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Issue: 18/16

6th May 2016

2016 EXAM

The following members had returned their exam paper by 6:30pm on 4th May 2016:

Stuart Alger, Mark Allen, Graham Baker, Roger Brown, John Burns, Derek Burridge, Darren Carr, Alan Christopher, Martin Cockerill, Stephen Egan, Ben Gadsby, Ronnie Gaffin, Cam Gibson, Muz Gibson, John Griffin, David Hewitt, Dan Holt, Phil Hume, Anton Jarbol, David Knight, Mike LeFevre, Richard Madge, Julian Mallia, Frank McParlin, Jason Mead, Adrian Miller, Lee Mills, Darryl Morton, Andrew Murrell, Dave Norton, Francis Oldfield, Ian Papworth, Richard Prattley, Larry Rigby, John Roberts, Conrad Russell, Anthony Tagg, Lee Taylor, Ian Wainwright, Richard Whitby, Keith Wickham, Mark Wilson, Brian Yates.

If your name is not on the list and you think your paper should have been received by the time stated, please contact me. This is the final week the list will be published. All papers submitted (whether by post or electronically) will be acknowledged.

Remember, all qualified members must attempt the exam or lose their qualified status. Other members are encouraged to take the exam, especially associate members, as this will assist them and their mentor to see progress through training and identify future training requirements.

The closing date is 7th May at 5:00pm. Any papers returned after that time but before the results are published (about a week later) will still have their paper marked but their score will be subject to a penalty for missing the deadline.

Paul Sutton


We are now entering the busy period of the season. This coming weekend (7th/8th May) sees 27 games and tournaments taking place and the following week that will increase to 29. It is highly likely that most games will be officiated by crews of four so if anyone becomes available at short notice please let us know at I am sure we will have a game or tournament for you.

Your assistance and support during this really busy period of the season is much appreciated.

Richard Vernon


Just a reminder that reports should be submitted as soon as possible after every game or tournament either by the referee or a designated member of the crew. Note that field audit reports must be submitted for all senior and junior games (including 9-a- side). In the case of double-headers, an audit must be submitted for each (even if the score is the same) as each is stored as a separate file.

If people experience any difficulties in completing the reports please contact the webmaster via who should be able to resolve things for you.

Paul Sutton


The next BAFRA Elite Training Day will be held at the Premier Inn, London Victoria on 29th May 2016. This is the Sunday of the Coaches Conference weekend so BAFRA will not be covering any games. All Elite Programme members are expected to attend and all BAFRA members are welcome too. Places will be limited so please register by emailing as soon as possible. The full address is The Premier Inn, 82-83 Eccleston Square (Off Gillingham Street, London, SW1V 1PS

Ben Griffiths & Pete Thom









New this week

Jacob Henry


Hertfordshire Cheetahs



Just after the passer released the ball, #94 came to a complete stop and then dipped his head and forcible drove the crown of his helmet into the QB's chest.

08/05/16 v Bury Saints

Alexander Saunders


Leeds Celtics Alumni



During a free kick return the player reacted to an illegal low block by throwing a punch at an opponent.


Previous weeks

Martin Brown


Cambridgeshire Cats



When an opponent was in the air after missing a catch, the player contacted him with the crown of his helmet to the chest.

15/05/16 v Ipswich Cardinals

Misha Brooks


Oxford Saints



During a punt the player carried out a blindside block leading with the crown of the helmet.

08/05/16 v Torbay Trojans

Stanley Ebhodaghe


South London Renegades



Player made forcible contact to the ball carrier above the shoulder, after the ball carrier had been held up by other defensive players.


James Benson


Lincolnshire Bombers



Head-butted on opponent.

15/05/16 v Shropshire Revolution

Lee Moir


Crewe Railroaders



Hit an opponent with the flat of his hand, contacting the helmet.

08/05/16 v Halton Spartans





New this week

London Blitz B

The game did not take place as the field was marked for rugby with no football markings whatsoever.

Pete Thom #200

05/06/16 v Ipswich Cardinals

Humber Warhawks

No 3 yard mark, limit lines at 12 feet, one ball boy changed at half time.

Dan Holt #371

22/05/16 v Staffordshire Surge

Sussex Thunder

Played at Brighton RFC. Well marked 90-yard field missing limit lines & numbers but with 9-yard marks. Pylons were unweighted so blew onto the field as the game progressed. Changing room good size but not lockable.

Tim Ockendon #481

08/05/16 v Solent Thrashers

Bristol Aztecs

Field is generally well marked out, but the limit lines are too close to the sidelines (approx 6 foot), and the coaching areas are only marked out to the 30 yard lines.

Amir Brooks #593

22/05/16 v South Wales Warriors

Solent Thrashers

Field was marked as yellow lines. some yard marking doubled up. No 9 yard marks. Plane of the cross bar approximately a yard into the endzone. Dressing room was large and perfect except the inner doors to the next dressing room was not locked during the game. Game played in generally a good spirit by both teams. Game went to a running clock in the second half.

David Knight #135

15/05/16 v Colchester Gladiators

Birmingham Bulls

One goal was regulation. The other was a Gaelic football goal with a lower crossbar. The main lines are red and highly visible but the inounds lines are grey and faint

Brian Yates #29

15/05/16 v Nottingham Caesars

Chester Romans

Red lines used with the exception of the endline which was white. Other white markings also on field. Lines began to fade following the junior game and rainfall.

Aminul Hassan #534

22/05/16 v Walney Terriers

London Blitz Youth Tournament

Played at Aylward Academy. Well marked, minimum size pitches but lines were <4in and the pitches were too close together to accommodate the large squads on show. No team area markings and many lines were crooked. Three trip hazards were repaired by game management prior to kickoff. Changing rooms good but not lockable. KO delayed for 30 minutes due to problems with the medical personnel accessing the field and their accreditation, which did not meet the BAFA requirements. Fortunately a parent did have accreditation that met the BAFA requirement.

Tim Ockendon #481


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Berkshire Renegades

During the forth quarter, the medical provision was not met due to the paramedic at the game being taken away to treat a delivery van driver. The game was delayed for 20 minutes while appropriate treatment and an ambulance arrived before the game was able to be restarted.

Richard Moger #472

12/06/16 v Hastings Conquerers

Dundee Hurricanes

The home team presented 3 new balls, but they did not have white stripes. As no other balls were presented and they were otherwise perfectly adequate we used the home team balls.

Ian Sneddon #427

22/05/16 v Newcastle Vikings

Doncaster Mustangs

100 yard field with blue markings.

A Miller #124

15/05/16 v Sandwell Steelers

Wembley Stallions

100 yard field with rugby goalposts. The surface was a bit deep in some parts of the field because of rain. Game manager introduced herself with the game balls 1,5 hours before kickoff and was very helpful all day. Chain crew was a bit erratic sometimes.

Viktor Janvari #63

15/05/16 v London Blitz B

Cornish Sharks

Goals were Soccer goals with long planks strapped to the uprights, and were therefore wider than regulation (24', rather than 18'6"). The inbounds hash marks were marked out in line with these goalposts - however, these were too far in from the sidelines (approximately 22 yards). Some of the five yard lines were found to be more than five yards apart.

Amir Brooks #593

15/05/16 v Torbay Trojans

East Kent Mavericks

Well-marked 90 yard 4G field in blue with other sport markings in white and yellow. No limit lines, numbers or 9-yard marks and coaching line too close to sideline. Game balls supplied were all under inflated and changing facilities good but not lockable. Plaudits to both teams for getting the game underway with only a 10 minute delay despite having no access to the field until the scheduled KO time.

Tim Ockendon #481

15/05/16 v Berkshire Renegades

Bournemouth Bobcats

There were no numbers or 9 yard marks on the field. One of the balls provided was found to not hold its pressure during the 1st quarter. An alternative could not be sourced so we continued with the other two.

Euan Paterson #165

08/05/16 v Hastings Conquerers

London Hornets

Officials given one of the main changing rooms; no private shower or toilet, but no washing machines either. The car park was completely full 2 hours before kickoff. The area of loose soil on the midfield line is now settling nicely and should not be a problem in future.

Alan Dobson #308

22/05/16 v Cambridgeshire Cats

Yorkshire Rams

No limit lines.

Dan Holt #371

22/05/16 v Manchester Titans

Maidstone Pumas

Prior to the game a radio check identified interference from another source on the same channel, so the crew switched to channel 5. The changing room was a small classroom and there was no access to showers. Goals are Soccer goals with extended poles to make them into American Football goals. one of these goals has a crossbar on an angle. Game was played in a good spirit and the first flag was not thrown until nearly the end of the first half. With 0.06 seconds left in the game and hastings with the ball at the half yard line of Maidstone, one of the Hastings players sustained an injury that required medical attention on the field. As hastings were leading 10-0 (and had been calling time outs to stop the clock on a game that could have been over) both coaches agreed to call the game and accept the final score.

David Knight #135

08/05/16 v East Kent Mavericks

Torbay Trojans

This was Torbay's first game at their new ground, Foxhole Community Centre. There are two officials changing rooms although we could only use one as the other was being used for storage. It was only big enough for 3 persons to get changed. Jerseys were black and navy. Neither team had an alternative available. The field had been marked with the shorter IFAF yards (34.12 inches) in order to accommodate a 90 yard field with 7 yard endzones. The chains and field width had been adjusted proportionally. Limit lines were 18 feet where possible but were reduced to 12 feet in places where the total field surface did not permit.

Euan Paterson #165

08/05/16 v Oxford Saints

Crewe Railroaders

Markings for soccer pitch visible in same colour as football field, inaccurate markings from 10 Yard to Goal Line in one direction of the field.

Mike Cavanagh #465

15/05/16 v Chester Romans

Gateshead Senators

Game delayed 5 minutes, awaiting the home team supplying ball person. Pitch uneven & bumpy in places

Les Connor #52

08/05/16 v West Coast Trojans

London Blitz

Lines very faint. At midfield there is an area of mud but we avoided it throughout the game

Brian Yates #29

08/05/16 v South Wales Warriors

Oxford Saints

Nine yard marks were marked near the hashmarks. No numbers on the field. Changing room was too small for a five man crew and not enough seats for all officials.

Mike LeFevre #341

03/07/16 v Bristol Apache


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