Issue 21/20                                                                                22nd July 2020

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Congratulations to Andy Davis on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified.

Thanks to Ian Wainwright and all those who are helping with Andy's training.

James Ford-Bannister - Director of Training




New this week

Play: 3rd & 10 at Team A's 4-yard line. A25 carries the ball to Team A's 2-yard line and fumbles the ball which is recovered by B13 at Team A's 6-yard line. B13 then fumbles the ball at Team A's 3-yard line and the ball rolls into Team A's end zone and across Team A's end line.
When will the game clock next start?


Last week

Play: 2nd & 8 at Team’s B 40-yard line. 1:56 remains in the second quarter. A66 snaps the ball high to quarterback A10 who has to jump to control the snap. Whilst still airborne at Team B’s 45-yard line, A10 pitches the ball forwards to A88 who has run across the front of A10. A88 runs wide to the right and runs out of bounds at Team B’s 30-yard line. During A88’s run, B24 blocks A73 below the waist 6 yards beyond the neutral zone.

What is the next down and distance. When will the clock start?

Ruling:  2nd and 8 at the B 40 Yard Line. The game clock will start on the snap.

The pitch by A10 is an illegal forward bat. This is because he never gains possession of the ball due to being airborne and the snap is a backwards pass. B24’s block is illegal as it is beyond 5 yards from the Neutral zone. The penalties offset. The run ended out of bounds so the game clock will start on the snap inside 2 minutes of the half.

(2-19-2, 2-4-1-a, 2-11-3, 9-4-2, 9-1-6-b-1, 10-1-4, 3-3-2-d-2)


New this week

Game Situation: One a 4 man crew, Player A34 is in position to catch a forward pass near the sideline.  He jumps to catch the ball and comes down with it either in or out of bounds.  How should a covering wing official watch the play in order to ensure the best possible coverage of the action?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: On a crew of 8, the widest player in the offensive formation on the press-box side of the field is A9. A81 is stood inside A9. There are no other players on the press-box side of the formation. A81 goes in motion towards the press box side line and is the widest player at the snap. which official should key on A81?

Answer: The Field Judge should key on the widest player even if he is in motion. (M16.6.1.a).




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