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Over the next few weeks and months, I will be looking to establish a recruitment network across the BAFRA membership, with the hope of having representation in every region. I'm aware that "it takes a village" and there isn't one golden recruitment solution so if you would like to be involved in any way, please send me an email at and then we can establish a formal network across the UK.

Also, in the minutes after the AGM, I was approached about a few recruitment matters and ideas. I would like to invite these members who spoke with me to get back in touch, as well as anyone else who would like to raise something with me.


Ollie Maskell

2019 Exam

The 2019 examination period for 2019 has now commenced. The paper (both in written and audio versions) and a blank answer sheet are available in the members; area of the website. If you have any difficulty in accessing these, please contact the webmaster via All qualified members (whether currently active or not) must sit the exam to retain their qualified status and associate members are encouraged to sit the exam to assess their progress and to help identify areas to work on with their mentor. All instructions for returning the exam are on both the exam paper and answer sheet.

Please note that all answer sheets are acknowledged. From next week onwards, a list of members submitting their answer papers will appear in Newsflash.


On behalf of Dean Wright – Examination Committee Chair









New this week

Tom Markham


Ipswich Cardinals



With 4:36 remaining in the 4th quarter, 5 seconds after the whistle had been blown and 20 yards away from the play; No. 99 was seen to grasp the back of an opponent's helmet and forcibly pull him head first into the ground.

28th April 2019 v East Kent Mavericks

Previous weeks

Daniel Emberson


South Wales Warriors



Player disqualified for 2 Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls. The first was for dissent directed towards an official. The second was for retaliation against an opposing player who he felt had fouled him.

28th April 2019 v Cornish Sharks

Jordan Hall


Crewe Railroaders



After the play was over, #56 was seen to kick an opposing player who was lying on the ground.

19th May 2019 v Staffordshire Surge





New this week

Humber Warhawks

Well marked 100 yard field. No limit lines, 9 yard marks or numbers. The field had no posts so both teams agreed to play the game as a no post contest. The changing facilities were best described as woeful, being a building in the middle of a park. Apparently Humber don't plan to play here again.

David Hewitt #607

19th May 2019 v Birmingham Bulls

London Warriors

90-yard field with 8-yard end zones, well marked in blue with other sport markings in white, yellow & red. No limit lines or numbers and team areas too big. Changing room not private and not lockable.

Tim Ockendon #481

5th May 2019 v London Blitz

Northumberland Vikings

On arrival there was an issue with changing facilities, due to Glasgow having some female players. This was quickly resolved by ourselves and the Glasgow staff. Most of the field has been remarked, however, some sections of solid lines haven’t been due to proximity to soccer markings, we managed to work around this with barely visible old markings completing the lines, but have requested all lines be fully marked for the next game. No 3 yard marks or 9 yard marks, hash marks are very short and not always one yard apart. There were two changes to the chain crew during the game. The Vikings intended to live stream their home games, initially they’d set up their sideline opposite the camera, given the proximity of the camera to the opposition team area, they switched to the other side of the field. As always with games at Druid Park, it’s very easy to lose footballs after a PAT attempt as they head into the adjacent hotel grounds.

Liam Wooton #478

19th May 2019 v Gateshead Senators

Sandwell Steelers

During the fourth quarter, play was suspended for around 45 minutes while an ambulance was summoned for an injured player.

Paul Todd #289

4th May 2019 vs Chester Romans

Sheffield Giants

Well marked field with NFL hash marks.

Ian Wainwright #567

12th May 2019 v Manchester Titans

Somerset Wyverns

Changing rooms very small and wet. No 3 yard lines. 9 yard lines were partially completed.

Richard Madge #485

5th May 2019 v Bristol Apache

Yorkshire Academy (U19)

Well marked 100 yard field. No 9 yard marks or numbers.

David Hewitt #607

9th June 2019 v Manchester Titans Juniors

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Berkshire Renegades

90 yard field with 7 yard end zones. Due to issues identified at a pre-season fixture with the field width there were two sets of sideline markings, with the outer set used on the visiting team sideline and the inner set on the home team sideline as these made the field the correct width and made the sidelines the correct distance from the uprights and the inbounds lines. There were no limit lines.

Peter Parsons #321

12th May 2019 v Oxford Saints

Chester Romans

Game was suspended for 10 minutes at the start of the 3rd quarter as the medic mysteriously vanished from the sideline. Field was well marked apart from the 3 yard marks which were closer to 1.5 yard line.

John Roberts #145

12th May 2019 v Lancashire Wolverines

Gateshead Senators

No sideline hash marks, although gameday management has confirmed this will be sorted for regular season.

Daniel Johnston #347

12th May 2019 v Glasgow Tigers

Leicester Falcons

Field markings are in blue on a 90 yard field. Well marked but difficult to see when floodlights are on. The floodlights are low height so the ball disappears into the gloom on kicks this added some excitement for the BJ to find it on re-entry. But a good set up overall.

Ian Wainwright #567

28th April 2019 vs Merseyside Nighthawks

Shropshire Revolution

The game kicked off 40 minutes ate owing to the medical cover breaking down on the motorway. One of the Revolution coaches who is a qualified paramedic agreed to forego his coaching role for the afternoon in order to be the recognised medical cover.

Tim Vickers #129

28th April 2019 v Sandwell Steelers

Solent Thrashers

The game was played on an 100 yard field, There were no numbers or 9 yard marks, while the 10 yard lines were marked in blue, with the other markings in yellow. The goalposts overhang into the end zones.The game was suspended with 56 seconds left in the first half due to a serious injury to a Thrashers player that required an ambulance. After just over an hour the player was stretched off the field and the game then restarted to a finish.

Richard Moger #472

5th May 2019 v Sussex Thunder

Sussex Thunder

End zone was marked out as 12 yards deep. These markings put the end line too close to the fence - and no padding was available. Helpfully, there are markings of a slightly different colour that were available to use as an alternate end line. This made the end zones closer to 10 yards in size and provided enough distance from the fence in which to play the game safely. This was the case at both ends of the field.

Dean Wright #553

12th May 2019 v Hertfordshire Cheetahs



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