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In Newsflash 14/19 it was reported that Mr Jordan Hall, #56 of Crewe Railroaders was disqualified from a game. Both his team and the officiating crew have identified that the actual player disqualified was #99 George Hopley. Therefore Mr Hall may continue to play without a mark on his disciplinary record. Mr Hopley should serve his suspension on the 19th May 2019 in Crewe’s game against the Staffordshire Surge.


Phil Clarke - BAFA Disciplinary Officer










New this week

Lewis Riches


East Essex Sabres



With 2:11 remaining in the third quarter, #97 of East Essex was observed striking a prone opponent.

26th May 2019 v Norwich Devils

Oliver Carroll


Kent Exiles



After a play was over, #98 was observed headbutting an opponent.

19th May 2019 v London Blitz

David Mead


Lancashire Wolverines



With approximately 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter, after carrying the ball in a run up the centre of the field, #17 of the Wolverines was seen by the umpire to strike an opponent on the ground in the facemask.

19th May 2019 v Doncaster Mustangs

Ryan Robinson


London Blitz



With 5:00 remaining in the first half, #78 was observed to deliver a headbutt to an opponent.

19th May 2019 v Kent Exiles & 26th May 2019 v Farnham Knights

*This is the 2nd disqualification of Mr Robinson within a rolling 12 month period for the same player so he is too serve a two game suspension. The previous disqualification  was on  10th June 2018

Jacob Jamieson


Swindon Storm (Youth)



As time expired in the first half, #9 was seen to use the crown of the helmet, to contact the ball carrier in the chest in a spearing fashion.

This was Swindon's first game of the tournament, as a result Mr Jamieson served his disqualification during Swindon's second game of the tournament.

Suspension Served

Rhys Cheedy


Swindon Storm (Youth)



With 0.58 seconds left in the game, #12 committed a second unsportsmanlike conduct act, by verbally abusing an official. This followed a first unsportsmanlike conduct act, which was also for verbally abusing another official on the crew after the opposing team had scored a Touchdown.

This was Swindon's second game of the tournament, as a result Mr Cheedy will need to serve his suspension in Swindon's first game of their next tournament.

22nd June 2019 v Solent Seahawks

Previous weeks

George Hopley


Crewe Railroaders



After the play was over, #99 was seen to kick an opposing player who was lying on the ground.

19th May 2019 v Staffordshire Surge

Richard Molico


Manchester Titans (Junior)



With 10:33 remaining in the fourth quarter, #12 and an opponent were blocking each other away from the play. They took each other to the ground. As they were untangling Mr Molico was seen to attempt to strike his opponent with his foot.

19th May 2019 v Highland Wildcats Juniors

Matias Peinado Greco


London Hornets



Player led with his helmet and made forcible contact against the head of the ball carrier, who was already in the grasp of an opponent, and who's forward progress had been stopped.

19th May 2019 v Colchester Gladiators

Lewis Riches


East Essex Sabres



With 2:11 left in Q3, #97 of East Essex Sabres was observed striking a prone opponent.

26th May 2019 v         Norwich Devils





New this week

Bristol Aztecs

During the first quarter, the away team complained about an home team cameraman who was stationed on a small tower behind their team area, alleging that he was communicating with the home team using a radio. Although denying this, the cameraman moved from his position voluntarily.

Amir Brooks #593

2nd June 2019 v London Olympians

Chester Romans

The game kicked off half an hour late so that essential lines, which were very faint as a result of weather, could be remarked.

Tim Vickers #129

19th May 2019 v Shropshire Revolution

Cobham Cougars (Youth)

Although the fields were well marked, they had only been marked with 5 yard end zones. After consultation with the coaches it was agreed that cones would be used to extend the end zones to a legal length. No dedicated changing facilities so we had to use communal ones in the sports centre and then store bags in cars.

Aside from this it was a great day of football played in a good spirit.

Andrew Murrell #608

21st July 2019

East Essex Sabres

Officials assistants provided about 5 minutes prior to kickoff, chain set was missing chain - kickoff delayed by about 10 minutes to rectify problem and ensure briefing took place; there was also one change at half time. Changing room is not lockable and is located a fair walk from the field. No team area or player boxes were marked, just a coaching line. Game briefly suspended as a spectator was flying a drone.

Phil Clarke #262

26th May 2019 v         Norwich Devils

East Kilbride Pirates

Team areas marked to 30 yd line instead of 25 yd line.

Shawn Sombati #15

2nd June 2019 v Gateshead Senators

East Kilbride Pirates (Junior)

Game conceded by Yorkshire in the fourth quarter due to injuries resulting in low number of players available.

Shawn Sombati #15

2nd June 2019 v Manchester Titans

Farnham Knights (Youth)

Field was generally well marked, however there was no markings to indicate the centre of the field or the 12 yard try marks.

Richard Moger #472


Gateshead Senators

90 yard field. Before kick off, certain issues were raised prior to the game concerning the field and two areas out of bounds. These were all rectified prior to kick off and I would like to extend my thanks to the Gateshead Senators for sorting out these problems. There were no 9 yard marks or numbers. The in field hash marks weren't always straight and continued into the end zone.

David Hewitt #607

26th May 2019 v Aberdeen Roughnecks

Halton Spartans

Team/coach areas well marked, but extend to each 20 yard line. No 9 yard marks.

John Roberts #145

19th May 2019 v Leeds Bobcats

London Blitz B

The field is still marked in metres so once again both coaches were advised that the chains would be used to decide if a First Down was reached. Changing facilities this time was a room used for storage but was lockable but still only big enough for a four person crew.

Andrew Murrell #608

19th May 2019 v         Bournemouth Bobcats

London Olympians

Game day management was generally very good, however chain crew were altered just as we were about to kick off requiring retraining, and ball persons were generally not engaged in the game. NFL width hash marks were on the field so lateral position was approximated. Team areas were marked with cones.

Steven Leonard #370

16th June 2019 v London Warriors

Maidstone Pumas

The field was painted as a 90 yard field and one end had proper rugby goalposts, but for the other end the home team wanted to use mobile soccer goals with additional posts, but there was not enough padding for the horizontal bars, also there were 2 covered holes (for the other rugby goal post) which were not perfect in this endzone. There was also a bush just outside this endzone. With all these problems we decided to play with one goalpost mechanics to avoid playing towards this end zone and for player safety.

Viktor Janvari #63

19th May 2019 v         East Kent Mavericks

Sandwell Steelers

Changing rooms not locked, no separate toilet. H type Goal posts set 3 yards outside end line, meaning cross bar was 3 yards behind end line for both goals.

Andrew Lovell #559

21st July 2019 v Shropshire Revolution

South East Legion (Junior)

The field was very well marked for one that had been marked overnight by a youth setup. Goalposts were converted soccer goals, which were not ideal but well marked/covered (for safety) and satisfactory to both coaches. Changing rooms were a lockable classroom with no showers. S.E. Legion's game management should be commended, especially for a team hosting its first home fixture.

James Ford-Bannister #479

26th May 2019 v         Solent Seahawks

Sussex Thunder

End line too close to the cage fence so a white soccer line was used. Field well marked with differently coloured soccer markings also.

Oliver Maskell #221

23rd June 2019 v         Solent Thrashers

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Cobham Cougars (Junior)

The Start of the Game was delayed by 30 minutes due to the non-arrival of either of the first two medics (one to respond to an emergency, one who had public transport issues).

No team areas and NFL style hash-marks but otherwise a high quality field in good weather. Changing rooms are a reasonable walk away from the field. One ball person was removed from the opposition sideline for swearing at the coach and was quickly replaced. The down-box was also held together by gaffer tape.

Cobham’s Head Coach, who acted as gameday manager for this game, was helpful and willing in resolving any and all problems the crew had on gameday issues.

James Ford-Bannister #479

26th May 2019 v London Warriors

Cornish Sharks

90 yard field. No limit lines. Played in a soccer stadium with soccer markings on field.

Richard Madge #485

26th May 2019 v Bristol Apache

Essex Spartans

90 yard field, all inbounds hash-marks were missing on arrival at ground - team/ground staff marked them before Kick Off however they were extremely wide so just used as guiding reference points for spotting the ball. Referees' changing room at Thames RFC is designed for just one person, so we used a team changing room which was not lockable. Down box operator returned late after the half time break, which had been extended for a team presentation by agreement, forcing a stand in replacement for a few downs. Both teams decided to forego a card/roster check before the game.

Phil Clarke #262

23rd June 2019 v East Kent Mavericks

Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Changing room for officials is very small and cramped with just about enough room to change in, but not to hold a pregame. Field was very well marked.

Andrew Murrell #608

2nd June 2019 v         Solent Thrashers

Highland Wildcats (Junior)

No limit lines, no numbers or marks at 9 yards. Game stopped twice for 45 minutes to allow injured players to be treated and transferred to local hospital.

Henry Richardson #25

9th June 2019 v Etone Jaguars

Humber Warhawks

Well marked 100 yard field. No limit lines, 9 yard marks or numbers. The field had no posts so both teams agreed to play the game as a no post contest. The changing facilities were best described as woeful, being a building in the middle of a park. Apparently Humber don't plan to play here again.

David Hewitt #607

19th May 2019 v Birmingham Bulls

Lancashire Wolverines

Field is only 80 yards long, but is well marked. Officials assistants only provided 10 minutes before kickoff.

John Roberts #145

19th May 2019 v Doncaster Mustangs

Lincolnshire Bombers

Lincolnshire advised during the week that they may not have their second set of posts fitted in time for the game. On arrival at the venue, this was the case so one all offensive plays took place towards this goal. This should be resolved for their next home fixture. Officials changing room is only big enough for two people so the crew used the home team's room after they had vacated it. This was not lockable.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

30th June 2019 v Birmingham Bulls

London Blitz

The field appears to be marked out in metres rather than yards, leading to a big discrepancy between the 10-yard chains and where field lines implied 10 yards was, so both teams were informed the chains would be authoritative regarding first downs.This also means penalty enforcement is not the easiest to march off either!

The normal changing room at the venue is not accessible due to issues with the lock, so the crew instead changed in an anteroom which was not itself lockable, so instead our bags were locked in an office instead during the game. The chains broke once during the game and there was a change of one chain crew personnel at half time.

Andrew Murrell #608

23rd June 2019 v London Warriors

London Warriors

Team areas marked to 20 yard lines. No limit lines. Changing room not lockable and shared with users of the University gym.

Peter Parsons #321

19th May 2019 v Bristol Aztecs

Manchester Titans (Junior)

Field of play was only 80 yards and there were non-Football white field markings closer than four feet to end zone lines. The teams areas were marked between the 20 yard lines. The changing rooms were not lockable.

Ben Griffiths #228

23rd June 2019 v East Kilbride Pirates Juniors

*Manchester Titans Juniors are scheduled to be the home team in a game on 19th May 2019, however this game will take place at a neutral venue

Morecambe Bay Storm

Field was marked in red and was very faint, this could have been due to Saturdays storm Hannah.

Lee Taylor #183

9th June 2019 v         Halton Spartans

Northumberland Vikings

On arrival there was an issue with changing facilities, due to Glasgow having some female players. This was quickly resolved by ourselves and the Glasgow staff. Most of the field has been remarked, however, some sections of solid lines haven’t been due to proximity to soccer markings, we managed to work around this with barely visible old markings completing the lines, but have requested all lines be fully marked for the next game. No 3 yard marks or 9 yard marks, hash marks are very short and not always one yard apart. There were two changes to the chain crew during the game. The Vikings intended to live stream their home games, initially they’d set up their sideline opposite the camera, given the proximity of the camera to the opposition team area, they switched to the other side of the field. As always with games at Druid Park, it’s very easy to lose footballs after a PAT attempt as they head into the adjacent hotel grounds.

Liam Wooton #478

19th May 2019 v Gateshead Senators

Nottingham Caesars

With 54 seconds remaining in the 2nd Quarter, the game was stopped to treat an injured Chester player, this resulted in a delay of 25 minutes. For future crews there will be a parking charge at Harvey Hadden this will be in place from start of June.

Ian Wainwright #567

26th May 2019 c Doncaster Mustangs

Solent Thrashers

Kick off was delayed by 30 minutes due to a longer than expected Junior game.

Oliver Maskell #221

9th June 2019 v Berkshire Renegades

Staffordshire Surge

The game was suspended for 20 minutes for treatment to an injured player with 11.00 left in the third quarter

Tim Vickers #129

9th June 2019 v Lincolnshire Bombers

Thames Valley Tigers (Junior)

The game was played at a ‘neutral venue’ as part of a doubleheader at Royal Holloway.

Minor issues from first game of doubleheader mostly resolved. No team areas and NFL style hash-marks but otherwise a high quality field in good weather. Changing rooms are a reasonable walk away from the field. Down-box was replaced by a new one provided by Thames Valley.

James Ford-Bannister #479

2nd June 2019 v Cambridgeshire Cats

Worcestershire Black Knights

Only one set of goalposts was available; the second set having been condemned at short notice. The field was very well marked except that there were no numbers or 9 yard markings.

Darryl Morton #493

2nd June 2019 v Cornish Sharks

Yorkshire Academy (Junior)

Well marked 100 yard field. No 9 yard marks or numbers.

David Hewitt #607

9th June 2019 v Manchester Titans Juniors

Yorkshire Rams

80 yard field. No 3 yard or 9 yard marks or numbers. No team areas but these were added using cones. The officials changing room was too small for a crew of five. The whole chain crew was replaced at half time for a variety of reasons.

David Hewitt #607

26th May 2019 v Northumberland Vikings



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