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BAFRA Newsflash

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This coming weekend is the annual BAFRA Charity Weekend. The charity this year is Pancreatic Cancer UK. It was chosen by the membership in memory of long-time member, Norman Cox, who sadly passed away earlier this year. As with previous years, you are requested to contribute some or all of your game fee to the charity or, if you have no game, to make a donation as you see fit.

There are a number of ways in which you may make your donation:

If you want some or all of your game fee withheld and it is being paid via BAFRA finance then just e-mail to let them know

If you wish to send a donation electronically send it to: Sort Code: 16-16-11 Account Number: 10255350

Please use Charity and your membership number as a reference.

Finally, you may send a cheque (made payable to BAFRA Limited) for the amount you wish to donate to:

BAFRA Finance, 3.07 Royal Parade, Elmdale Road, Bristol, Avon. BS8 1SZ. Please write your membership number and Charity on the rear of the cheque.

Over the years we have raised significant amounts for our chosen charities. Thank you in advance for your support of this worthy cause.


Paul Sutton – General Secretary


Firstly, the finance team are away on holiday throughout July. There is a slight overlap so there may be a delay to any finance enquiries and more importantly payments. Please do not enquire after your payments unless they are more than two weeks overdue.

This weekend is the Charity Weekend. Officials can donate all or part of their Game Fees to the BAFRA Charity.

To facilitate this, an amendment to the Crew Request for Payment form has been made. Referees when submitting the paperwork, if an official is making a donation, please fill the form out as normal then tick the relevant box and enter the amount to be donated. Please also send an email to Finance detailing the donations just in case the new system does not work as intended.

Stuart Tabberer - Deputy Director of Finance










New this week

Kyle Bury


East Essex Sabres



After being unnecessarily roughed, the player was seen to retaliate by striking an opponent at with a closed fist.

4th August 2019 v East Kent Mavericks

Josh Jackaman


Ipswich Cardinals



The player forcefully threw an opponent to the ground behind the play in a manner not akin to the game causing a fight to ensue.

7th July 2019 v Norwich Devils

James Newnes


Manchester Titans



Following a holding call and during the dead ball period the player swore at an official questioning the validity of the call.

*Between this Disqualification being published and this Issue of Newsflash being published, Manchester have played another game. Mr Newnes should have served his suspension in Manchester’s  game against the Edinburgh Wolves on 30th June 2019.

Suspension Served

Jordan Houghton


Merseyside Nighthawks



Following an interception return #14 for Merseyside removed his helmet and threw it to the floor then swore at an official

7th July 2019 v Leicester Falcons

Alex Roofe


Sandwell Steelers



During the 2nd quarter Mr. Roofe was judged to have targeted an opposing player who had just been tackled.

21st July 2019 v Shropshire Revolution

Jay Styles


Worcestershire Black Knights



During the 2nd Quarter, after play had been whistled dead, #43 was observed to headbutt an opposing player.

21st July 2019 v         Bristol Apache

James Browning


Worcestershire Black Knights



After ruling a pass incomplete - #88 shouted abusive language at an official in an aggressive manner. As he left the field, he continued with abusive language toward the officials and was penalised for a further Unsportsmanlike Conduct foul..

21st July 2019 v         Bristol Apache

Previous weeks

Alex Coatsworth


Darlington Steam



Immediately following a pass Darlington player #33 struck the Dumfries passer's head with his forearm.

*Mr Coatsworth is due to serve his suspension in the next game he is registered to play in. This is either the next regular season game for Darlington Steam or the first regular season game of a University Team if he registers for a University Team.

Andrew Fleming


Dumfries Hunters



At the end of a play Dumfries player #98 repeatedly headbutted an opposition player.

28th July 2019 v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Taylor Bloor


Hertfordshire Cheetahs (Youth)



During a melee after the last play of the final game in the tournament, #7 was seen to run across the field and strike an opponent in the back.

6th July 2019 v Solent Seahawks

Caleb Emeriewen


Leeds Bobcats



With 7:50 remaining in the first quarter, Leeds #33 was witnessed deliberately kicking a prone opponent after the play.

7th July 2019 v Furness Phantoms

Josh Theophanides


Torbay Trojans



The player was seen to throw punches at an opposition player on the floor.

7th July 2019 v South Wales Warriors





New this week

Bristol Aztecs

Field markings are in black and slightly faded. The team areas are only marked out to the 35-yard lines, and the limit lines are too close to the sidelines.

Amir Brooks #593

21st July 2019 v         Farnham Knights

East Kilbride Pirates

90 yard field with no limit lines

Henry Richardson #25

21st July 2019 v Northumberland Vikings

Edinburgh Wolves

Coach and team areas not fully marked out but game management marked missing lines with cones.

Ian Sneddon #427

28th July 2019 v Leicester Falcons

Glasgow Tigers

90 yard field.

Henry Richardson #25

21st July 2019 v         Gateshead Senators

Hastings Conquerors

A very good job by Game Management. The pitch had been repainted correctly since the previous game and grass cut to a more reasonable length. Ball Persons and Chain Crew available immediately upon arriving on the field.

80yd field, partial limit lines, no numbers or 9 yard marks. Changing room not suitable for more than 4 officials, no private shower or toilet and not lockable (although bags could be locked in the medical room).

James Ford-Bannister #479

28th July 2019 v         Jurassic Coast Raptors

Hertfordshire Cheetahs

No limit lines. Changing rooms not lockable.

Peter Parsons #321

7th July 2019 v         Berkshire Renegades

Hertfordshire Cheetahs (Junior)

No limit lines. Changing rooms not lockable.

Peter Parsons #321


Kent Exiles

Well marked 100-yard field in white missing only limit lines, numbers & 9-yard marks. Adequate size changing room for a 5-man crew, despite being partly used for equipment storage, but with no private shower or toilet.

Tim Ockendon #481

7th July 2019 v         London Warriors

Knottingley Raiders

90 yard field. No limit lines, 9 yard marks or numbers. The 3 yard mark was incorrectly located at the two.

David Hewitt #607

28th July 2019 v Leeds Bobcats

London Blitz B

The changing room had pieces of wood with nails sticking out of them on the floor. The toilet in the changing room was not plumbed correctly and appeared to be leaking. Upon arrival at the game the field was not marked (resolved by the team upon request). The field was marked out in metres rather than yards. The chains were 10 yards long. Kick off time advised to officials was not the same as the one that the teams were both aware of.

Dean Wright #553


Morecambe Bay Storm

Although mostly well marked the field was marked in red and was not entirely straight at some points.

Stuart Alger #179

21st July 2019 v         Knottingley Raiders

Ouse Valley Eagles

At 6:56 in the 3rd Quarter an Ouse Valley player suffered a suspected neck injury so the game was suspended as the medical cover determined that the player should not be moved from the field of play and required an ambulance. After 2 hours and no sign of an ambulance, a discussion was held with the head coaches. After consultation the game was abandoned and the score at the time declared final, due to having to vacate the venue by a set time, and the away team having to depart by a set time.

Andrew Murrell #608

21st July 2019 v Colchester Gladiators

Oxford Saints

Field generally well marked in light blue with some faded markings for otherwise sports in white. No nine yard marks, limit lines or team areas.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

21st July 2019 v Sussex Thunder

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

With 1 minute to go in the second quarter, there was an injury which required the player to attend hospital. As he was held on the field for some time, it was agreed between the referee and the two head coaches to take the half time break and then play the last minute of the first half before turning around and starting the second half. The half time interval lasted for 20 minutes and no extra time was lost in delay.

David Knight #135

28th July 2019 v Oxford Saints

Sandwell Steelers

The team areas were only marked out by cones

Tim Vickers #129

21st July 2019 v Shropshire Revolution

Shropshire Revolution

Most 5 yard lines not straight. Changing rooms not locked, no private toilet. Game played in excellent spirit by both teams.

Andrew Lovell #559


Worcestershire Black Knights

Venue now has two sets of posts present. Game briefly stopped due to incursion into Somerset Sideline area of improperly anchored gazebo.

Krister Halvorsen #217

21st July 2019 v         Bristol Apache

Yorkshire Academy Assassins (Junior)

Well marked 100 yd field. A single delay to repair the chains.

Daniel Johnston #347


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Birmingham Bulls

No 9 yard marks, lines marked in red with white hash marks.

Richard Whitby #136

4th August 2019 v Staffordshire Surge

Bournemouth Bobcats

100 yard field with no numbers or nine-yard marks. Thick yard line extensions near one end zone. Portable goals used. Changing rooms not lockable.

Euan Paterson #165

21st July 2019 v Hastings Conquerors

Chester Romans

The team areas were only marked out by cones.

Tim Vickers # 129

21st July 2019 v Doncaster Mustangs

Chester Romans (Youth)

Initial start-time suspended for 15 minutes to allow new medics to arrive, initial set of medics involved in car accident.

Perry Wayman #504


Chorley Buccaneers (Youth)

Due to another event being held at the venue, there were no officials changing rooms. This was noted as part of the communication with the hosts and did not prove to be an issue with both officials arriving partly dressed in kit

Lee Taylor #183


Cobham Cougars (Youth)

Although the fields were well marked, they had only been marked with 5 yard end zones. After consultation with the coaches it was agreed that cones would be used to extend the end zones to a legal length. No dedicated changing facilities so we had to use communal ones in the sports centre and then store bags in cars.

Aside from this it was a great day of football played in a good spirit.

Andrew Murrell #608

21st July 2019

Cornish Sharks

The game was played on a soccer pitch with field markings for both sports marked in white. The goals were soccer goals with the uprights formed by scaffold poles strapped to the posts. This meant that the goalposts are too far apart and the crossbar is too low by rule. The inbounds hash marks were too close to the sidelines (approximately 14 yards). One ballboy was changed at half time.

Amir Brooks #593


Crewe Railroaders

Changing rooms not lockable and full of other people's kit. One ball change during game as pressure dropped. Chain crew slow.

Andrew Lovell #559

7th July 2019 v Birmingham Bulls

Dumfries Hunters

Sidelines, coaching and team areas were faint in contrast to other field markings.

Ian Sneddon #427

28th July 2019 v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

East Kent Mavericks

Well marked 90-yard 4G field marked in blue with other sport markings in white, yellow & red. No limit lines, numbers or 9-yard marks. 8-yard end zones and coaching line at incorrect depth. Changing room was spacious and lockable but lacked facilities.

Tim Ockendon #481

21st July 2019 v Essex Spartans

East Kent Mavericks (Youth)

Well marked 50-yard fields in red with other sport markings in blue, yellow and white. Missing team area markings but other sport markings approximated for coaching lines on both sides of the field. Changing room not lockable.

Tim Ockendon #481


Essex Spartans (Youth)

Two pitches well marked out.

Larry Rigby #269


Farnham Knights

The ten yard lines were not all ten yards apart and one endzone was slightly bigger than the other.

Keith Wickham #423


Gateshead Senators

Played at Gateshead Stadium due to waterlogged field at Monkton Stadium. No 9yd marks or 3 yd marks. Team areas missing however other lines used as guides. Goal posts behind end line. Changing rooms in main stadium. Change af assistants for 2nd half.

Daniel Johnston #347

7th July 2019 v East Kilbride Pirates

Hereford Stampede

Field too narrow and no nine yard marks or numbers.

Colin Edwards #76


Hertfordshire Cheetahs (Youth)

Two well marked fields were provided, although, due to the withdrawal of competing team, only one was used. The fields were marked in white using some of the markings of the 11-v-11 field, so there were lots of other white markings present alongside the field markings.

Peter Parsons #321


Highland Wildcats

there were no goalposts available for the game so both teams went for two points after scores

Gordon Galloway #7

21st July 2019 v Yorkshire Academy Assassins

Lancashire Wolverines

The game was played at the UCLan sports arena due to an issue with the Wolverines’ home field. This is a 100 yard field marked in blue, there were no coaches or team area markings present, one of the game balls was well below legal pressure but this was quickly rectified by the home team.

Lee Taylor #183

7th July 2019 v Chester Romans

Leeds Bobcats

80 yard field. No limit lines or nine yard marks. As noted in the last two reports from this venue, grass is getting extremely long. Wing officials reported on some plays that they couldn’t even see the ball once it was spotted.

Daniel Holt #371

21st July 2019 v Halton Spartans

Leicester Falcons

90 yard field well marked.

Ian Wainwright #567

21st July 2019 v Manchester Titans

London Blitz

The field is marked in meters and not yards. One endzone is much shorter than the other (about 8 yards at one end and nearer 13 at the other). NFL hash marks were marked on the field.

Graham P Hedges #219

21st July 2019 v Kent Exiles

London Blitz (Junior)

Field marked in metres but chains are 10 yards so used chains. determined that 10 yard penalties would be 9 metres, 5 yard penalties were 4.5 metres and 15 yard penalties were 13.5 metres. Best guess half distance enforcement.

Brian Yates #29

14th July 2019 v Hertfordshire Cheetahs

London Hornets

A full quota of official's assistants were not available until just before kick off. One was changed early in the first quarter. 90 yard field, NFL hash marks, no limit lines and team areas were painted to the 20 yard line.

James Ford-Bannister #479


London Olympians

90-yard field marked in white with other sport markings also in white. No numbers, 9-yard marks, limit lines or team area markings.

Tim Ockendon #481

7th July 2019 v Bristol Aztecs

London Warriors

90-yard field with 8-yard end zones, well marked in blue with other sport markings in white, yellow & red. No limit lines or numbers and team areas too big. One game ball supplied was not at correct pressure. Plaudits to game management for retrieving two game balls trapped in the netting behind one goal during the game, without which the game may not have been able to continue. Changing room not private or lockable.

Tim Ockendon #481

21st July 2019 v London Olympians

London Warriors (Junior)

Medical coverage arrived late resulting in a 25-minute delay to kickoff. A full quota of official's assistants were also not available at the scheduled kick off time.

90 yard field, NFL hash marks, no limit lines, one ball very worn, and team areas were painted to the 20 yard line.

James Ford-Bannister #479


Maidstone Pumas

Maidstone were playing at a new venue, Aylesford Bulls Rugby Club, do not use the postcode for this location on sat nav otherwise this takes you to the wrong side of the field, instead use club hall road. The endzones were of minimum required length, there were NFL hash marks, and no 9-yard marks. Maidstone game management said this would be rectified for their next home game..

Richard Moger #472


Manchester Titans

80 yard field although not all the sideline hash marks are an equal distance apart.

Lee Taylor #183

7th July 2019 v         Sheffield Giants

Manchester Titans (Junior)

80 yard field, reasonably well marked although not all the sideline hash marks were equally spaced.

Lee Taylor #183


Merseyside Nighthawks

Coach/team areas not fully marked, and cones were used to mark the edges at the 25yd lines. Changing room not lockable, but there were lockable lockers inside for valuables.

John Roberts #145

7th July 2019 v         Leicester Falcons

Northumberland Vikings

90 yard field, no limit lines, no nine yard marks. Where the field has been recently repainted, some lines have not been fully repainted so appear to be incomplete from a distance.

Liam Wooton #478

7th July 2019 v Yorkshire Rams

Nottingham Caesars

One member of the chain crew needed to be replaced due to being inattentive.

Paul Todd #289

28th July 2019 v Shropshire Revolution

Salisbury City Marauders (Youth)

Fields were slightly too long, 12 yard lines located in the wrong place, one field had a tight enclosure but hard surfaces were padded if too close. Changing rooms not lockable.

Oliver Maskell #221


Sandwell Steelers

Changing rooms not locked, no separate toilet. H type Goal posts set 3 yards outside end line, meaning cross bar was 3 yards behind end line for both goals.

Andrew Lovell #559

21st July 2019 v Shropshire Revolution

Sheffield Giants

100 yard field. Numbers were present but at 4 yards. The boundary line of the cricket field ran diagonally across the field but didn't cause any problems. No limit lines.

David Hewitt #607

28th July 2019 v Merseyside Nighthawks

Solent Seahawks (Junior)

100 yard field primarily marked in yellow although some lines are white and blue. 8 yard endzones with the plane of the crossbar over hanging by 1 yard. No numbers.

Philip Hume #52

7th July 2019 v Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Solent Thrashers

100 yard field primarily marked in yellow although some lines are white and blue. 8 yard endzones with the plane of the crossbar over hanging by 1 yard. No numbers.

Philip Hume #52

7th July 2019 v Oxford Saints

Somerset Wyverns

100 yard field with some lines not straight. Top of the numbers are 6 yards from the sideline. Changing room is small but locked during game and opened at half time.

Euan Paterson #165


South East Legion (Junior)

The changing room used was also used by the players, not lockable so bags stored in cars. The field itself was generally well marked, with a football goal attached behind the rugby posts. There was no 9-yard marks or numbers on the field.

Richard Moger #472

7th July 2019 v Cobham Cougars

Sussex Thunder

End lines bought in from original markings, as these are too close to enclosure fence. This means the goals are about 2 yards behind the end line.

Oliver Maskell #221

7th July 2019 v Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Tamworth Phoenix

Field generally well marked in light blue with white soccer lines for halfway and end lines. No limit lines and 9 yard marks were actually at 11 yards. Due to trees located behind each goal, Tamworth have a supply of older balls to use for extra points. Although more worn, these fit the rule requirements to be used. Kickoff put back from 16:00 to 16:30 due to late finish of preceding junior game. Game delayed for 54 minutes due to serious injury sustained by a Tamworth player with 4 minutes remaining in the first quarter.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

6th July 2019 v Edinburgh Wolves

Tamworth Phoenix (Junior)

Changing rooms not lockable.

Peter Parsons #321

6th July 2019 v Etone Jaguars

Torbay Trojans

In the main usual good showing from Torbay Game Management - the field had suffered a little from overnight rain which had taken some of the markings away but was manageable with good crew communication. Game was halted for a short period in the second half due to a drone having landed on the field, traced to a group of youngsters in an adjacent play area, not connected to the game being played.

Francis Bevan #474

21st July 2019 v Cornish Sharks

Wembley Stallions (Junior)

On the final play of the first half a SE Legion player suffered a serious injury. As a result the ambulance that was covering the game left to transport the player to hospital, and thus the game was suspended until they returned as there was no other sufficient medical cover available. This resulted in a 90 minute delay, including the half time break and the game resumed when they returned. There was also a change to the chain crew during the game and SE Legion had to supply a ball person for their sideline.

Andrew Murrell #608

7th July 2019 v Cambridgeshire Cats



New this week

Play: Team A, 4th and 10 at the B-45. A1’s punt is above the Team B goal line and is batted back into the field of play by Team A. B32 picks up the loose ball at the B-3 where A55 tackles him by the facemask.


Last week

Play: 4th and 10 and the A-20 yard line. Team A punt the ball, to the B-30 yard line where it rolls along the ground no Team B player attempts to recover the loose ball. Returner B-36 waves his arms to signal “get-away” to his teammates. A-24 places a hand on the loose ball and stops it rolling.

Thinking the ball is dead A-24 walks away from the ball. B-89 immediately picks up the stationary ball and returns it across the Team A goal line. During B-89’s recovery, several Team B players, believing the ball to be dead enter the field of play for the next down.

Ruling: Team B’s Ball, 1st and 10 from either the spot of A-24’s touch or from the spot of B-89’s recovery, whichever is more advantageous for Team B.

A-24 has committed an illegal touching violation (6-3-2-a). The ball is not declared dead because A-24 has not recovered the ball (6-3-6-a) because he has not satisfied the requirements for a catch (2-4-3-g). B-36’s “Get Away” signal is an invalid fair catch signal (2-8-3-a, AR6-5-3-V), this is not illegal however the ball will become dead when it is recovered (6-5-3-a).

There are no fouls on this play. Team B has not committed a substitution infraction as the ball should’ve been declared dead by the covering official. By philosophy B-89 should not be penalised for advancing the ball as the advance only occurred because the covering official did not declare the ball dead.


New this week

Game Situation: Prior to the game, when visiting the home team Head Coach he informs the Referee and Umpire that his team will start the game with an onside kick if they are to kick-off.

At the Coin toss the visiting team wins and elects to receive; should the crew move to onside kick positions?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: How many different lateral positions should the ball be spotted at? How are they denoted?

Answer: There are five lateral positions at which the ball should be spotted (M5.7.9), They are denoted as follows:

  1. Hash mark on the press box side
  2. Goal post on the press box side
  3. Centre of the field
  4. Goal post opposite the press box side
  5. Hash mark opposite the press box side




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