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BAFRA Newsflash

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The Annual General Meeting of BAFRA Limited will be held virtually at 10:30am on Sunday 28th March 2021. It is open to all members. A full agenda and a link to register has been circulated to all members. If this has not reached you then please contact me. A useful how to guide for the software platform being used to hold the AGM is available on the home page of the members area of the website.

If you wish to submit a question to the Board prior to the AGM, this needs to be sent to me by 21st March.

I can confirm the following nominations have been received for the four posts up for election at this year’s AGM:

Director of Finance

Director of Operations

Director without Portfolio #2

As these were the only nominations received for these posts, as per our regulations, these three members are duly elected unopposed.

Director of Recruitment

As there has been more than one nomination received this will now go to a vote of Qualified Members. All Qualified Members should have received their ballot papers for this at the weekend, if you have not please contact me. The closing date for ballot papers to be submitted is 21st March at 5pm.

Richard Moger – General Secretary


I am proud to announce that, after months of development and testing, BAFRA is set to launch our inaugural Online Induction Training Programme for new Associate Members on their path to Qualified Status.

The updated Induction Training Manual consists of six modules. Each module will be taught as a session of approximately 1h30-2h and there will be one session per week for six weeks. The sessions will be taught by different module specialists from across BAFRA, whilst allocated mentors will continue to be the first point of support and may attend sessions to support their rookie. This will create a clear and defined path for new Associate Members to achieve Competent Associate status so they can take the field and move toward qualified status.

Information pertaining to this training and the annual calendar will be published on the BAFRA Website under “How to Join” -

James Ford-Bannister - Director of Training



New this week

Play: On a correctly marked 100 yard field, how many hash marks are there?


Last week

Play: The score is A17-B20. Neither team has any timeouts. During the previous play, A22 wss tackled inbounds at the B-4 making it A 4th and Goal at the B-4. 0:13 remain in the 4th quarter when A22 is tackled. Team A rushes the field goal team onto the field. Team B attempts to match the substitution, but B76, the 12th player, is two steps from the sideline in an attempt to get off the field. Team A’s field goal is good as time expires. Team B’s head coach is upset that he was not given an opportunity to substitute and throws his headset onto the field.

Ruling: Team B is properly not given an opportunity to match up for a last second field goal attempt (AR 3-5-2-VIII).  Illegal substitution against Team B (3-5-2 live ball foul).  Dead Ball Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Team B’s coach, his first of the game (9-2-1-a-1). Team A has two options and both should be presented to the Team A Head Coach.

Option 1 - Decline Team B’s illegal substitution foul, accept the score, and enforce Team B’s Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty in the 1st series of overtime.  Depending on who wins the toss it will either be 1st & 10 12 ½ or 1st  & 10 at the 40.

Option 2 - Accept both the illegal substitution foul and the Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Team B, negate the score, and have an untimed down A -1st & Goal at B1 (3-2-3-a-1).


New this week

Game Situation: On a 5 man crew, Team A take a timeout. Both teams huddle near their respective sidelines. Team B is on the press-box sideline.

The Umpire informs the crew that the timeout is nearing its end and the wing officials on both sidelines encourage their respective teams to return to the field. Team A return to the field. The Line Judge has been reminding Team B that the timeout is expiring and they should return to the field, but they are still huddling around a Coach.

The timeout expires and the ball is declared ready for play. Team A are ready and in position for their next offensive play, Team B are not.

How should the officials react?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: On a normal scrimmage down team A line up in an I-formation with 5 linemen numbered 50 through 79, and 3 receivers.  A wide and a slot receiver line up on the Line Judge's side of the field.  The wide receiver indicates to the Line Judge that he is on the line, the slot receiver makes no signal to the official and it is not clear if he is lined up on or off the line of scrimmage.  Team A run a pass play, all receivers run patterns more than 3 yards down field and the QB throws a legal forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage.  Ruling?

Answer: No player should ever be ruled as being neither on or off the line – if in doubt consider him to be in a position to make things most legal.  The covering official should rule the slot receiver off the line to make the play legal, there is no foul for ineligible downfield during the pass.  It might be advisable to talk to the player or his coach to let him know he should establish his position with respect to the line of scrimmage more clearly.  M3.4.1.d




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BAFRA Board Meeting

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BAFRA Board Meeting

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James Ford-Bannister

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Steve Tonkinson

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