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Applicants for the Elite Panel (see below note from Roger), please save the dates 15th July & 5th August. Keith, the Elite Programme Coordinator, will be organising two training evenings for the new panel starting at 7PM.

Details are currently being finalised and the details will be sent to the new panel when they are appointed. The sessions will be recorded and circulated for the benefit of all members soon afterwards, as we have done with the Elite Video Review sessions.

James Ford-Bannister  - Director of Training


With the conclusion of the Annual Examination period, the process of selecting the members of the BEP can commence. Should you wish to be considered, then you must apply in writing to me at

The closing date for applications is 5pm Saturday 20th June 2020.

Applications will only be considered from Qualified BAFRA members who meet specific criteria. Full details of the criteria can be found in the Elite Programme Policy in Section 6 of the Members' Handbook.

Also, as part of the criteria includes your rating on the Selection Spreadsheet, which must be 80% or above, I would also recommend you read the Scheduling and Selection Policy which can be found in Section 5 of the Members Handbook. If you wish to know your current rating on the Selection Spreadsheet before making your decision on whether or not to apply, please send an email to as soon as possible to request your current score.  Before I can respond with your score the results of the exam need to be collated.

If it is your intention to apply then I would recommend that you read the documents in full. If you are considering applying and would like an informal discussion please contact me.

Roger Goodgroves - Director of Operations



New this week

Play: Fourth and three at the B-7, A20 fumbles the ball at the B-5 and the bouncing ball is batted towards B’s end line at the B-3 by B40. The ball is recovered in the end zone by A23.


Last week

Play: 4th & 3 at the B-43 yard line. There are 33 seconds remaining in the game, Team B have one timeout remaining. The game is being played with a Video Judge. Team A attempts a forward pass which is ruled complete at the B-39 yard line, with the ball carrier being tackled inbounds. The Team B Head Coach takes a timeout and requests that the play be reviewed as he believes the pass was incomplete.

After review the Video Judge determines that the pass was not caught and should have been ruled incomplete, however he observes that Team B had 12 players on the field during the down. Ruling?

Ruling:  1st & 10 at the B-38 yard line. The game clock will start on the snap. The Team B Head Coach retains timeout and his ability to request a review.

While undertaking a review of a particular aspect of a play, it is perfectly acceptable for other aspects to come under consideration. A review can consider any aspect of the play for which the game was stopped (M24.5.10). As the on-field ruling has been changed, Team B is not charged with a timeout and Team B’s Head Coach does not have his privilege to request a review revoked. (12-2-1-b-1).


New this week

Game Situation: 1st and 10 at the A40, team A run an option play.  While under pressure at the A35 quarterback A3 throws a backwards pass to A20, who muffs the ball at the A30.  The ball then bounces on the ground and goes out of bounds at the A32.  How should the covering officials make use of bean bags to indicate spots of interest in this play?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: If there is no visible game clock, when is it mandatory for the on-field timekeeper to relay the game clock via the crew radios?

Answer: Every time the game clock

stops in the last two minutes of each half it is mandatory for the on field timekeeper to relay the time remaining if there is no visible game clock. This information should be relayed to the Head Coach of each team and the on-field captain of each team (M25.3.1.d.ii) (3-3-8-c).




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