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BAFRA Newsflash

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This is an advance notice regarding the election to the BAFRA Limited Board of Directors which will take place at this year’s AGM.

Four posts are due for election this year:

In the case of two of the posts, Director of Operations and Director without Portfolio #2 the present incumbent has indicated that they will be seeking re-election.

Formal notification and requests for nominations for all four posts will be circulated in mid-February in accordance with our Regulations. However, please consider if you would wish to stand for any of the four posts and feel free to contact me (or any other director) about what the posts entail so that you are in a position to make an informed decision when nominations open.

Richard Moger – General Secretary




New this week

Play: 1st and 10 from Team B’s 15-yard line. There is less than 1 minute remaining in the fourth quarter and Team A are trailing by 4 points with no timeouts remaining. Quarterback A1 is in shotgun formation and the clock is running. A53 snaps the ball high. A1 leaps into the air, grasps the ball and, while still airborne, throws the ball forwards towards the ground to stop the clock. The ball hits A53 in the back, then bounces on the ground and into the hands of B56 who is kneeling on the ground at Team B’s 17-yard line.


Last week

Play: 4th & 3 at the B-43 yard line. There are 33 seconds remaining in the game, Team B have one timeout remaining. The game is being played with a Video Judge. Team A attempts a forward pass which is ruled complete at the B-39 yard line, with the ball carrier being tackled inbounds. The Team B Head Coach takes a timeout and requests that the play be reviewed as he believes the pass was incomplete.

After review the Video Judge determines that the pass was not caught and should have been ruled incomplete, however he observes that Team B had 12 players on the field during the down. Ruling?

Ruling: 1st & 10 at the B-38 yard line. The game clock will start on the snap. The Team B Head Coach retains timeout and his ability to request a review.

While undertaking a review of a particular aspect of a play, it is perfectly acceptable for other aspects to come under consideration. A review can consider any aspect of the play for which the game was stopped (M24.5.10). As the on-field ruling has been changed, Team B is not charged with a timeout and Team B’s Head Coach retains his privilege to request a review. (12-2-1-b-1)


New this week

Game Situation: A34 is leaving the field as part of a substitution.  The player is 6 yards from his sideline when he removes his helmet, he then walks slowly into his team area.  Ruling?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: On a 5 man crew, Team A take a timeout. Both teams huddle near their respective sidelines. Team B is on the press-box sideline.

The Umpire informs the crew that the timeout is nearing its end and the wing officials on both sidelines encourage their respective teams to return to the field. Team A return to the field. The Line Judge has been reminding Team B that the timeout is expiring and they should return to the field, but they are still huddling around a Coach.

The timeout expires and the ball is declared ready for play. Team A are ready and in position for their next offensive play, Team B are not.

How should the officials react?

Answer: If no players from Team B are ready to play when Team A is set to snap the ball following a timeout, penalise Team B for delay of game. Do not give Team A a free play (M3.4.1.c). The officials on the sideline are responsible for ensuring that the captain or coach of the team knows that the timeout is about to end (M3.4.1.c & M17.1.9.c).




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