Issue 11/21                                                                                2nd April 2021

BAFRA Newsflash

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Thank you to all those who were able to attend and participate at the AGM.

A link to the recording of the Fourteenth Annual General Meeting of BAFRA can be found in the members’ area of the website here:

New Board Members

For those who were unable to attend, I am pleased to announce that Stuart Tabberer and Kieran Smith were elected as Directors of Finance and Recruitment respectively. The board wishes to thank Roger Brown and Ollie Maskell, who decided to stand down from their roles, for their work whilst on the Board. Both of the other Directors, whose term of office ended with the AGM, were re-appointed: Roger Goodgroves as Director of Operations and Steve Tonkinson as Director without Portfolio #2.

Richard Moger – General Secretary



New this week

Play: Play of the week will return when the exam period is over.


Last week

Play: Team A, 1st and 10 at the B-40. A68 lines up at Tight End. Quarterback A16 drops back to pass and A68 runs a pass route beyond the line of scrimmage. A16 throws the ball towards A68, Defensive End B51 is pass rushing and is in the offensive backfield at the B-45 yard line, he attempts to block the pass and he tips it with his hand. The ball continues in flight beyond the neutral zone where it is caught at the A68 at the B-32 yard line. A68 evades a tackle and advances the ball across Team B’s goal line.

Ruling: Touchdown. There are no fouls on this play. There is no foul for illegal touching by A68 as the forward pass was first touched by opponent B51 (7-3-11) and A68 is now eligible to catch a forward pass (7-3-5). There is no foul for ineligible downfield as the pass did not cross the neutral zone (7-3-10 & 2-19-3-a).


New this week

Game Situation: Play of the week will return when the exam period is over.

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: Team A, 4th and 30 at Midfield. Team A line up with two receivers on either side of the formation. Team B line up with 3 defensive linemen, all other defensive players are lined up near the line to gain. On a 7 man crew which official will key on the widest player on the press-box side of the formation at the snap?

Answer: No Official should. The immediate action after the snap is phase A of pass play coverage as there is no likelihood of physical contact between the receiver and a defender, there is no need to key on the widest player in the formation. (M16.2.1)

Once it is clear as to which area each receiver is running the officials should be in phase B of plass play coverage during which they cover receivers in their zone. (M16.2.2).




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BAFRA Board Meeting

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BAFRA Board Meeting

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BAFRA Board Meeting

BAFRA Directors


David Parsons

General Secretary

Richard Moger


Roger Brown


Roger Goodgroves


Ollie Maskell


James Ford-Bannister

Director without Portfolio #1

Peter Parsons

Director without Portfolio #2

Steve Tonkinson

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