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Richard Moger – General Secretary




New this week

Play: Inside the last minute of the first half. Team B are trailing. 1st & 10 at Team B's 20-yard line. A25 receives a handoff in the backfield and runs to Team B's 23-yard line where he throws a backwards pass to A9 who is running a reverse. The pass sails high which causes A9 to jump up at Team B's 27-yard line where he bats the ball forwards. The ball lands a few yards in front of A9 where B65 muffs the ball and it rolls across the sideline at Team B's 21-yard line. What is the next down, where will the ball next be snapped from? What Clock options do Team B have?


Last week

Play: Team A’s 1st & 10 at the B-25. During the first possession series of Overtime, Quarterback A12 throws a forward pass to A1 at the B-5. B1 intercepts the pass at the B-5 and returns it for an apparent touchdown. The Head Linseman has a flag down for an illegal formation by Team A and the Umpire has a flag down for a block below the waist by B2 at the A-20 during B1’s run.

Ruling: No score for Team B. The fouls will offset and the down is not replayed. Team A’s possession series is over and Team B will snap the ball at the 25 (3-1-3-g-2 and 3-1-3-g-3).


New this week

Game Situation: Midway through the 2nd quarter, a person arrives at the game site. They dress as a player wearing number 25. They enter the field of play and score a touchdown on Offense.

Before the Try, the Team B Head Coach takes a timeout to request a Head Coach’s conference, during which he asserts that A25 should not have been permitted to play as he had arrived late and not presented himself to the opposition side line.

A person matching the identity of A25 is listed on the roster under jersey number 25.

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: Player A34 is in position to catch a forward pass near the sideline.  He jumps to catch the ball and comes down with it either in or out of bounds.  How should a covering wing official watch the play in order to ensure the best possible coverage of the action?  (4 man crew).

Answer: M11.4.c.1.  A wing official should watch a player's feet first when an airborne player attempts to catch a ball close to the sideline.  If the player lands in bounds, the official should then look to the player's hands to see if he had control.  If the official looks at his hands first he may miss the instant when his feet first touch the ground.  The same mechanics are true of large crews, but when working larger crews officials should attempt to establish eye-contact with their sideline colleague before ruling on the pass.




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