was quickly rectified by the home team. There were no team areas or coaches boxes marked.

Lee Taylor #183

18th July 2021 v Halton Spartans

London Blitz B

Changing rooms are currently being rebuilt and we had some issues locking our valuables as the changing room was not lockable.

Viktor Janvari #63

18th July 2021 v Wembley Stallions

London Blitz (U16)

Field suffered from various divots and holes but anything dangerous was resolved by game management before any games started. Field marked using 11v11 lines with thin red lines where no existing lines were available. No official’s assistants.

James Ford-Bannister #479


South London Renegades (U19)

Poorly marked 90-yard field in blue with other sport markings in white and red. One end zone 9 yards and the other 7 yards. Line breadth less than half regulation size. No sideline hashmarks and those at inbounds lines were too long and never 1 yard apart. No team area markings, limit lines, numbers or 9-yard marks. Goals too wide with posts too short.

Tim Ockendon #481

25th July 2021 v Kent Exiles

Staffordshire Surge

Several divets in the field filled before kick-off.

Andrew Lovell #559

25th July 2021 v Shropshire Revolution

Sussex Thunder

One of the game balls provided had to be returned due to the incorrect pressure. Team replaced the ball on request. Chain broke a couple of times during the game. Other than these small incidents all was well.

David Knight #135

25th July 2021 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Outstanding items from previous weeks



New this week

Play: During Team warm-ups it is observed that the home team coaches are using radio head-sets to communicate to each other. The visiting team complains to the officials that they do not have radio head-sets and it is the home team’s responsibility to provide them and if they cannot provide them for both teams, the neither team’s coaches should be allowed to use radio head-sets.


Last week

Play: 2nd & 10 at the B-30 yard line. Quarterback A10 is in a shotgun formation. He muffs the backward pass from the snapper and the ball is picked up by A79 inside the tackle box. Under a heavy rush, A79 gets outside the tackle box and at the B-38 throws the ball incomplete beyond the line of scrimmage; there is no eligible receiver in the area.

Ruling: 3rd & 10 at the B-30. This is a legal play. A79 controlled the backward pass that resulted from the snap, therefore he is allowed to legally ground the ball under 7-3-2-h-exp. (AR7-3-2-X)


New this week

Game Situation: Midway through the 2nd quarter, a person arrives at the game site. They dress as a player wearing number 25. They enter the field of play and score a touchdown on Offense.

Before the Try, the Team B Head Coach takes a timeout to request a Head Coach’s conference, during which he asserts that A25 should not have been permitted to play as he had arrived late and not presented himself to the opposition side line.

A person matching the identity of A25 is listed on the roster under jersey number 25.

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: What are the five mandatory uses of intra-crew radios during a game?

Answer: M25.3

  • Foul Called, the Team and the offending player.
  • Relaying the game clock time & status.
  • Confirmation of the score after an extra point attempt, field goal or safety.
  • Instructing the crew to switch to onside kick positions.
  • Time remaining on play clock (when play-clock is being kept on the field but not by the Referee)




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