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Issue: 23/16

10th June 2016


At the Convention this year, you again voted for Cancer Research UK to be the BAFRA Charity for 2016. Following a review of the fixtures by the Director of Operations, it has been agreed that the Charity Weekend will run over 2nd and 3rd July this year as there is a fairly full fixture list that weekend. As previously, members are requested to donate all or some of their game fee from that weekend to this worthy cause. More details of how this may be done will be published nearer the time.

Thank you in advance for your support of this initiative.

Paul Sutton


The next BAFRA Elite Training Day will be held at the Premier Inn, Glasgow (Argyle Street) on 30th July 2016. The clinic will start at 10:30 and finish around 16:30, refreshments and lunch will be provided. All Elite Panel members are expected to attend and all BAFRA members are welcome to attend.

If you wish to attend, please register by emailing

Ben Griffiths & Pete Thom


Congratulations to Perry Wayman on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified. Thanks to Andrew Lovell and all those who are helping with Perry‘s training.

Pete Thom









New this week

Neil Upton


Portsmouth Dreadnaughts



Player blocked with the crown of the helmet during the kickoff.

19/06/16 v East Kent Mavericks

Lee Cook


Bristol Apache



Player was flagged for a late hit but loudly provoked ill will towards the calling official and was therefore also flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. On the next play, the same player was flagged for, removing his helmet in the centre of the field.

12/06/16 v Cornish Sharks

Previous weeks – none





New this week

West Coast Trojans

Due to a motorway incident the away team was delayed, and the kick off was 30 minutes later than scheduled.

Ian Sneddon 427

26/06/16 v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Swindon Storm

No game manager available on arrival. Field about 5 yards too wide and consequently hash marks were too far from each sideline. Hash marks not 4-inches in width. Coaching boxes were 12ft from sideline and team areas 18ft. Chain broke once during game. Changing room not lockable. Chain crew and ball boys provided only 10 minutes before kickoff. Game abandoned with 1'02 left in the 4th quarter when a Swindon player was injured and couldn't be moved until an ambulance arrived.

Jim Briggs 31

12/06/16 v Oxford Saints

Shropshire Revolution

Field marked approximately 15 yards too short.

J. Brookes-Lewis 395

19/06/16 v Staffordshire Surge

Merseyside Nighthawks

Field markings in yellow - generally very good but not always level across field

Mike Cavanagh 465

17/07/16 v Tamworth Phoenix

Maidstone Pumas

Goals are soccer goals with metal poles on top so crossbar too low and too wide. Coaches lines too close to pitch. No numbers but marks about 8-9 yards from sideline.

Viktor Janvari 63


London Blitz B

There was no team area. Hash marks went into the endzone (although the centre markings were erased by the team) and the down box broke during the day preventing a 1st or 2nd down being shown

K Wickham 423

03/07/16 v Wembley Stallions

Lancashire Wolverines

90 yard field, limit lines at 12ft. Changing room not lockable, no private shower or toilet.

Dan Holt 371

12/06/16 v Merseyside Nighthawks

Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Herts Cheetahs home game, played at Colchester Gladiators' home ground after unexpected work at St Albans RFC. Herts are trying to find an alternative home ground.

Alan Dobson 308

12/06/16 v Colchester Gladiators

Essex Spartans

Changing rooms not lockable, no private shower/toilet. Numbers marked on field are too wide - although correctly placed with the top at 9 yards.

Phil Clarke 262

10/07/16 v London Blitz B

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Humber Warhawks

Limit Lines at 12', no 9yd marks or numbers.

Chris Jarvis 10

26/06/16 v Lincolnshire Bombers

Dundee Hurricanes

The balls presented by the home team did not have white stripes - the away team did not object or offer any alternate balls.

Ian Sneddon 427

24/07/16 v Northumberland Lightening

Coventry Jets

No numbers or 9-yard marks. No limit lines. Goal posts less than 30ft in height. Hash marks shorter than 24in in length. Coaching and team area lines were marked further from the field than specified in the rules. The officials changing room was not available on arrival having also been allocated to a womens' soccer team.

Pete Parsons 321

12/06/16 v Sheffield Predators

Yorkshire Rams

There was a metal cover for the long jump pit approximately 4 feet out of bounds behind one endzone - this had been appropriately padded by game management prior to kick-off.

Ben Griffiths 228

12/06/16 v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

The game was played at Havant Rugby Club. This match was played on an outer pitch, later in the season they will be playing on the 1st XV pitch. Each end zone was only 7 yards deep. Not all hash marks were the same distance apart. No limit lines. Some bare patches of earth on the field. One of the ball boys was very good but the other was poor.

Jim Briggs 31

19/06/16 v East Kent Mavericks

London Warriors

90-yard grass field, although surface was uneven with patches of bare earth interspersed with large tufts of uncut grass. No numbers, 9-yard marks or limit lines and team areas marked out with cones. Two of the game balls provided were under-inflated and all were well worn. Away team were offered the option to provide game balls in better condition but declined. Away team changing rooms were a tent compared with the home team changing indoors. Prior to the officials taking the field there were reports of altercations between players interfering with opponent's practices by entering their half of the field.

Tim Ockendon 481

03/07/16 v London Olympians

Jurassic Coast Raptors

This was the first game ever for the chain crew but despite this they performed very well. It is hoped that they will come on during future games as they are going to do all their home games.

Julian Mallia 336

26/06/16 v Cornish Sharks

Berkshire Renegades

During the forth quarter, the medical provision was not met due to the paramedic at the game being taken away to treat a delivery van driver. The game was delayed for 20 minutes while appropriate treatment and an ambulance arrived before the game was able to be restarted.

Richard Moger #472

12/06/16 v Hastings Conquerors

Bristol Apache

Field is generally well marked out, but the limit lines are too close to the sidelines (approx 6 foot), and the coaching areas are only marked out to the 30 yard lines.

Colin Edwards #76

10/07/16 v Torbay Trojans

Hastings Conquerors

Kickoff delayed due to balls being sourced and brought up to standard. No access to officials changing rooms at half time. Had to wait 20 minutes after end of game to gain access to changing facilities.

Phil Hume #52

19/06/16 v Maidstone Pumas

Birmingham Bulls

One goal is regulation, the other is a Gaelic football goal.

Brian Yates #29

19/06/16 v Sandwell Steelers

Sussex Thunder

The game kicked off 15 minutes late. The medical cover was delayed by heavy traffic heading into Brighton.

Jim Briggs #31

03/07/16 v Hertfordshire Chetahs

Solent Thrashers

Crossbar and uprights 1 yard inside end line.

Julian Mallia #336

12/06/16 v Bury Saints

Bournemouth Bobcats

The game kicked-off 30mins late due to traffic congestion. Despite away team and officials allowing for this and leaving home earlier, the New Forest and roads to Bournemouth were very busy due to the fantastic weather this weekend. Hastings Head Coach requested a running clock in the second half.

Siman Ryan #408

19/06/16 v Berkshire Renegades

East Kent Mavericks

Well-marked 90 yard 4G field in blue with other sport markings in white and yellow. No limit lines, numbers or 9-yard marks and coaching line too close to sideline. Changing facilities not lockable and officials were given the staff bathroom to change in as the away team complained about their changing room so were moved to the one normally given to the officials. Ball person changed in 2nd quarter as they were more interested in talking to spectators about 20 yards away from the sideline, replacement ball person drove off at halftime and took the game ball with them; so a third replacement ball person was supplied along with a new game ball.

Phil Clarke #262

12/06/16 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Carlisle Sentinels

The posts were about 2 yards behind the back line at each end of the field apart from this it was a well marked pitch. The officials changing room may be a little small for a crew of 5 if all wanted to change at the same time

Lee Taylor #183

12/06/16 v Newcastle Vikings

Glasgow Tigers

Team areas were marked out incorrectly as coach's box and player area were too close to sideline. Some sideline hash marks did not match inbounds lines.

Shawn Sombati #15

12/06/16 v Aberdeen Roughnecks

Manchester Titans

Following the agreement of both coaches, prior to the game the quarters were reduced to 12 minutes. This was because of a lack of available ineligible linemen for Gateshead. The field was very sandy in places. The field markings were in blue and there were other white non-football lines.

Aminul Hassan #534

12/06/16 v West Coast Trojans

Oxford Saints

Nine yard marks were marked near the hashmarks. No numbers on the field. Changing room was too small for a five man crew and not enough seats for all officials.

Mike LeFevre #341

03/07/16 v Bristol Apache



New this week

Play: On the last play of the 1st quarter, Team A gain a first down at Team B’s 40 yard line. Time expires during the down. Prior to the Ready for Play being blown at the start of the 2nd quarter, Team A snap the ball. Ruling? (This was Q57 on this year's BAFRA exam).

Last week

Play: 1st and 10 from Team A’s 6 yard line. QB A8, standing in his end zone throws a forward pass which is muffed by A2 at Team A's 4 yard line and then caught by A99 at Team A's 8 yard line. A99 advances the ball to Team A's 18 yard line where he is tackled. Prior to the pass, A65 had advanced 6 yards downfield. Ruling? (This was Q94 on this year's BAFRA exam).

Ruling: A legal forward pass has crossed the neutral zone when it first strikes the ground, a player, an official or anything beyond the neutral zone inbounds. It has not crossed the neutral zone when it first strikes the ground, a player, an official or anything in or behind the neutral zone inbounds (2-19-3-a). The pass is muffed by A2 at the Team A 6 yard line, which is behind the Line of Scrimmage. Therefore this is not a forward pass that crosses the neutral zone. As such rule 7-3-10 does not apply. No foul. This is a legal play.


New this week

Game Situation: After a play that ends near the sideline, the linejudge on a 5 man crew calls A88 for taunting the opposition bench. Which official is responsible for recording this penalty?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: Team A line up with 4 receivers, 2 wide each side and two in the slots. How should a 5 man crew use key systems to ensure that the best coverage of the receivers at the snap?
Answer: The wing officials always key on the widest player of the offensive formation on their side of the field. (M-16-2) If there are two receivers to each side, the Back Judge takes the inside man on the Line Judge's side, and the Linesman takes the two on his side. (M-16-3)




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