Issue 35/19                                                                                11th September 2019

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Following the Bowl games over the past two weekends, the all-time list of bowl crews has been updated and is in the member’s area of the website at: There are still some gaps from earlier years so, if anyone is able to provide any additional information, please let me know.

Paul Sutton – General Secretary


Membership renewals are due from 1st October and forms will be sent out shortly before the end of September to all members. Details of payments, which as always include the BAFRA and BAFA fees will be on the form along with details on how to pay. Those recently joined are exempt from payment and this will be made clear in your covering letter and will details of anyone due a rebate.

As always, there will be an annual survey of membership that goes along with the renewal process and all the details of this will also be included.

As renewal information is only sent out electronically, please ensure that your email address is up to date on the website.

Paul Sutton – General Secretary










New this week

David Strachan


Inverclyde Goliaths



With approximately 4:30 left in the second quarter Mr Strachan was seen to headbutt and opponent.

*Mr. Strachan is due to serve his suspension in the next game he is registered to play in. This is either the next regular season game for Darlington Steam or the first regular season game of a University Team if he registers for a University Team.

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New this week

Sheffield Hallam University Sports Centre (National Flag Finals)

End zones were marked at 14 yards, soccer sideline was used as an end line instead, reducing depth to 9 yards.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395


Druid Park - Newcastle (Div 2 North Bowl)

No 3-yd marks, 9-yd marks or numbers. Unusual ‘itallic’ hashmark painting. Changing rooms totally inadequate for a crew of 7 (8 with the alternate). To make room for everyone else one official had to change in the toilet as changing in 'shifts' would have been detrimental to an in-depth pre-game.

Tim Vickers #129


London Warriors (Junior Southern Bowl)

Changing facilities excellent but not lockable and only available after the away team had finished. They were also very far away from the field.

A well painted (in white) field was marked as 100 yards with goal posts in the endzone. This was reduced to an 80 yard field with the goal posts 5 yards deep of the endline. One game ball was very worn, inbound lines marked at NFL-width and team areas incorrectly marked with cones. No limit lines, numbers, 9 or 3 yard marks

Chain broke twice during the game but all officials assistants were of a high quality.

James Ford-Bannister #479


Manchester Titans (Junior Northern Bowl)

A reasonably well marked pitch, although only 80 yards. End zones were about 7 yards and the extra point mark is at 2.5 yards. The hash marks went a bit wonky in places. Officials changing room not lockable.

Lee Taylor #183


Outstanding items from previous weeks



New this week

Play: 1st and 10 from Team B’s 15-yard line. There is less than 1 minute remaining in the fourth quarter and Team A are trailing by 4 points with no timeouts remaining. Quarterback A1 is in shotgun formation and the clock is running. A53 snaps the ball high. A1 leaps into the air, grasps the ball and, while still airborne, throws the ball forwards towards the ground to stop the clock. The ball hits A53 in the back, then bounces on the ground and into the hands of B56 who is kneeling on the ground at Team B’s 17-yard line.


Last week

Play: Team A, 3rd and 8 at the A-42. The Quarterback takes the snap and drops straight back in the pocket. Linemen A70 and A73 initially block their defenders and then head downfield to block. Running B A20 slips out of the backfield for a called screen play. He is behind the Line of Scrimmage and the pass sails over his head and lands incomplete at the A-46. A70 and A73 are blocking at the A-48 at the time of the pass. These blocks did not impede any Team B player from making an attempt to catch the pass.

Ruling: Team A, 4th and 8 at the A-42.  This is an incomplete pass. By philosophy (M3.3.9.b.iv) we do not have a foul for OPI or IDP as the ball was over-thrown behind the Line of Scrimmage but subsequently lands beyond the Line of Scrimmage and linemen are blocking downfield.


New this week

Game Situation: On a crew of 8, the widest player in the offensive formation on the press-box side of the field is A9. A81 is stood inside A9. There are no other players on the press-box side of the formation. A81 goes in motion towards the press box side line and is the widest player at the snap. which official should key on A81?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: 3rd and 5 at the B-25. Quarterback A6 is in position to receive a shotgun snap. The snap hits A6 in the hands and he fails to catch it. The ball is recovered by B98 at the B-30 where he is tackled. What spots should be marked with a bean-bag on this play?

Answer: There should be no bean bags thrown by any official on the play. A6 does not fumble the ball, this is a muff (2-11-1 & 2-11-2). The spot of the muff, the spot of the snap and the spot of recovery are not possible enforcement spots therefore bean bags should not be used to mark possible enforcement spots (M21.2.2)




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