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Week 7 Update

Registration figures should be complete now, and it’s all down to travel and general weekend preparation.



Paul Sutton sent out 2 important emails on 13 March regarding the AGM. Any qualified member not attending should consider the opportunity to use the proxy vote, but remember to read the info on the candidates seeking election to the available Directors Posts. The proxy form must be with the Returning Officer by 5pm on Saturday 30 March to count. The returning officer will confirm receipt of your Nomination of Proxy form, so if you have not received confirmation then it has not yet been recieved..For those attending the Convention please read the agenda, BAFRA accounts, Directors reports, and candidate info. The more you know before you go, the better you will be prepared. As usual, the AGM will be held at 5pm on the Saturday evening (6th April).



The following 87 people have registered to attend the Convention.

Francis Bevan, Jim Briggs, Jed Brookes-Lewis, Roger Brown, Derek Burridge, Alan Christopher, Phil Clarke, Martin Cockerill, Graham Coleman, Alisha Darkins, Ian Davies, Alan Dobson, Steve Egan, Tim Fisher, James Ford-Bannister, Ben Gadsby, Gordon Galloway, Kenny Glover, Roger Goodgroves, Benita Grant-Booker, Ben Griffiths, Jack Hallinan, Krister Halvorsen, David Hewitt, Dan Holt, Heather Horner, Philip Hume, Barbara Jacquin, Viktor Janvari, Chris Jarvis, Albert Lambert, Bill LeMonnier, Steve Leonard, Tzvi Lindeman, Andrew Lovell, Richard Madge, Julian Mallia, Ollie Maskell, Ali May, Jason Mead, Richard Moger, Andrew Murrell, Russell Newton, Mark Niven, Dave Norton, Tim Ockendon, Peter Parsons, Davie Parsons, Euan Paterson, Jack Pearce, Austin Pickles, Michael Prentice, Steve Rains, Henry Richardson, Mike Roberts, Peter Roberts, Richard Samples, Owen Samuels, Graham Smith, Kieran Smith, Ian Sneddon, Shawn Sombati, Leanne Spencer, James Statham, Darran Sterling, Paul Sutton, Andrew Swift, Stuart Tabberer, Susannah Taylor, Lee Taylor, Pete Thom, Paul Todd, Steve Tonkinson, Richard Vernon, Tim Vickers, Ian Wainwright, Perry Wayman, Keith Wickham, Colin Willox, Mark Wilson, Lee Wood, Mike Woolnough, Liam Wooton, Dean Wright, Brian Yates, Stuart Young, Henry Young


The Convention will be held at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre, Yarnfield Lane, Yarnfield, Staffordshire, ST15 0NL.  Yarnfield Park is a leading Training and Conference centre in the heart of the UK.  I would recommend that you look over the facility on their website where you can also find details of the location and directions:


Ian Sneddon - Convention Delivery Team

BAFRA Charity 2019

As no alternative suggestions had been received by the closing date, the BAFRA Charity for 2019 will be Pancreatic Cancer UK. This was the charity chosen in memory of Norman Cox and the donation will be sent in his name. Further details will be announced once the dates of the charity weekend have been agreed.


Paul Sutton – General Secretary


Nominations are invited from qualified BAFRA members who would like to work on this important committee. It’s role include the selection of officials for all UK Bowl Games, NFL Chain Crews, Officials Of The Year Awards as well as IFAF and Elite Panel.


Terms of reference and full details of the roles and responsibilities are on the website in the Members Handbook section 5  - Scheduling and Selection.

In accordance with the rules of this committee two places are vacated every year and as a result two places will shortly be available. Please submit an Expression of Interest to me by no later than 10pm on Sunday 31st  March 2019.

If anyone is considering applying who has not served previously on a BAFRA Committee, you are welcome to contact me for an informal discussion about the role and requirements.


Richard Vernon - Director of Operations










New this week



Sheffield Sabres



With exactly 2 minutes of Q1 remaining #31 was seen to deliver a blow to the head of a defenceless receiver with the shoulder. Although Sheffield have submitted a roster it wasn't noticed that it was listed in alphabetical order 1-44 rather than with jersey numbers until after the game.


*This player is due to serve his suspension in the next game he is registered to play in. This is either the next regular season game for Sheffield Sabres or the first regular season game of a Senior/Junior team if he registers for a Senior/Junior team.

Shimizu Genki


Sussex Saxons



With 11.37 remaining in the 4th quarter #15 initiated a blindside block which involved forcible contact to the head/neck area of an opponent.


*Mr Genki is due to serve his suspension in the next game he is registered to play in. This is either the next regular season game for Sheffield Sabres or the first regular season game of a Senior/Junior team if he registers for a Senior/Junior team.

Previous weeks

Alexander Roach


Coventry Jets



With just under one minute remaining in the 2nd Quarter, at the conclusion of the play and away from the ball, Coventry #97 delivered a headbutt with the crown of their helmet to an NTU player.

31st March 2019 v UEA Pirates

Joshua Holmes


UEA Pirates



After the end of the play with 1 min 38 sec left in the 4th quarter #86 was seen to throw a punch at an opponent.

31st March 2019 v Coventry Jets

William McKeown


Leeds Gryphons



With seven and a half minutes remaining in the first quarter, Staffordshire ran a swing pass play to a running back. The running back was grasped by a Leeds player who was stopping the ball carrier’s forward progress. #55 of Leeds ran in and initiated forcible contact with the crown of his helmet to the head of the ball carrier. The ball carrier was judged to be a defenceless player so #55 was disqualified for targeting under both 9-1-3 and 9-1-4.

31st March 2019 v Liverpool Raptors

* As this was a disqualification of a player, this is a playing suspension.

Paul Matthews


Leeds Gryphons



Following the aforementioned disqualification for Targeting, as play was about to resume the Leeds Head coach stepped onto the field and faced the Head Linesman and loudly said “We’ve got a cheat out here” while indicating directly at the Head Linesman. He was therefore disqualified for a Flagrant Unsportsmanlike Conduct foul.

31st March 2019 v Liverpool Raptors

* As this was a disqualification of a non-player, this is a whole game day suspension as opposed to just a playing suspension. Mr Matthews may not be present at the game site in any capacity.

Chase Warren


Imperial Immortals



The player was the second to join in a tackle, but made forcible contact with the crown of his helmet.


*Mr Warren is due to serve his suspension in the next game he is registered to play in. This is either the next regular season game for Imperial Immortals or the first regular season game of a Senior/Junior team if he registers for a Senior/Junior team.





New this week

Gateshead Senators

No sideline hash marks, although gameday management has confirmed this will be sorted for regular season.

Daniel Johnston #347

14th Apr 2019 v Northumberland Vikings

Brighton Panthers

Well marked 100-yard field in blue with other sport markings in white and yellow. No limit lines or numbers and team areas marked with cones. Goals set back about 3 yards from end line and lashed to fence surrounding field. Two small, well appointed, lockable changing rooms provided adequate for a 5-person crew.

Tim Ockendon #481


Portsmouth Destroyers

Field hasn't recovered from the wet winter, as a result it was boggy in places with a number of craters that, on a drier surface, may have constituted a trip hazard. Additionally, a motorbike had clearly been ridden across the field leaving spiral type marks around midfield. Field was very poorly marked. The final 5 yards to the GL at each end of the field were only about 3.5 yards (marked as 3) with the PAT line on the 2. There was no option to shorten the field without making the end-zones too large, so with the agreement of both Head Coaches, we played on the field as marked - using the chains measuring 1st and Goal situations. Changing room was too small for a crew of 6 and probably would be too small for any crew larger than 4. This is not usually the situation at this venue but there were functions in other rooms.

Oliver Maskell #221


Sheffield Hallam Warriors

80 yard field. No 3 yard marks. Team areas were missing as were any associated lines.

David Hewitt #607


Teesside Cougars

Tees Wear Varsity Game. Due to many other events at the facility kick off was slightly delayed to allow teams to warm up. Game played in great spirit.

Daniel Johnston #347


UEL Phoenix

Well marked 90 yard field. Lacking team areas. There was a complete change of chain crew at half time causing a delay to the second half.

Kieran Smith #102


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Essex Blades

No team areas marked. Chains were originally only 9.5 yards long. With the help of a knife from the medic we were able to cut through robust zip ties and correct. Down box operator changed at half time. Changing rooms a long walk from the field.

Steven Leonard #370

31st March 2019 v RHUL Bears

Leeds Gryphons

Field of play was only 80 yards. The nine yard marks were approximately 15 yards from the sideline. There were no team area markings. All three game balls were provided at well below the minimum legal pressure. The changing rooms were not lockable.

Ben Griffiths #228

31st March 2019 v Liverpool Raptors



New this week

Play: 3rd & 5 at the B-20. Defensive back B44 intercepts a forward pass at the B-3 and his momentum carries him into his end zone. While still in the end zone he fumbles the ball. It rolls forward, goes into the field of play, and in the scramble A33 kicks the ball into the end zone and over the end line.


Last week

Play: The score is A17-B20. Neither team has any timeouts. During the previous play, A22 wss tackled inbounds at the B-4 making it A 4th and Goal at the B-4. 0:13 remain in the 4th quarter when A22 is tackled. Team A rushes the field goal team onto the field. Team B attempts to match the substitution, but B76, the 12th player, is two steps from the sideline in an attempt to get off the field. Team A’s field goal is good as time expires. Team B’s head coach is upset that he was not given an opportunity to substitute and throws his headset onto the field.

Ruling: Team B is properly not given an opportunity to match up for a last second field goal attempt (AR 3-5-2-VIII).  Illegal substitution against Team B (3-5-2 live ball foul).  Dead Ball Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Team B’s coach, his first of the game (9-2-1-a-1). Team A has two options and both should be presented to the Team A Head Coach.

Option 1 - Decline Team B’s illegal substitution foul, accept the score, and enforce Team B’s Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty in the 1st series of overtime.  Depending on who wins the toss it will either be 1st & 10 12 ½ or 1st  & 10 at the 40.

Option 2 - Accept both the illegal substitution foul and the Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Team B, negate the score, and have an untimed down A -1st & Goal at B1 (3-2-3-a-1).


New this week

Game Situation: Player A34 is in position to catch a forward pass near the sideline.  He jumps to catch the ball and comes down with it either in or out of bounds.  How should a covering wing official watch the play in order to ensure the best possible coverage of the action?  (4 man crew).

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: How should a 3 man crew line up for and cover the return on a kick off?

Answer: M23.2.1.  The Line Judge should take the kicking team's restraining line, the Linesman the receiving team's restraining line.  The referee should be downfield in the centre of the field covering the goal line.  The Line Judge and the Linesman have responsibility for marking forward progress on their entire respective sidelines.




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