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Issue: 38/15

22nd October 2015


We are now well into the renewal period and thank you to all who have returned their forms. Just a reminder that membership renewals should be made as soon as possible with those being made before 1st November being at a lower rate. Members will be pleased to note that yet again this year there is no rise in membership fees. However, if you anticipate any difficulty in paying, you should contact Charles Young, Director of Finance at and arrange a payment plan with him. This will, of course, be in strict confidence. Accompanying the renewal notice, the Directors are again conducting a survey of the membership. It is requested that you return your survey with your renewal.

I have now processed the automatic renewals and they are included in the list below. I have to date (midday on 21st October) received 102 renewals/new memberships for 2016 as follows:

Stuart Alger; Dave Allan; Mark Allen; Graham Baker; Robert Banks; Andrew Binns; Bill Bowsher; Christopher Brice; Mark Bridgham; Jim Briggs; Matthew Brown; John Burns; Darren Carr; Mike Cavanagh; Alan Christopher; Phil Clarke; David Cochrane; Graham Coleman; Les Connor; Ian Davies; Mark Edwards; Stephen Egan; Mike Fenton; Ed Franklin; Benjamin Gadsby; Ken Gambrill; Edan Gardner; Barry Gent; Cam Gibson; Martin Gibson; Muz Gibson; Roger Goodgroves; Ray Grace; John Griffin; Ben Griffiths; Gerry Grunska; Paul Haddad; David Hewitt; Jon Ikins; Barbara Jacquin; Anton Jarbol; Chris Jarvis; Lee Johnson; Damian Jurzyk; Fletcher Kinnie; David Knight; Sandy Kyriacou; Mike LeFevre; Bill LeMonnier; Steve Leonard; Tzvi Lindeman; Richard Madge; Liam MacDonald; Richard McEwen; Frank McParlin; Jason Mead; Clyde Messenger; Adrian Miller; Lee Mills; Tim Morris; Darryl Morton; Richard Murphy; CK Nam; Russell Newton; Dave Norton; Tim Ockendon; Peter Ogden; Francis Oldfield; David Parsons; Peter Parsons; Euan Paterson; Thomas Parvia-Pennick; Ana Pérez Prados; Richard Prattley; Michael Prentice; Stephen Quick; Larry Rigby; John Roberts; Mike Roberts; Andy Robson; Rob Rooksby; Conrad Russell; Clive Sandle; Ian Sneddon; Hamish Stewart; Paul Sutton; Stuart Tabberer; Lee Taylor; Pete Thom; Frank Thomson; Steve Tonkinson; Chris Treacy; Malcolm Turnbull; Harald von Sydow; Ian Wainwright; Sean Welsh; Richard Whitby; Simon Williams; Mark Wilson; Lee Wood; Brian Yates; Charles Young.

If you have sent in your membership renewal and think I should have received it by the date above, and it does not appear above, please contact me. I shall be sending out a reminder e-mail by this end of the week to those who have not renewed.

Finally, in the unlikely event that you are not planning to renew your membership, it would be helpful if you would let me know (if possible with your reason(s) for not renewing).

Paul Sutton


As many of you will know, over the summer we have been trialling all-electronic game day paperwork to eliminate the need for any forms to be posted after than game. From the beginning of the BUCS season (W/E 31st October/1st November) we will be moving to all game day data being submitted through the website and no paper returns being made.

The Webmaster will arrange for the appropriate link to be made available in the “Game Day Paperwork” area of the BAFRA website a few days before that weekend and the existing electronic links will be withdrawn. Referees will still need the game day report form to obtain the signature of the game day manager and both coaches as at present but it will not be necessary to submit this. However, the referee should retain it for about a month after the game in case of any queries.

This links in with electronic payments to official and submission of these forms electronically will allow payments of game fees and travel to be made more quickly. The only time paper returns should be made are if there should ever be a problem accessing the BAFRA website. However, if only the referee is having such problems, another member of the crew may make the submission.

Having accessed the form it will guide you through what is required. Drop-down menus are available where appropriate and each form needing completing will be offered in turn (including the form for the John Slavin award). The only thing you will need to submit is a cheque for the administration fee if this is what the team gives you. These should be sent to the Director of Finance at:


18 Souhgate



OL12 8UQ

Paul Sutton


A BAFA Disciplinary Committee has considered a case arising from a game on 23rd August 2015 between Bury Saints and Cornish Sharks. Several people were disqualified or removed from the playing enclosure during the game, but video evidence of one particular incident has resulted in further action being taken.

Gillon Lockett of Cornish Sharks has been given a 12-month total suspension from the sport. He pleaded guilty to a charge of violent conduct against an official's assistant. Mr Lockett's suspension will run until 23rd August 2016.

Thanks to all those who contributed evidence to this case.

Jim Briggs









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New this week

Play: 4th and 4 on the Team B 10 yard line, Team A attempt a field goal. During the attempt, which is good, B90 charges forwards and roughs holder A5. What are team A's penalty enforcement options?

Last week

Play: A's ball, 4th and 2, on A's 12. Punter A4, unable to get the kick off, runs wide and fumbles while in A's end zone. A63 catches or recovers the ball on A's 4 and advances to A's 16. Ruling?

Ruling: The ball is dead when the fourth down fumble by A4 is caught or recovered by A63. The ball is recovered in advance of the spot of the fumble. The ball is returned to the spot of the fumble in A's end zone. Team A provided the impetus. Safety. A's ball, free kick, on A's 20.


New this week

Game Situation: On punt play covered by a 5 man crew, which official(s) must know if the ball has crossed the line of scrimmage by knowing what the ball first touched beyond the neutral zone?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: It is near the end of the game and the Referee believes an onside kick is likely to happen. How should the referee communicate this with the crew, and how should the crew react? It is a 5 man crew.
Answer: M-9-1-a-1 & M-12-1-a-1. The Referee should discreetly instructing the crew to switch to onside-kick positions by pointing first to the official who needs to shift their position and then to the spot they should move to. The Back Judge should move up to the receiving team's restraining line. The Referee should position himself centrally on the goal line to cover long kicks.




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