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Issue: 10/16

10th March 2016


Ton-Up Again!

For the second year running we have attracted 100 people to our Convention. So well done to all concerned and thanks to everyone for responding to our request for early bookings. It has helped the process considerably.

100 and counting

The following 100 Members have booked their place at the Convention. If you are not listed, it may be because you have only recently confirmed your place in the last couple of days. An updated list will be issued next week.

Stuart Alger, Graham Baker, Jaeson Bennett, Jim Briggs, Jed Brooks-Lewis, Amir Brooks,Roger Brown, John Burns, Derek Burridge, Darren Carr, Mike Cavanagh, Phil Clarke, MartinCockerill, Graham Coleman, Les Connor, Alisha Darkins, Ian Davies, Roy Davis, Steve Egan, Barbara Favre-Derez, Tim Fisher, Jo Foxon, Ben Gadsby, Barry Gent, Martin Gibson, Muz Gibson, Roger Goodgroves, John Griffin, Ben Griffiths, Krister Halvorsean, Aminul Hassan, Graham Hedges, David Hewitt, Rob Hill, Daniel Holt, Heather Horner, Phil Hume, Mark Hurst, Viktor Janvari, Chris Jarvis, Lee Johnson, Daniel Johnston, David Knight, Albert Lambert Jnr, Bill LeMonnier, Tzvi lindeman, Andrew Lovell, Julian Mallia, Richard McEwen, Fank McParlin, Jason Mead, James Meredith, Richard Moger, Andrew Murrell, Russell Newton, Dave Norton, Tim Ockendon, Ian Papworth, Toby Papworth, David Parsons, Pete Parsons, Euan Paterson, Tom Pennick, Vladimir Platonov, Richard Prattley, Michael Prentice, Henry Richardson, Mike Roberts, Peter Roberts, Rob Rooksby, Conrad Russell, Simon Ryan, Clive Sandle, Ian Sneddon, Shawn Sombati, Kevin Stanton, Darran Sterling, Paul Sutton, Stuart Tabberer, Lee Taylor, Pete Thom, Frank Thomson, Paul Todd, Steve Tonkinson, Richard Vernon, Ian Wainwright, Mark Ward, Perry Wayman, Sean Welsh, Keith Wickham, Colin Wilcox, Mark Wilson, RichardWhitby, Lee Wood, Liam Wooton, Dean Wright, Jon Wyse, Brian Yates, Charles Young, Stuart Young


If you have not paid for your accommodation can I ask that you please do so as soon as possible. We need to pay the Convention Centre in advance for rooms.

Let’s Get Registered

If you are not taking advantage of the excellent accommodation rates available at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre you still need to register to attend the Convention. To register please contact Sean Welsh at Full details of the Convention and accommodation rates can be found at the following link:


Payment for Convention rooms are due by 20th March and payment can be made electronically or by cheque.

By cheques; with full payment included, should be made payable to BAFRA Ltd and sent to Charles Young at 18 Southgate, Whitworth, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 8UQ. Cheques may not be cashed till this date.

By electronic payment; please ensure your payment reference is your full name and BAFRA number e.g. “Roger Brown 469” and use the account number 10255350, sort code 16-16-11, BAFRA Ltd, RBS, Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

By electronic payment plan; It is appreciated that some people may wish to spread the cost and make multiple payments over the weeks leading up to 20th March. Please use the same instructions as above. If you wish to make multiple payments, then you must make the payments electronically and not by cheque.

Please let us know how you wish to pay by including this information in your email to Sean Welsh at when you register.

Game Fees

Unfortunately, payment for the Convention cannot be taken from Game Fees. The administration work involved is far too time consuming and does not fit well with our newly introduced process of paying games Fees by direct transfer to your bank account

Davie Parsons


The following nominations were received by the closing date:


Davie Parsons (425), nominated by Steve Tonkinson (99), seconded by Les Connor (152)

General Secretary:

Paul Sutton (312), nominated by Stuart Young (33), seconded by Mike Cavanagh (465).

Director of Training:

Pete Thon (200), nominated by Brian Yates (29), seconded by Ian Papworth (366)

Director without Portfolio #1:

David Knight (135), nominated by Roger Brown (469), seconded by Phil Hume (52)

Peter Parsons (321), nominated by Graham Hedges (219). Seconded by Keith Wickham (423)

This means that the President, General Secretary and Director of Training are elected unopposed. There will be an election for the Director without Portfolio #1 at the AGM.

Paul Sutton


The papers for the AGM have been sent electronically to all members. If you have not received yours by 5:00pm on Saturday 12th March, please contact me. In addition, proxy voting forms have been sent electronically to all qualified members. Again, if you are entitled to receive one and have not received it by 5:00pm on Saturday 12th March please contact me.

Paul Sutton


The full fixture list for the Senior Leagues have now been released. Unlike recent seasons the first weeks of the season will have a full schedule of games.

It is therefore most important that all active officials update Arbiter immediately to accurately reflect their availability. Can I ask in particular that officials who did not work during the University season amend their Arbiter setting now so that they can be assigned games.

As you will see from the grid below their will be at least 15 senior games every week. The Youth Schedule of fixtures has not yet been published but there is no doubt that there will be a total of at least 22/25+ games every week.

In addition to these games there will also be 5 v 5 tournaments every Saturday.

NOTE: Officials will now receive a game fee for working these tournaments.

Your continued co-operation and support to cover what will be a very busy summer league season is much appreciated.

Richard Vernon


The Sapphire Series continues this Saturday with Tournaments at Salford, Portsmouth and East Kilbride. Can I begin by thanking everyone who has made themselves available to work one of these tournaments. Volunteers this week include Elite officials, experienced (5 v 5/7 v 7) officials as well as rookie officials. Your contribution is much appreciated.

Other tournaments will be played on 26th March and 16th April. We now need more volunteers to come forward for all of these tournaments. Details are contained below. We have already had some Elite officials make themselves available and I hope all of them cover at least one of these events. In addition can I ask that newer officials try to cover a tournament as this will be valuable experience to take you into the Senior League season. The support of BAFRA officials will be a valuable contribution to the development of BAFA's women's football programme.

The Sapphire Series is the national championship for women’s contact football. The series, which runs until April sees teams compete across a number of tournaments in the standard 5 v 5 format and now for the first time, the new BAFA 7 v 7 format. The 7 v 7 format will be used for the five Division 1 teams playing for the Sapphire National Championship; The nine Division 2 teams will compete at 5 v 5 format for the Div 2 North and South conference titles. The series runs with tournament-style game days at which 4 -5 teams will be present. There will be 4 tournament dates with 3 regional based tournaments taking part on each of these, so a total of 12 tournament events. Teams play two games each per day and tournaments are expected to last around three to three and a half hours. Officials can expect to officiate 2-3 games, all lasting between 45-60 minutes. Most events will start first games at 13:00 and will be finished by 16:30 latest. All tournaments take place on a Saturday .

Dates, formats, times and venues for the tournaments are as follows:

26th March 2016:

16th April 2016:

We will put all these events onto Arbiter but seek officials to contact us about their availability ASAP

The response from officials who are willing to be part of the introductory and development of the new 7 v 7 Format has been terrific. Officials are attending several of these events to help bed-in the rules and mechanics and provide feedback to the competition organisers and to other game officials. Please come-forward quickly to that we can provide copies of the game and competition rules for the new format ahead of game days.

Richard Vernon


Applications are invited from qualified BAFRA members who would like to work on this important committee. It’s role include the selection of officials for all UK Bowl Games, NFL Chain Crews, Officials Of The Year Awards as well as IFAF and Elite Panel. Terms of reference and full details of the roles and responsibilities are on the website in the Members Handbook – 6.Scheduling and Selection.

In accordance with the rules of this committee two places are vacated every year and as a result two places will shortly be available. Please submit an Expression of Interest to me by no later than 10 pm on Friday 18th March 2016.

If anyone is considering applying who has not served previously on a BAFRA Committee, you are welcome to contact me for an informal discussion about the role and requirements.

Richard Vernon


Stirling Clansmen 42-13 Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Birmingham Lions 58-22 Durham Saints

Glasgow Tigers 29-7 Newcastle Raiders

Nottingham Outlaws 6-12 NTU Renegades

Swansea Titans 30-22 Cardiff Cobras

Surrey Stingers 36-20 RHUL Bears

Edinburgh Napier Knights 0-30 LJMU Fury

Manchester Tyrants 30-17 Coventry Jets

Plymouth Blitz 3-38 Portsmouth Destroyers

Greenwich Mariners 4-32 Oxford Lancers









New this week

Rob Evans


LJM Fury



Threw a punch at an opponent.

13/03/16 v Manchester Tyrants

Previous weeks – none





New this week

Greenwich Mariners

Well marked 100-yard field missing only numbers or 9-yard marks. Changing rooms too small for 7-man crew and not helped by not being private.

Tim Ockendon #481


Surrey Stingers

Field was in great condition and well marked. Team areas were however, marked to the 20 yard line. There were rugby marking also in white, the same colour as the American football markings. One ball boy changed at half time. Game stopped for 21 minutes in the 3rd quarter for an injured player who was removed by ambulance to the local hospital. Game was played in a good spirit.

David Knight #135


Swansea Titans

Game was played at Sketty Lane. Field was originally marked out as 100 yards with 5 yard endzones. To make the field legal, the goal lines were extended to the 5 yard lines, meaning that there were hashmarks and yard lines in the endzones. The field had NFL hash marks.

Amir Brooks #593

13/03/16 v Surrey Stingers

Manchester Tyrants

Kick off delayed by 30 minutes due to unavoidable late arrival of away team. Field was well marked although the hashmarks were all too short.

John Roberts #145


Plymouth Blitz

Goals were attached to soccer goal with plastic pipe zip tied to goal.

Julian Mallia #336


Bristol Barracuda

Varsity fixture. Game had been arranged by the Students Unions which lead to confusion as to whose responsibility to provide officials assistants it was. Assistants were eventually provided by the "official" home team. In general the facilities provided were excellent. However there was no restriction on spectator movement which caused some issues behind the end zones and in the team areas. The Announcer had to be warned about music/commentary whilst the ball was live.

Stuart Tabberer #348

Outstanding items from previous weeks – none



New this week

Play: Team A have 1st and 10 at the Team A 20 yard line. Quarterback A3 throws a bullet pass towards A48 who is standing 10 yards beyond the neutral zone. The ball hits the Umpire and loops up into the air. Defensive back B22 then pushes A48 out of the way and catches the ball, before being immediately downed. Ruling?

Last week

Play: 4th and 10 on Team A's 30 yard line. Team A punt. The ball rolls to a halt on Team B's 42 yard line when A23 runs up to the ball and touches it on the ground. A few seconds later – as A23 is walking away – B81 runs to the ball, picks it up and runs into his own end zone. Believing he has scored a Touchdown, B81 spikes the ball. The ball goes out of the back of team B's end zone. Ruling?

Ruling: Team B's ball, 1st and 10 on the B42. A23 has committed an illegal touching violation and so team B have the option of taking the ball at the end of the play at the spot of the illegal touch. The result of the play was a safety, but since no penalties were committed team B do not lose the right to take the ball at the B42.


New this week

Game Situation: 3rd and 10. Team A's quarterback drops back to pass but can find no open receiver. As he comes under pressure from team B he moves outside the tackle box and throws the ball forwards in an attempt to conserve yardage. The ball lands just beyond the original the line of scrimmage on the Linejudge's side of the field, no eligible receiver is in the area. How should the Linejudge and Referee communicate to ensure that the right call is made?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: Team A line up in a 'trips' formation with 3 eligible receivers on the Linejudge's side of the field and one on the Head Linesman's. The formation also has a running back lined up behind the quarterback. How should officials on a 7 man crew use key systems to ensure that all eligible receivers are covered?
Answer: M-16-5. The Field Judge keys on the widest receiver in the formation, the Linejudge keys on the second receiver and the Backjudge takes the third. The Sidejudge will key on the lone receiver on the far side while the Head Linesman takes the Running Back. The wing official always key on the second receiver in a formation, but must take care to be aware of the Backjudge's key to ensure that there is no receiver double-covered. When the Backjudge has the second receiver (for example in a balanced formation) the wing officials must be prepared to cover a back.




Contact for details


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