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The BAFRA Board is pleased to announce that, following receipt of a nomination from Steve Tonkinson, Paul Sutton has been awarded honorary membership of BAFRA by unanimous vote of the Board. Honorary membership is the highest award that BAFRA can bestow on an existing member and this is only the fourth such award this century.

The award was made in recognition of Paul’s long and selfless service to both BAFRA and to football in Britain in general. Since joining BAFRA in the late 1980’s he has taken on many roles such as Scheduling Officer for the North from 1994 to 2001, Processing Game Day Paperwork from 1999 (and still does this today). Initially to support the Director of Finance by sorting out travel expenses but more recently collating data for the Selection Committee

He has been a member of the Rules and Mechanics Committee and the Examination Committee since the mid-1990’s. For about 10 years of that time as Examination Committee Chair. Both roles are ongoing.

Elected as BAFRA General Secretary from 1st October 2007 (with BAFRA becoming a Company Limited by Guarantee from 3rd October that year) until standing down on 30th April 2020. Spent much of that role in professionalising BAFRA’s administration including setting up a suite of policies to meet current legislation and ensuring these are reviewed on a regular basis.

Has for several years assisted the Director without Portfolio #2 in trying to build a history of BAFRA. Initially set-up BAFRA’s social media presence which was then handed over to a newly established media team.

The award takes place with immediate effect and will be marked with a formal presentation at the 2021 AGM.  Full details of honorary membership may be found on the BAFRA website at:

A full list of all honorary members may be found at:

Davie Parsons - BAFRA President


The minutes of the latest Board Meeting can be found here:

Richard Moger - General Secretary




New this week

Play: During the first possession series of extra-periods B37 intercepts a forward pass and has a clear field to the goalline when he makes an obscene gesture toward the nearest opponent.


Last week

Play: 3rd & 10 at Team A's 4-yard line. A25 carries the ball to Team A's 2-yard line and fumbles the ball which is recovered by B13 at Team A's 6-yard line. B13 then fumbles the ball at Team A's 3-yard line and the ball rolls into Team A's end zone and across Team A's end line.
When will the game clock next start?

Ruling:  The game clock will start on the next ready for play. The result of the play is a touchback as Team B are responsible for the ball being dead behind team A’s endzone (8-7-2-a, 8-7-1, 8-6-1-a). Clock starts on the ready as per 3-3-2-d-1 as Team A are next to snap the ball after the Touchback.


New this week

Game Situation: Team A 3rd & 5 at Midfield. Tight End A83 is lined up to the left of the formation. Defensive End B91 lines up immediately opposite A83

Team A attempts a sweep to the right hand side of the field. A83 charges takes one step forward and attempts to block B91. A83 is out of position and blocks B91 in the back.

Running back A25 gains 6 yards before he is pushed out of bounds at the B-44 yard line.

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: One a 4 man crew, Player A34 is in position to catch a forward pass near the sideline.  He jumps to catch the ball and comes down with it either in or out of bounds.  How should a covering wing official watch the play in order to ensure the best possible coverage of the action?

Answer: M11.4.c.1.  A wing official should watch a player's feet first when an airborne player attempts to catch a ball close to the sideline.  If the player lands in bounds, the official should then look to the player's hands to see if he had control.  If the official looks at his hands first he may miss the instant when his feet first touch the ground.  The same mechanics are true of large crews, but when working larger crews officials should attempt to establish eye-contact with their sideline colleague before ruling on the pass.




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