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A former member (who only worked a few games as an associate) has contacted me saying that he has kit for sale.


The email read as follows:


“I won’t be able to renew as circumstances changed and I can’t commit to it. I do however have some kit and accessories that I got from Honigs that might be useful to someone.


I have:

1 x Medium short sleeve top (2inch stripes)

1 x Medium long sleeve top (2 inch stripes)

1 x 34inch waist trousers

1 x small/medium hat



3 x penalty flags

2 x wrist down markers

1 x bean bag

1 x chain marker

1 x neck whistle

1 x finger whistle


I didn't manage many games so they are in as new condition. If you know of anyone that would be interested I can package up and ship for £75? Alternatively could break up.”


If anyone is interested in this, please contact me and I will pass your details to the person concerned.

Paul Sutton – General Secretary










New this week

Theone Coleman


Brighton Panthers



With 11:03 remaining in the fourth quarter, #1 was seen to lead with the crown of the helmet against a defenceless opponent.

17th Nov 2019 v Portsmouth Destroyers

Paul Dantinne


QMBL Vipers



With 11:45 remaining in the third quarter, during a Free Kick Return, #2 was seen to launch and make forcible contact to the head/neck area to a defenceless opponent.

24th Nov 2019 v Kent Falcons

Aiden Kennedy


Sunderland Spartans



The player received his first Unsportsmanlike foul in the first quarter for high stepping into the end zone. He then received a second Unsportsmanlike in the second quarter for taunting.

17th Nov 2019 v York St. John Jaguars

Cameron Smith


UWS Pyros        



At the end of a play #21was seen to punch an opposition player whilst both players were on the ground..

17th Nov 2019 v Teesside Cougars

Previous weeks

Jack Stodel


UCLan Rams



With 1:40 remaining in the game #82 was heard to use foul and abusive language towards an opponent. Then with 0:54 remaining he was heard again to use foul and abusive language towards an opponent drawing the second foul. This led to some pushing and shoving from both teams at which point the officials called time on the game.

17th Nov 2019 v Leeds Gryphons





New this week

Bath Killer Bees

90 yard field. Reasonably well marked. No team areas present, marked with Cones. Three-yard marks incorrectly placed at two yards. Due to a building site at one end preventing ball retrieval, one-goal mechanics were used at the agreement of both Head Coaches.

Stuart Tabberer #348

24th Nov 2019 v Southampton Stags

Bradford Bears

The 90 yard field was marked in red with no coaching/player areas marked, however these areas were marked with cones prior to KO. There are faint white hash marks five-yards inside each end-zone, no three-yard marks or limit lines. There are no goal posts at either end. The three balls presented were old and worn. One deflated and burst when trying to inflate it to the correct pressure. A replacement ball was not available but the away team supplied one nearly new ball for the game. Two chain crew assistants were replaced at half time.

Chris Jarvis #10

15th Dec 2019 vs MMU Eagles

Brighton Panthers

Well marked 100-yard field in blue with other sport markings in white and yellow. No limit lines or numbers and team areas marked with cones. Goals set back about three-yards from end line and lashed to fence surrounding field. Chain too long fixed by Linesman prior to kickoff. Game Balls were all in excellent condition but overinflated. Game suspended for 33 minutes with 6.48 remaining in the thirrd quarter to treat a player with a neck injury.

Tim Ockendon #481

24th November 2019 v Royal Holloway Bears

Edinburgh Predators

No coaching area, cones were used to mark the area on both sides. Field markings were faint and with the floodlights on were increasingly difficult to see.

Gordon Galloway #7

1st Dec 2019 v Hull Sharks

Greenwich Mariners

Game was abandoned with 50 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter due to a seriously injured Greenwich player. Generally well marked 90 yard field but no nine-yard marks. Field markings in blue with other sports in different colours.

Henry Young #486

17th Nov 2019 v City Wolfpack

Keele Crusaders

Keele advised Referee that game was cancelled less than 24 hours prior to KO.

Andrew Lovell #559

24th Nov 2019 v Huddersfield Hawks

Liverpool Raptors

No team or coaches areas. No three-yard marks, no nine-yard marks or numbers.

John Roberts #145

17th Nov 2019 v MMU Eagles


No team or coaches areas. No three-yard marks, no nine-yard marks or numbers.

John Roberts #145

1st Dec 2019 v Sheffield Hallam Warriors.

MMU Eagles

90 yard field marked in blue, no coaching or players boxes marked

Lee Taylor #183

26th Jan 2020 v Aberystwyth Tarannau

Nottingham Outlaws

90 yard field with yellow markings, goal posts are fixed to the perimeter fence.

Ian Wainwright #567

15th Dec v Coventry Jets

NTU Renegades

90 yard field. Team area shorter than it should be. Changing room not locked.

Paul Todd #289

23th Nov 2019 v Warwick Wolves

QMBL Vipers

Field was originally marked with five-yard endzones, This was corrected, prior to the arrival of officials, to a 90-yard field with ten-yard endzones but with yard marks and three-yard marks inside the endzone. Field markings in blue with other sport markings in white. No nine-yard marks, numbers or limit lines. Team areas marked with cones. Chain broke twice during game and chain did not respond well to HL's instructions. Ball supplied were from previous season and worn but in reasonable condition and correct pressure.

James Ford-Bannister #479

1st Dec v Brunel Burners

Reading Knights

Excellent field markings, a credit to the ground crew. Some holes in the field had been filled (and compacted) with sand and there were some other sporting markings in blue. Consistent rain during the game did cause the surface to tear up and become boggy by the end of the game.

James Ford-Bannister #479

30th Nov 2019 v Brighton Panthers

Sheffield Hallam Warriors

80 yard field. No nine-yard marks or numbers. Team areas not marked but these were made using cones and other sports markings.Game management were asked to remove a spectator who was abusive to an official.

David Hewitt #607

24th Nov 2019 v UCLan Rams

Staffordshire Stallions

Changing rooms small, only one chair and only one coat hook.

Andrew Lovell #559

1st Dec 2019 v Leicester Longhorn

Stirling Clansmen

Due to ongoing construction, temporary changing room made available which had plenty of room and all necessary facilities. Both teams wore dark uniforms (Stirling green and Leeds black) but enough difference to not cause a major clash.

Shawn Sombati #15

24th Nov 2019 v Coventry Jets

UWS Pyros

Coaching and team areas were not marked out so had to be marked with cones.

Ian Sneddon #427

26th Jan 2020 v York Centurions

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Bristol Barracuda

100 yard field with Rubber Crumb surface. Hash marks difficult to judge. Chain crew changed 1 minute prior to kick off, which led to a short delay of game for a few minutes

Richard Madge #485

8th Dec 2019 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Canterbury Chargers

Well marked 90 yard Rubber Crumb field marked in blue with other sport markings in white, yellow & red. No limit lines, numbers or nine yard marks. Eight yard end zones and coaching line at incorrect depth. Changing room was not lockable and not available on arrival - due to being used by players. Home team only had 2 legal game balls. A third was provided by the away team but all were under-inflated. Chain crew were provided late and were still being trained at scheduled Kick Off time.

Tim Ockendon #481

24th Nov 2019 v Greenwich Mariners

Chester Legion

The field was originally marked as 100 yards with 5 yard end zones. This was shortened to 90 yards to create 10 yard end zones. Changing area very small - even for four officials.

Tim Vickers #129

24th Nov 2019 v Staffordshire Stallions

Kent Falcons

No limit lines or nine yard marks. 4G field with other sports markings in different colours. American football markings are quite faded. Due to other events, the changing rooms were not available until 1 hour before Kick Off.

Henry Young #486

17th Nov 2019 v Essex Blades

Leeds Gryphons

80yd field. No nine yard marks or numbers. Team areas were missing but these were made using cones. The chain set required repair prior to kick off.

David Hewitt #607

17th Nov 2019 v UCLan Rams

Northumbria Mustangs

No nine yard marks or numbers. Missing player’s box. One ball seemed to deflate during the game and was replaced. 20 minute delay due to player injury in 3rd quarter.

Daniel Johnston #347

24th Nov 2019 v Edinburgh Predators

Southampton Stags

Goals are attached to a fence approximately 2 yards behind the end lines. Game balls had to be returned to be reinflated. Great game played by two teams in the correct spirit of the game.

David Knight #135

1st Dec 2019 v Cardiff Cobras

UCLan Rams

Well marked 100 yard field in blue, although there were no coaches or players boxes. With 0:54 remaining in the game, following a large number of Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls and with the agreement of both coaches, the Referee called time on the game - as some of the home team players appeared to take the loss very hard and the officials felt this could have led to a potential unsafe playing environment

Lee Taylor #183

1st Dec 2019 v Sheffield Sabres

UWE Bullets

No limit lines. Coaching box is fully marked but team area does not have lines at the side or back of it. The officials changing rooms are too small for a crew of 5.

Peter Parsons #321

26th Jan 2020 v UEA Pirates

UWE Bullets 2nd Team

No limit lines. Coaching box is fully marked but team area does not have lines at the side or back of it. The officials changing rooms are too small for a crew of 5.

Peter Parsons #321

2nd Feb 2020 v Bristol Barracuda



New this week

Play: 1st and 10 midfield, A32 runs for 15 yards and gains a first down. At the end of the play, A54 is penalised for a dead ball personal foul. A78 and B98 are then each penalised for unsportsmanlike conduct fouls before A54’s penalty can be completed.


Last week

Play: 1st and 10 at Team A’s 20-yard line. The snap goes to A4, who completes a quick pass to A81. A81 is then running in the open field before B20 tackles him by launching himself, leaving his feet in an upward direction and making forcible contact with his shoulder against A81’s head. Ruling?

Ruling: This is not Targeting as A81 is not a defenceless player. (9-1-4, 2-27-14)


New this week

Game Situation: Name the 6 categories of Defensive Pass Interference.

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: Ball relay.  On a 4 man crew the wing official will almost always be covering a dead ball spot near the sidelines.  How should the Referee and Umpire work together to ensuring that a ball be brought quickly into the new inbounds spot.

Answer: M5.8.7.a  The Referee and Umpire share the roles of retriever and spotter, with whomever is nearer the ball being the retriever (obtaining a ball from a ball person or player) and the other being the spotter (placing the ball at the inbounds spot).




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