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Issue: 11/16

18th March 2016


Hopefully, all members have now received their papers for the AGM; if not, please contact me. If you have any questions you wish the directors to answer, it is helpful if you submit these to me in advance, in particular if you require a detailed answer or one that requires research. This does not, however, in any way remove you right to ask an unannounced question on the day.

If you are unable to attend and notify me, I will ensure that your apologies are presented to the meeting. Also, if you are a qualified member who is unable to attend, you may appoint a proxy to vote in your place. Papers for this have already been circulated to qualified members. If you have any queries about this please either contact the returning officer on or myself.

Paul Sutton


Up to £45 is paid per official up to a maximum of 4 officials otherwise it's pro-rata. No expenses are paid unless special request made by Director of Operations to cover exceptional circumstances.

Please bear this in mind.

Charlie Dean Young


On 6th March, Rob Evans of LJMU Fury was disqualified from a game for a flagrant personal foul. He appealed this. After reviewing a video of the game, the calling official has withdrawn the disqualification report and Mr Evans is free to continue playing.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in the discussions about this case.

Jim Briggs









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New this week

Brighton Tsunami

Field was well marked with dark blue lines. Behind both endzones the movable football goals were too close to the field, We asked them to cover them with whatever they can, because the raw iron bars on the ground were about 1,5 meter from the end of the endzone. The officials could not get behind the goalposts, so any close field goal calls would have been inaccurate.

Viktor Janvari #63


Portsmouth Destroyers

Endzones were only 7 yards deep. Field marked in red, no team areas marked (had to be coned). Hash marks at the sidelines extended over the sideline. Field had a large sanded area. Game started 32 minutes late as it was discovered that the medical personnel provided did not meet the requirements. KO held up whilst a nurse was contacted and travelled to the venue. There were some occasions where the spectators encroached too close to the field of play but this was dealt with by the home team.

David Knight #135


Bristol Apache

Field is excellently marked. Unfortunately in a very dark faint colour. Impossible to see markings when looking across the field. Balls provided were old and struggled to maintain legal pressure.

Stuart Tabberer #348

24/04/16 v Oxford Saints

LJM Fury

The short yard extension lines were not always one yard apart and they did not always line up across the field. No team area markings or limit lines. One ball person left at halftime because they didn’t like having to walk to pick up balls that were kicked over the fence following field goals, game management provided a replacement before the second half kicked off.

Ben Griffiths #228


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New this week

Play: A's ball, 3nd and 8, on B's 30. QB A17's legal forward pass is muffed by B38 near the sideline. A88 then voluntarily goes out of bounds to get around B38. A88 runs back into the field of play, catches the ball and advances for a touchdown.

Last week

Play: Team A have 1st and 10 at the Team A 20 yard line. Quarterback A3 throws a bullet pass towards A48 who is standing 10 yards beyond the neutral zone. The ball hits the Umpire and loops up into the air. Defensive back B22 then pushes A48 out of the way and catches the ball, before being immediately downed. Ruling?

Ruling: Team B's ball, 1st and 10. Pass interference and contact interference rules to not apply after the ball has been touched by an inbounds player or an official (7-3-9-h). The ball is still live after it touches an official, therefore the interception stands.


New this week

Game Situation: 4th and 10, Team A are punting from a scrimmage kick formation. Punter A4 initially muffs but than catches a low snap. A4 takes one step forwards and punts the ball. B78 is rushing A4 and runs into his kicking leg just after the ball has been kicked away. A4 is displaced from his kicking position. Ruling?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: 3rd and 10. Team A's quarterback drops back to pass but can find no open receiver. As he comes under pressure from team B he moves outside the tackle box and throws the ball forwards in an attempt to conserve yardage. The ball lands just beyond the original the line of scrimmage on the Linejudge's side of the field, no eligible receiver is in the area. How should the Linejudge and Referee communicate to ensure that the right call is made?
Answer: M-11-4-c-3 & M-9-4-c-1. If the pass is incomplete having been thrown into an area not occupied by an eligible receiver, or the pass clearly does not reach the neutral zone, the wing official should move quickly towards the Referee to inform him of this. It is permissible for the Referee to drop a flag at the spot of the pass while moving to consult with other officials on the legality of the pass. In this instance the Linejudge should inform the Referee that the pass crossed the neutral zone. It is appropriate to then wave the flag off under rule 7-3-2-f exception. The Referee should ensure that players and head coaches (and spectators, if possible) are informed of the ruling.




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