Issue 09/21                                                                                18th March 2021

BAFRA Newsflash

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The Annual General Meeting of BAFRA Limited will be held virtually at 10:30am on Sunday 28th March 2021. Please note that the clocks are due to go forward an hour over the AGM weekend.

The AGM is open to all members. A full agenda and a link to register has been circulated to all members. If this has not reached you then please contact me. A useful how-to guide for the software platform being used to hold the AGM is available on the home page of the members area of the website.

If you wish to submit a question to the Board prior to the AGM, this needs to be sent to me by 21st March.

All Qualified Members should have received their ballot papers, if you have not please contact me as a matter of urgency. The closing date for ballot papers, for both the Director of Recruitment election and Appointment of the Company Accountants, is 21st March at 5pm.

Richard Moger – General Secretary



New this week

Play: 2nd & 8 at the B-15 yard line. With under a minute remaining in the 2nd quarter the clock is running. A77 commits a False Start, charging into B61. B61 slugs A77 in response. The clock is stopped with 7 seconds left in the period and neither team has any timeouts remaining.


Last week

Play: 4th & 20 at Midfield. Team A punt the ball. The ball bounces at the B-1 and then crosses the goal line; before the ball touches the ground in the end zone, gunner A34 stands with his feet in the field of play, reaches across the goal line and bats the ball backwards the ball bounces at the B-2 where it is recovered and downed by A44.

Ruling: 1st & 10 for Team B at the B-20. The result of the play is a touchback. Rule 9-4-1-c states it is a foul for an illegal bat if any player bats the ball in any direction if the ball is in the end zone, however there is an exception to this rule (6-3-11). If a scrimmage kick, untouched by Team B after crossing the neutral zone, is batted in Team B’s end zone by a player of Team A, it is a violation for illegal touching (6-3-2). The spot of the violation is Team B’s 20-yard line. This is a special case of batting in the end zone and is not a foul.


New this week

Game Situation: 1st and 10 at Midfield, Team A have been running a high temp offense all game. Team A completes a long pass and the ball carrier is tackled in bounds at the B-15. The Umpire places the ball at the succeeding spot, and backs away to his position. Team A, snap the ball.

All officials are in position, however the down box is still moving and is approximately at the B-17 yard line when the snap occurs, the chains are still at the B-30 yard line when the snap occurs.

How should the officials react?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: On a 5 man crew, what fouls should be recorded (in writing) by which officials?

What details of the fouls should be recorded?

Answer: (M5.12.1) All officials should record all the fouls they call, all fouls that involve a disqualification and all Unsportsmanlike fouls. (M5.12.2) On a 5 man crew the Line Judge should record all fouls called by all members of the crew.

The following details of fouls should be recorded:

  • Time & Quarter
  • Player’s Number and Team
  • The foul committed
  • Whether the penalty is accepted, declined, canceled, offset or picked up/waved off.




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