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The BAFRA Selection Committee is pleased to announce that the following officials have been selected to serve for the next year on the BAFRA Elite Programme (BEP):  

Please join with the Selection Committee and Directors in congratulating these officials on their appointment to the BAFRA Elite Programme.

Roger Goodgroves - Director of Operations




New this week

Play: A goal-line pylon is lying diagonally inbounds, with its base still partially in its normal position. The ball carrier dives towards it and the ball touches the nearest point of the pylon (which is about 12 inches short of the goal line) before the player flies over the pylon and first touches the ground in the end zone. Ruling?


Last week

Play: Fourth and three at the B-7, A20 fumbles the ball at the B-5 and the bouncing ball is batted towards B’s end line at the B-3 by B40. The ball is recovered in the end zone by A23.

Ruling:  Team A should not benefit from a fourth-down forward fumble, so when A23 recovers it, it is returned to the spot of the fumble. B’s ball at the B-5. The bat is legal so can be ignored. (AR7-2-4-III)


New this week

Game Situation: On a five man crew, when a running play goes to the opposite side of the field, what should a Wing Official do?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: 1st and 10 at the A40, team A run an option play.  While under pressure at the A35 quarterback A3 throws a backwards pass to A20, who muffs the ball at the A30.  The ball then bounces on the ground and goes out of bounds at the A32.  How should the covering officials make use of bean bags to indicate spots of interest in this play?

Answer: A covering official should not use beanbags to mark the spot of any backward pass or muff in the backfield (M21.2.2.f).  This is because possible enforcement spots include the previous spot or the spot of the foul, but not the end of the related run.  Since the ball went out of bounds following a backward pass, the ball will next be put in play by team A at the A32, 2nd and 18. (7-2-4-a)




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