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Issue: 16/16

21st April 2016

2016 EXAM

This is now available in the member’s area of the website. The closing date is 7th May at 5:00pm. If you have any queries, a special e-mail address, has been set up and will remain live throughout the exam period. Alternatively, the rubric also contains phone numbers of Exam Committee members you can contact with your queries. Please do not send queries to this is for answer sheets only.

Can anyone who has sent a query to and has not received a reply yet, please re-send it. Just to clarify, for the purposes of the exam the Mechanics Manual to be used is the15th edition. Every member should have a copy, it can also be accessed from the members section on the BAFRA website.

As of 6:30pm Wed 20th, the following papers have been received:

Ronnie Gaffin, Cam Gibson, Muz Gibson, Anton Jarbol, Julian Mallia, Dave Norton, Brian Yates.

If anyone thinks their answer sheet should have been received by this time, can you re-send it to

Les Connor – Chair of Examination Committee


The next BAFRA Elite Training Day will be held at the Premier Inn, London Victoria on 29th May 2016. This is the Sunday of the Coaches Conference weekend so BAFRA will not be covering any games. All Elite Programme members are expected to attend and all BAFRA members are welcome too. Places will be limited so please register by emailing as soon as possible. The full address is The Premier Inn, 82-83 Eccleston Square (Off Gillingham Street, London, SW1V 1PS

Ben Griffiths & Pete Thom


A number of players, coaches and officials have drawn to my attention an issue with one particular design of facemask. This has two double bars and one single bar below the eyes (see picture).

This design does not quite match any of those that is explicitly shown in the rulebook. Under the guidance we issued at the IFAF Europe clinic and the BAFRA Convention, any facemask with 5 bars below the eyes was considered illegal. IFAF has reviewed this because to most people this is not an "overbuilt" facemask. NCAA have also been consulted.

As a result, from now on, this particular design with two double bars and one single bar is to be considered LEGAL and players may use it. A similar design that has two double bars but no other bar is also LEGAL.

Dr Jim Briggs


As I mentioned at the Convention recently, officials will now be paid for working Youth Tournaments (this will currently be a full game fee for up to two officials). It is therefore appropriate that we change how officials are assigned to these events on Arbiter. From May onwards if officials are shown available on Arbiter they may be assigned to such a tournament. However if any official does not want to be considered for any 5 on 5 events then just let us know at and we will not assign you although you are showing available on Arbiter. We do hope all officials will be willing to work one or two such events during the year. Travel costs are currently not met for these events but discussions are ongoing to change this. Please note that almost ALL Youth Tournaments are played on Saturdays.

April Tournaments will continue to be assigned via messages in Newsflash and to local officials in areas where Tournaments are scheduled. Here are the planned April tournaments for which officials are still required. Officials will be paid for working these events.

Saturday 23rd April

Saturday 30th April

Please contact if you are able to cover one of these Tournaments

Richard Vernon


The minutes from the BAFRA Limited AGM are now available in the member’s area of the website at:

Paul Sutton


The Severn branch of BAFRA are arranging a training day on May 28th which is the coaches conference weekend. We will be examining rules and mechanics using scenarios from the exam and a number of set topics. The event will be held at the university of bath sports training village starting at 10.30. The event is open to any BAFRA member. If anyone would like to register please contact me at

Steve Egan









New this week

Rob James


Hastings Conquerers



Head-butted an opponent.

24/04/16 v Maidstone Pumas

Roland Williams


Sussex Thunder



Launched himself at an opponent who was already being held by several other players.

01/05/16 v Kent Exiles

Tomas Tyczynski


Doncaster Mustangs



The player led with the crown of his helmet into the helmet of an engaged opponent.

01/05/16 v Birmingham Bulls

James Benson


Lincolnshire Bombers



Head-butted on opponent.

15/05/16 v Shropshire Revolution

Steven Egbury


Humber Warhawks



First taunted the sideline, then after being flagged turned back and gesticulated with his hands.

01/05/16 v Shropshire Revolution

Lee Moir


Crewe Railroaders



Hit an opponent with the flat of his hand, contacting the helmet.

Pending Appeal

Ross Dixon


Yorkshire Rams



Kicked an opponent after the play.

01/05/16 v West Coast Trojans

Previous weeks

Miles Hillier


Bristol Apache



Two players faced up to each other after an Unsportsmanlike Conduct foul by a Torbay player number. #28 of Bristol Apache was seen to shove the opponent and then throw a punch.

24/04/16 v Oxford Saints





New this week

London Olympians

Well marked 100-yard field with very faint other sport markings in blue. Numbers at correct depth but too large and too widely spaced. Hashmarks and inbounds lines not always 1 yard apart and inbounds lines faded considerably as the game progressed. No limit lines and coaching line too close to sideline and not parallel to it so another sport line was used. Two trip hazards in one end zone were repaired by game management prior to kickoff. Problems finding officials' assistants lead to delays starting both halves.

Tim Ockendon #481

01/05/16 v South Wales Warriors

Doncaster Mustangs

100 yard field with blue markings.

A Miller #124

Wembley Stallions

100 yard field with rugby goalposts. The surface was a bit deep in some parts of the field because of rain. Game manager introduced herself with the game balls 1,5 hours before kickoff and was very helpful all day. Chain crew was a bit erratic sometimes.

Viktor Janvari #63

Gloucester Gladiators

80 yard field, which was also around 5 yards too wide in total. No team areas, nine-yard marks, or 3-yard PAT marks. Sideline hashmarks were incomplete.

Amir Brooks #593


London Blitz B

Lines quite faint; Some main lines had been painted twice, one at a considerable angle. Field quite muddy with swamp present at 45 yard line of extremely dark mud about 6 - 9 inches deep in places. Changing rooms for both teams and officials not available due to groundsman failing to turn up until 11:40 for a 12:00 kick off. Kick off was suspended until 12:45 which meant game finished after Blitz A v Farnham was supposed to have started.

Phil Clarke #262

01/05/16 v London Hornets

UEL Titans

Played at Hackney Marshes which is not UEL's usual home venue. Upon arrival the groundsman had refused to mark the field to specification. As this was a Varsity game and having consulted both Head Coaches it was agreed to play with what we had. The chains being definite at all times.

Lee Mills #70


Bournemouth Bobcats

There were no numbers or 9 yard marks on the field. One of the balls provided was found to not hold its pressure during the 1st quarter. An alternative could not be sourced so we continued with the other two.

Euan Paterson #165

08/05/16 v Hastings Conquerers

Swansea Titans

Varsity game played at Sketty Lane. The field was generally well marked out but had no 9 yard marks. With 4 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, the game was suspended for around 20 minutes to treat an injured player.

Amir Brooks #593


London Warriors

90-yard field reasonably well marked, but had some rugby markings also in white. No 9-yard marks or numbers. No coaching boxes or team areas marked. Field surface somewhat uneven. Balls not new or nearly new and only provided 10 minutes before kickoff. We are not certain that the changing rooms were locked, but they probably were. Note that due to low headroom, part of the officials' changing room is only accessible to short officials. Home team changing room was a conventional one, but visiting team changing room was a tent. One of the ball boys was poor. Game management did not introduce themselves to the officials, which led to some difficulties in sourcing chain crew and ball boys and in securing the changing rooms, though we were still able to kickoff on schedule. Running clock for entire second half.

Jim Briggs #31

01/05/16 v Farnham Knights

Sandwell Steelers

Goals located approximately two yards behind end line. Game management excellent.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

01/05/16 v Peterborough Saxons

Aberdeen Roughnecks

Team areas marked between 35 yard lines, but game management adjusted to the correct size with cones

Ian Sneddon #427

01/05/16 v Carlisle Sentinels

London Blitz

Lines very faint. At midfield there is an area of mud but we avoided it throughout the game

Brian Yates #29

08/05/16 v South Wales Warriors

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Yorkshire Rams

No limit lines.

Dan Holt #371

22/05/16 v Manchester Titans

Bristol Apache

Field is excellently marked. Unfortunately in a very dark faint colour. Impossible to see markings when looking across the field. Balls provided were old and struggled to maintain legal pressure.

Stuart Tabberer #348

24/04/16 v Oxford Saints

East Kent Mavericks

Well marked 90-yard 4G field in blue with other sport markings in white and yellow. No numbers or 9-yard marks and coaching line too close to sideline. Game balls supplied were all under inflated and both of the stakes securing the chain broke towards the end of the game but game management were able to affect repairs. Changing room good but not lockable.

Tim Ockendon #481

24/04/16 v Portsmouth Dreadnaughts

Crewe Railroaders

Markings for soccer pitch visible in same colour as football field, inaccurate markings from 10 Yard to Goal Line in one direction of the field.

Mike Cavanagh #465

15/05/16 v Chester Romans

Chester Romans

Marks were painted bright red with the exception of the endline which was white. White rugby markings also on field.

Aminul Hasan #534

01/05/16 v Halton Spartans

London Hornets

Game played at London Hornets' new home ground at Mill Hill RFC, Champions Way. Team areas between 25-yard lines, but no coaching line. Game stopped twice, briefly, to repair the chain set. Field quite soft and bumpy. One bare patch in the middle of the halfway line that had been covered over with extremely soft soil. Footing here was difficult, but not a trip hazard. No private shower or toilet. Changing room just about big enough for 4 officials, but does contain two washing machines. Car parking space is very limited; would recommend that if officials drive, they arrive at least 1hr 45min before kickoff, and be careful not to park anywhere that they might get blocked in by other cars.

Alan Dobson #308

24/04/16 v Essex Spartans

Oxford Saints

Nine yard marks were marked near the hashmarks. No numbers on the field. Changing room was too small for a five man crew and not enough seats for all officials.

Mike LeFevre #341

03/07/16 v Bristol Apache


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