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We are now in the renewal period which runs to 31st October. Whilst it is possible to rejoin after that date, most of the fees are higher from 1st November.

As colleagues in Operations need to schedule members to the opening weeks of the BUCS season with confidence, it would be helpful if members renew sooner rather than later.

We are getting a small number of members who are sending payment without the form. This is causing delays in processing those memberships. There are also a small number of people who have returned the form saying they will pay electronically but have yet to do so. Please assist Finance colleagues by not leaving too big a gap between the two events.

As always, there is an annual survey of membership that goes along with the renewal process which you are requested to complete. Information gathered from this exercise is used to inform BAFRA policy going forwards.

Thank you to those who have already renewed. As of 7:00pm on Tuesday 22nd October, 114 members had renewed.

I will write directly to active officials who have not renewed by the end of this week (or have not been in touch) in an attempt to elicit their intentions. I will also be sending the Director of Operations a full list of those not renewed. Such people will not be scheduled for games after 10th November unless and until their renewal is received

Following guidance from the Data Protection and Compliance Officer, I will not be publishing an ongoing list of renewals in Newsflash. Instead, I will be sending a weekly list to members only via email.

In the unlikely event that you are not renewing, please let me know (with your reasons if you wish to share them).

Paul Sutton – General Secretary










New this week

Previous weeks

The Following Suspensions are outstanding from the 2018-19 BUCS Season

Tyi Bullen Cole


Hertfordshire Hurricanes



At the 2 minute warning the player in question head butted an opponent

3rd Nov 2019

 v UWE Bullets

Chase Warren


Imperial Immortals



The player was the second to join in a tackle, but made forcible contact with the crown of his helmet.

3rd Nov 2019

v Kent Falcons

Ocean Tsui


Keele Crusaders



#41 received his 1st USC during 3rd Qtr, when two officials witnessed #41 aggressively pushing an opposing player with his feet during dead ball situation. During Q4 #41 received his 2nd USC when an official witnessed #41 aggressively pushing an opposing player to the ground during dead ball situation.

10th Nov 2019 v Nottingham 2nd Team

William McKeown


Leeds Gryphons



With seven and a half minutes remaining in the first quarter, Staffordshire ran a swing pass play to a running back. The running back was grasped by a Leeds player who was stopping the ball carrier’s forward progress. #55 of Leeds ran in and initiated forcible contact with the crown of his helmet to the head of the ball carrier. The ball carrier was judged to be a defenceless player so #55 was disqualified for targeting under both 9-1-3 and 9-1-4.

3rd Nov 2019

 v Sheffield Sabres

Paul Matthews


Leeds Gryphons



Following the aforementioned disqualification for Targeting, as play was about to resume the Leeds Head coach stepped onto the field and faced the Head Linesman and loudly said “We’ve got a cheat out here” while indicating directly at the Head Linesman. He was therefore disqualified for a Flagrant Unsportsmanlike Conduct foul.

3rd Nov 2019

 v Sheffield Sabres

* As this was a disqualification of a non-player, this is a whole game day suspension as opposed to just a playing suspension. Mr Matthews may not be present at the game site in any capacity.

Henrique Borges


Sheffield Sabres



With exactly 2 minutes of Q1 remaining #31 was seen to deliver a blow to the head of a defenceless receiver with the shoulder. Although Sheffield have submitted a roster it wasn't noticed that it was listed in alphabetical order 1-44 rather than with jersey numbers until after the game.

The name Henrique Borges was provided later.

3rd Nov 2019

 v Leeds Gryphons

Shimizu Genki


Sussex Saxons



With 11.37 remaining in the 4th quarter #15 initiated a blindside block which involved forcible contact to the head/neck area of an opponent.

3rd Nov 2019

 v UCL Emperors





New this week

Aberdeen University Bulls

On arrival, the home team did not have access to the changing facilities. Eventually a key holder turned up and advised us that notification had been placed on the council website that the fields were unplayable. The home team were not aware of this and could not find such information. We were, however, denied access to both changing facilities and the field, so the game had to be abandoned.

Ian Sneddon #427


Leeds Beckett Carnegie

80 yard field. No nine yard marks or numbers. Team areas were missing but these were created using cones and other sports lines.

David Hewitt #607

3rd Nov 2019 v Coventry University Jets

Outstanding items from previous weeks



New this week

Play: Team A attempt a 1 point try after a score. The kick is blocked behind the neutral zone where B86 recovers the ball and runs it across Team A’s Goal line. During B86’s run, A72 blocks B56 below the waist.


Last week

Play: 2nd and goal at Team B’s 6-yard line. Team A trail 14-21. A34 receives a handoff from A10 and runs towards Team B’s Goal line. A88 holds B12 inside Team B's End zone during A34's run, with A34 subsequently crossing the goal line successfully. What is the next down and when will the clock be restarted?

Ruling: The touchdown is cancelled as a result of Team A’s penalty. 2nd and goal at Team B’s 10-yard line. As the result of the previous play was a touchdown, the clock will start on the snap. (3-2-4-c-8, 9-3-3-b, 10-2-2-c-2 & 10-2-2-d-1-b)

Play of the Week Correction: There is a correction to the answer published in the PDF version of Newsflash 40/19 - Following enforcement of the Offensive Pass Interference Penalty, it will be 3rd and 25 at the A-45 yard line (not 3rd & 15 as originally published).


New this week

Game Situation: 1st and 10 for Team A at midfield.  There are only 30 seconds left on the clock and Team A are winning by 10 points.  Team B have no timeouts remaining.  Team A declare that they will ‘take a knee’.  However after they snap the ball they throw a quick pass out to the wide receiver, who gains 20 yards before being forced out of bounds.  Ruling?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: How many signals should a covering official give when a player near the sideline either (a) catches a pass inbounds and goes out of bounds (b) catches a pass and is downed inbounds (c) drops a forward pass to the ground.  Which signals should be given in each case?

Answer: M11.4.b.11.  When ruling on pass receptions a wing official should give only one signal.  Either (a) the timeout signal (S3) , (b) the start the clock signal (S2) or (c) the incomplete pass signal (S10).




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