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It is with great sadness that I received an email from Mary, Roger’s wife, informing me that Roger had passed away suddenly at home just after Christmas 2019.

Many of our longer-serving members will remember Roger who was an Essex-based official up until 2007.  He served as General Secretary for a number of years and was of great assistance to me when I took over from him in October 2007, even though he ceased to be a member.  He was editor of Newsflash for many years and also served on the Examination Committee for nearly 10 years (as its chair for three or four years).  I can remember venturing into darkest Essex for Exam Committee meetings at his house where we were always well looked after.

Our condolences go to Mary and the rest of Roger’s family. He will be fondly remembered for his time as a BAFRA official.

Paul Sutton – Assistant General Secretary




New this week

Play: 4th & 3 at the B-43 yard line. There are 33 seconds remaining in the game, Team B have one timeout remaining. The game is being played with a Video Judge. Team A attempts a forward pass which is ruled complete at the B-39 yard line, with the ball carrier being tackled inbounds. The Team B Head Coach takes a timeout and requests that the play be reviewed as he believes the pass was incomplete.

After review the Video Judge determines that the pass was not caught and should have been ruled incomplete, however he observes that Team B had 12 players on the field during the down. Ruling?


Last week

Play: Team A, 4th and 7 at the A-8.  Punter A85 receives the snap and runs to his right. At the A-6, A85 kicks the ball, which bounds along the ground to the B-48 where it is fielded by B1, who returns it to the B-49 where he is tackled by A19. During the kick, A19 steps out of bounds on his own at the A-17.

Ruling: Either, Team B’s Ball - 1st and 10 at the A-46 or Team A’s Ball - 4th and 11 at the A-4. A19 commits a foul for stepping out of bounds on his own during a legal kick down and is by rule prevented from returning inbounds (6-3-12). Team B has the option to enforce this foul from the succeeding spot or from the previous spot (6-3-13). The clock will start on the snap following the legal kick (3-3-2-d-8).


New this week

Game Situation: On a 5 man crew, Team A take a timeout. Both teams huddle near their respective sidelines. Team B is on the press-box sideline.

The Umpire informs the crew that the timeout is nearing its end and the wing officials on both sidelines encourage their respective teams to return to the field. Team A return to the field. The Line Judge has been reminding Team B that the timeout is expiring and they should return to the field, but they are still huddling around a Coach.

The timeout expires and the ball is declared ready for play. Team A are ready and in position for their next offensive play, Team B are not.

How should the officials react?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: On which side of the field should a referee on a 4 man crew position himself before a scrimmage kick play?  How does his position need to vary between a 4 and a 5 man crew?

Answer: On a 4 man crew the referee should take up a position deeper and wider than the kicker on the Line Judge's side of the field.  On a 5 man crew the referee should do this only on field goal attempts where the Line Judge is behind the goal posts.  When the Line Judge remains on the line of scrimmage the referee should adjust his position based on the kicker's foot (M9.7.b.2 & M9.8.b.1).




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